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Rossovich 1 Jul 2020 12:54
You make good sets as usual =)
hardt 1 Jul 2020 14:56
Thank you for your kind words, deeply appreciated!
SylvainPonsero 29 Sep 2020 04:15
Merci beaucoup pour les achievements sur Shinobi pc engineTrs bon jeu
DUT 24 Oct 2020 21:59
Thanks a lot for your sets. You chose nice games and made realy good sets. Most DEVs makes some almost impossible cheevos, you're diferent. ^_^
tvis 25 Nov 2020 12:10
Top marks for your avatar dude!
AzuchiAkeshi 2 Jan 2021 12:23
Thanks for Bomberman and Bomberman '93 PC Engine sets, was very fun! =D
JMaio 2 Jan 2021 19:56
Have yourself a great year and tks for your work!
323GONZALEZ1990 3 Jan 2021 20:59
Thank you for all the pc engine games you worked on and working on! <3
zombie23470 11 Mar 2021 18:43
we are slaves to our desires
zombie23470 11 Mar 2021 18:44
also nice neutopia 2 set
sseb22 12 Mar 2021 08:11
Great work, thanks. Neutopia 2 and Bomberman games!!
ourdeardexter 23 Apr 2021 06:18
Please do achievment of Ninja Commando (neo geo)
hardt 11 Sep 2021 10:05
I'm leaving RA for now. Take care you all, have fun and see you!
guineu 10 Jan 2022 04:37
Hey hope everything is going well and we see you back on RA at some point in the future. Enjoyed many of your Arcade and PC engine sets!
sseb22 10 Jan 2022 08:39
Reviens vite ! Mais quand tu dis que tu prends ta retraite temporairement, tu parles du dev de succes seulement ? Tu continues a jouer ?
DUT 16 Jan 2022 22:16
I miss you hardt!!
hardt 6 Mar 2022 19:52
Hi guys, thanks for the kind words ;) Hopefully I can come back soon (there has been tons of great stuff I see!). I'll have to take care of all my tickets first lol
Akai 24 May 2022 19:15
Thanks for all the work you've done on the site! Most recently I ended up going through Neutopia II, a game I didn't know of prior to it showing up in the unwanted. Very nice set, and hoping to master it one day if I can get past Sorfloid damageless!
hardt 12 Dec 2022 19:54
I've been missing deving, so I guess I'll be back with news sets in 2023 :D
MikeyG 16 Jan 2023 20:27
Thanks for the Broken Sword set. Enjoyed playing this again. :)