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ThisIsDumb 25 Apr 2022 01:42
Congrats on the phantasy star mastery.
WCopeland 15 Sep 2022 01:48
Super excited to see a set for Challenger, one of my favorite games.
Jinxyface 1 Oct 2022 17:08
Drakengard AND King's Field IV cheevos? You are my new best friend
malasdair 1 Oct 2022 19:05
Be the dev you want to see in the world ๐Ÿ™
Cassievania 2 Nov 2022 05:20
Thank YOU for the Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt set! That game has plagued me since my childhood. Thanks to your set, I'm now satisfied enough that I'll never have to play the game ever again. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’š
Jinxyface 26 Dec 2022 17:21
Is there any update to the Drakengard cheevos?
malasdair 26 Dec 2022 20:51
@jinxyface real life got in the way but most of the "work" is done. memory's pretty kind overall. should be done in the next claim period, so before the end of March ๐Ÿคž hopefully sooner!
Jinxyface 27 Dec 2022 00:30
okay no rush, was just curious! im itching to replay it but i wanna get the cheevos too. happy holidays!
ninjamasterx 1 Jan 2023 14:34
Drakengard, Killer7, King's Field and Shadow Abyss...I see you have an interesting taste here! Pretty good! ;D
Rohsiph 16 Jan 2023 09:50
Don't count out Immercenary! 3DO games need love too! Hey Malasdair, really looking forward to pretty much everything you're working on right now. You did right with Eternal Ring, so I'm sure KF4 and STA will be worth the wait. Cheers!
FlamingDoom 16 Jan 2023 15:50
Hey, thank you for the sets of the action rpg Ys games you made, I really like that saga and you did three of those which is always welcome for me. Also, thanks for saving me in CL100, by making the set for Eternal Ring, the only playable Action RPG that was made by FromSoftware; they can actually pull good games when you can play them.
Rohsiph 5 Mar 2023 10:16
Hey yo.. i am a king's field slut... what's the eta on The Ancient City?
malasdair 5 Mar 2023 10:30
Plan is to knock out Valis III quickly for RAWR, then finish Drakengard before end of March. KF4 is next. Eternal Ring took about a week when I got rolling, so i'd say end of April as a distant ETA. Hopefully sooner. Then Killer7, and Shadow Tower Abyss takes as long as it takes, lol.
Jinxyface 11 Jun 2023 03:52
Hello! Just curious about the King's Field IV ETA. No rush!
malasdair 11 Jun 2023 19:32
@Jinxyface the good news is the memory is really well organized, the bad news is I don't have a lot of time these days. I'm going to try and make some good progress this week while I have some time off. KF4 and clearing out my dev queue in general is a priority right now.
Jinxyface 25 Feb 2024 20:21
Hey I see you're still claiming the KFIV cheevos. Is this something you're still working on?
malasdair 26 Feb 2024 01:54
It is happening and it is happening next. 2023 was a rough year but I will be finishing KF4 before the end of the current claim period come hell or high water!
Jinxyface 26 Feb 2024 21:33
Please take your time! I've been waiting this long and I can wait a bit longer. Real life comes first
Xbob42 14 May 2024 12:11
Glad to hear you're still working on this! I'll hold off my first playthrough of KF4 until you're done. RA really enhanced my enjoyment of the KF1-3 and Shadow Tower, so I can't wait!
Yordlebreeder 14 May 2024 12:58
Drakengard, King's Field, Ys Chronicles, Ghost in the Shell PS2, and wants to do Killer 7? I'd swear you're my Angelic twin. Thanks for the work you're doing man. We appreciate you.