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gara2222 (8646 points) (20907)
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Member Since: 20 Dec 2016, 09:17
Last Activity: 24 Feb 2020, 11:47
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 2.42
Average Completion: 23.66%
Site Rank: 2736 / 65256 ranked users (Top 5%)

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Snow White, Chapter 1 ()

Last 5 games played:

0% complete
Disney Princess (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2020-02-22 12:14:05
Earned 0 of 38 achievements, 0/400 points.
Fill the World With Sunshine
It Ain
The Fairest One of All
Off to Work We Go
Through the Mist, Through the Woods
Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest
Before the Last Petal Falls
No One Plots Like Gaston
Roughly The Size Of A Barge
Tale As Old As Time
The Spell Shall Break
Sweet Princess, My Gift Shall Be...
All the Powers of Hell
For True Love Conquers All
Once Upon A Dream
Night And Day, It
They Always Keep Her Hoppin
A Dream Come True
A Wish Your Heart Makes
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo
Poor Unfortunate Souls
Mysterious Fathoms Below
The Sea and All Its Spoils Bow to My Power!
Ruler of All the Ocean
Gadgets And Gizmos Aplenty
Never Had A Friend Like Me
A Magic Carpet Ride
The Most Powerful Sorcerer in the World
A Whole New World
I Steal Only What I Can
Happily Ever After
Princess Coalition

47% complete
Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2020-02-19 13:15:45
Earned 44 of 94 achievements, 206/438 points.
Ground Work (A coins)
Caped Escape (A coins)
Mario e-Coin
Gonna Fly Now
Super Mushroom e-Coin
Super Flower e-Coin
Super Star e-Coin
Toad e-Coin
Luigi e-Coin
A Towering Tour (A coins)
Castle Dash (A coins)
Rich with Ropes (A coins)
Super Leaf e-Coin
Slip Slidin
Iced Cubed (A coins)
Puzzling Pipe Maze (A coins)
A Sky-High Adventure (A coins)
Sea to Sky (A coins)
A Musical Trek (A coins)
Armored Airship (A coins)
Ice Dungeon (A coins)
Para Beetle Challenge (A coins)
Swinging Bars of Doom (A coins)
The ol
Piped Full of Plants (A coins)
Bombarded by Bob-ombs (A coins)
Magical Note Blocks (A coins)
Vegetable Volley (A coins)
Doors o
Wild Ride in the Sky (A coins)
Classic World 2-2 (A coins)
Classic World 1-4 (A coins)
Classic World 1-3 (A coins)
Classic World 1-2 (A coins)
Classic World 1-1 (A coins)
Beat Classic World 1-4
Beat Classic World 1-3
Beat Classic World 1-2
Beat Classic World 1-1
Light My Fire
The Raccoons
Beat Classic World 2-2
Beat Wild Ride in the Sky
Beat Slidin
Beat Vegetable Volley
Beat Doors o
Beat Bombarded by Bob-ombs
Beat Magical Note Blocks
Beat The ol
Beat Piped Full of Plants
Beat Swinging Bars of Doom
Beat Para Beetle Challenge
Beat A Musical Trek
Beat Armored Airship
Beat Ice Dungeon
Beat A Sky-High Adventure
Beat Sea to Sky
Beat It
Beat Slip Slidin
Beat Iced Cubed
Beat Puzzling Pipe Maze
Beat A Towering Tour
Beat Castle Dash
Beat Rich with Ropes
Beat Vexing Doors
Beat Caped Escape
Beat Ground Work
Beat An Aqueous Adventure
Beat Bowser
Beat Koopaling Confusion
Beat Bowser
Beat Bowser
Beat Airship
Beat No Time to Dawdle
Beat Treacherous Halls
Vexing Doors (A coins)
An Aqueous Adventure (A coins)
Koopaling Confusion (A coins)
No Time to Dawdle (A coins)
Treacherous Halls (A coins)
Princess e-Coin
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Kero Kero Keroppi
Pom Poko
What Goes Around Comes Around
These Boots Aren

3% complete
Kururin Paradise (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2020-02-19 13:13:09
Earned 2 of 67 achievements, 8/500 points.
Challenge Lvl 3 Completed
Challenge Lvl 3 Perfected
Training Complete
Training Perfect
Wold 1 Beat
World 2 Beat
World 3 Beat
World 1 Complete
World 4 Beat
World 2 Complete
World 3 Complete
World 4 Complete
World 5 Complete
Kappado Krusher
Tenko Toppler
Naporon Neutralizer
Baron Burier
Challenge Lvl 1 Completed
Challenge Lvl 2 Completed
Challenge Lvl 4 Completed
Challenge Lvl 5 Completed
Challenge Lvl 6 Completed
Challenge Lvl 7 Completed
Challenge Lvl 8 Completed
Challenge Lvl 9 Completed
Challenge Lvl 10 Completed
World 1 Perfect
World 2 Perfect
World 3 Perfect
World 4  Perfect
World 5 Perfect
Challenge Lvl 1 Perfected
Challenge Lvl 2 Perfected
Challenge Lvl 4 Perfected
Challenge Lvl 5 Perfected
Challenge Lvl 6 Perfected
Challenge Lvl 7 Perfected
Challenge Lvl 8 Perfected
Challenge Lvl 9 Perfected
Challenge Lvl 10 Perfected
Challenge Lvl 11 Completed
Challenge Lvl 11 Perfected
Student becomes the Teacher
Baron Buster
Made Dad Proud
Call the Exterminator
Paddle Baddle
Santa Birb
Shooty McFace
Wait until you see the red of their eyes
Go play in some Traffic
Bounce with Me
Side Swiping
Someone cut the Brakes
Gotta earn some Cash
Large and in charge
There he goes
Connect the Dots
Polar massacre
How do they work
Go away Bill

100% complete
Wolfenstein 3-D (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2020-02-18 12:31:12
Earned 28 of 28 achievements, 300/300 points.
The General
Confrontation II
Confrontation I
Otto Gifmacher
A Dark Secret II
The Fuhrer
Die Fuhrer Die II
Operation Eisenfaust II
Dr. Schabbs
Hans Grosse!
A Dark Secret I
Die Fuhrer Die I
Operation Eisenfaust I
Escape from Wolfenstein II
Escape from Wolfenstein I
Secret Area VI
Secret Area IV
Secret Area III
Secret Area II
Secret Area I
Grettel Grossel
Trail of the Madman II
Secret Area V
Machine Gun
Terror Billy
Full Backpack
Trail of the Madman I

100% complete
Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2020-02-18 12:28:56
Earned 64 of 64 achievements, 400/400 points.
2003, A Space Catastrophe
We Are Floating In Space
Like Old Times
Mr. N.
I Wanna Get Off
Crash Fiwalker
A Fire In Your Pants
Flying A Knight
Flying Through The Night
Entrance Through N. Trance
Curse of King Toot
King Medium Rare
Boss Casaba
Casaba Diet
Rock Cruncher
Tough To Be A God
Some Kind Of Rock Pun
Finally Found You, Faker!
Istanbul Gets The Works
Not Constantinople
Logged Drain
Crash Unlogged
Lava Little
All A Mirage
Blister Lava Lava
Go, My Sun
Sunaway Bandicoot
Hot Coco
Magmanimous Marauder
A Fistful of Ballers
A Blockful of Strollers
Living Dead Bandicoot
Marathon of Torture
From The Grave To Your Plate
Paint And Mahogany
Crunching The Numbers
More Like Runhouse
Alone In The Desert
No Strings Attached
Rugaway Run
Finger Prince
Fast Forensics
You Float On A Head
Platinum Standard
You Sure Blue It
You Red My Mind
Jester of Dunk
Around The World In 80 Seconds
Well, You Tried
Solid Gold Standard
Ahead In The Game
Live On, Brave Bandicoot

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Completed Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
Awarded on 24 Mar 2019, 11:27
Completed Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES)
Awarded on 09 Apr 2019, 11:58
Completed Wolfenstein 3-D (Game Boy Advance)
Awarded on 13 Apr 2019, 23:30
Completed Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced (Game Boy Advance)
Awarded on 14 Apr 2019, 06:49
Completed Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure (Game Boy Advance)
Awarded on 14 Apr 2019, 07:19
Completed Crash Nitro Kart (Game Boy Advance)
Awarded on 14 Apr 2019, 10:56
Completed Joy Mech Fight (NES)
Awarded on 17 Apr 2019, 11:25
Completed Donkey Kong Jr. (NES)
Awarded on 18 Apr 2019, 11:25
Completed Beatmania GB2 - GotchaMix (Game Boy Color)
Awarded on 20 Apr 2019, 05:05
Completed Vigilante (PC Engine)
Awarded on 11 May 2019, 07:44

Completion Progress

Beatmania GB2 - GotchaMix (Game Boy Color)Beatmania GB2 - GotchaMix
95/95 won
Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure (Game Boy Advance)Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure
74/74 won
Crash Nitro Kart (Game Boy Advance)Crash Nitro Kart
68/68 won
Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced (Game Boy Advance)Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced
64/64 won
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (SNES)Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
38/38 won
Donkey Kong Country (SNES)Donkey Kong Country
32/32 won
Wolfenstein 3-D (Game Boy Advance)Wolfenstein 3-D
28/28 won
Joy Mech Fight (NES)Joy Mech Fight
21/21 won
Donkey Kong Jr. (NES)Donkey Kong Jr.
13/13 won
Vigilante (PC Engine)Vigilante
13/13 won
Kuru Kuru Kururin (Game Boy Advance)Kuru Kuru Kururin
62/64 won
Virtua Racing (Mega Drive)Virtua Racing
5/6 won
Donkey Kong (Game Boy)Donkey Kong
28/36 won
Donkey Kong Country 3 (Game Boy Advance)Donkey Kong Country 3
21/27 won
~Hack~ Super Mario Bros. Enhanced (SNES)~Hack~ Super Mario Bros. Enhanced
31/49 won
Doraemon (NES)Doraemon
13/21 won
King of Fighters EX2: Howling Blood, The (Game Boy Advance)King of Fighters EX2: Howling Blood, The
24/46 won
Donkey Kong Land (Game Boy)Donkey Kong Land
24/48 won
Mega Man 2 (NES)Mega Man 2
40/84 won
Crash Bandicoot Purple: Riptos Rampage | Crash Bandicoot Fusion (Game Boy Advance)Crash Bandicoot Purple: Riptos Rampage | Crash Bandicoot Fusion
27/57 won
Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Game Boy Advance)Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3
44/94 won
Game & Watch Gallery 4 (Game Boy Advance)Game & Watch Gallery 4
30/67 won
Donkey Kong (NES)Donkey Kong
11/25 won
Pop n Music GB (Game Boy Color)Pop n Music GB
52/123 won
Circus Charlie (NES)Circus Charlie
6/16 won
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (Game Boy Advance)Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
9/25 won
Pac-Man (Neo Geo Pocket)Pac-Man
5/15 won
Pac-Man (Namco) (NES)Pac-Man (Namco)
4/12 won
Wendy: Every Witch Way (Game Boy Color)Wendy: Every Witch Way
10/37 won
Anticipation (NES)Anticipation
8/30 won
Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival (Game Boy Advance)Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival
9/36 won
Mario Paint (SNES)Mario Paint
4/16 won
Do-Re-Mi Fantasy - Milon no Dokidoki Daibouken (SNES)Do-Re-Mi Fantasy - Milon no Dokidoki Daibouken
8/33 won
Dr. Mario (NES)Dr. Mario
16/70 won
Bomberman II (NES)Bomberman II
8/35 won
Super Mario Bros. (NES)Super Mario Bros.
16/72 won
Elevator Action (NES)Elevator Action
2/9 won
Super Mario Land (Game Boy)Super Mario Land
8/37 won
Battle City (Game Boy)Battle City
5/24 won
Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge (Game Boy)Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge
7/34 won
Sonic 3D Blast | Sonic 3D: Flickies Island (Mega Drive)Sonic 3D Blast | Sonic 3D: Flickies Island
4/20 won
~Homebrew~ Tobu Tobu Girl (Game Boy)~Homebrew~ Tobu Tobu Girl
3/15 won
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (SNES)Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
5/26 won
Donkey Kong Land 2 (Game Boy)Donkey Kong Land 2
5/28 won
Donkey Kong 3 (NES)Donkey Kong 3
5/29 won
Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive)Sonic the Hedgehog
4/24 won
Frogger (Game Boy Color)Frogger
2/12 won
Wolfenstein 3-D (SNES)Wolfenstein 3-D
8/50 won
Hydlide (NES)Hydlide
3/19 won
Super Mario Kart (SNES)Super Mario Kart
7/47 won
Adventure Island II (NES)Adventure Island II
5/35 won
Mega Man (NES)Mega Man
7/50 won
Mega Bomberman (Mega Drive)Mega Bomberman
4/29 won
Banana Prince (NES)Banana Prince
11/82 won
Dig Dug (NES)Dig Dug
4/30 won
Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo 64)Mario Kart 64
5/38 won
Ganbare Goemon 2 - Kiteretsu Shougun Magginesu (SNES)Ganbare Goemon 2 - Kiteretsu Shougun Magginesu
4/31 won
Mortal Kombat II (Mega Drive)Mortal Kombat II
4/35 won
Balloon Fight (NES)Balloon Fight
3/27 won
Trip World (Game Boy)Trip World
3/27 won
Super Buster Bros. | Super Pang (SNES)Super Buster Bros. | Super Pang
3/28 won
Lode Runner Advance (Game Boy Advance)Lode Runner Advance
3/28 won
Spy Vs Spy (NES)Spy Vs Spy
3/29 won
Don Doko Don 2 (NES)Don Doko Don 2
2/20 won
Duck Hunt (NES)Duck Hunt
3/31 won
Lode Runner (NES)Lode Runner
6/64 won
~Hack~ Super Mario Star Road (Nintendo 64)~Hack~ Super Mario Star Road
3/32 won
Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)Super Mario 64
8/88 won
TwinBee (NES)TwinBee
2/23 won
Mappy (NES)Mappy
3/35 won
Dance Dance Revolution GB 2 (Game Boy Color)Dance Dance Revolution GB 2
6/72 won
Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening DX, The (Game Boy Color)Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening DX, The
3/36 won
Metroid (NES)Metroid
2/25 won
Turok - Dinosaur Hunter (Nintendo 64)Turok - Dinosaur Hunter
4/52 won
Grand Theft Auto Advance (Game Boy Advance)Grand Theft Auto Advance
3/41 won
Dynamite Headdy (Mega Drive)Dynamite Headdy
3/44 won
Legend of Zelda, The - Links Awakening (Game Boy)Legend of Zelda, The - Links Awakening
2/30 won
Syd of Valis (Mega Drive)Syd of Valis
1/15 won
Keeper (SNES)Keeper
1/16 won
Looney Tunes (Game Boy)Looney Tunes
1/16 won
Street Fighter II Turbo (SNES)Street Fighter II Turbo
1/16 won
Mr. Nutz (SNES)Mr. Nutz
2/34 won
Puzzled (Game Boy Color)Puzzled
2/36 won
Top Gun (NES)Top Gun
1/18 won
Kirby no Kirakira Kids | Kirby's Super Star Stacker  (SNES)Kirby no Kirakira Kids | Kirby's Super Star Stacker
2/37 won
Clock Tower (SNES)Clock Tower
2/38 won
Warpman (NES)Warpman
1/20 won
Frogger (Mega Drive)Frogger
1/21 won
Space Channel 5 - Ulala's Cosmic Attack (Game Boy Advance)Space Channel 5 - Ulala's Cosmic Attack
1/21 won
Tamagotchi (Game Boy)Tamagotchi
1/21 won
Polar Express, The (Game Boy Advance)Polar Express, The
1/24 won
Duke Nukem Advance (Game Boy Advance)Duke Nukem Advance
1/24 won
Moai Kun (NES)Moai Kun
1/24 won
Metroid: Zero Mission (Game Boy Advance)Metroid: Zero Mission
2/48 won
Shadow Man (Nintendo 64)Shadow Man
3/74 won
~Homebrew~ Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril (NES)~Homebrew~ Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril
1/26 won
Warlocked (Game Boy Color)Warlocked
2/54 won
Konami Wai Wai World (NES)Konami Wai Wai World
1/29 won
Pingu: Sekai de Ichiban Genki na Penguin (Game Boy)Pingu: Sekai de Ichiban Genki na Penguin
1/29 won
Chiki Chiki Boys (Mega Drive)Chiki Chiki Boys
1/30 won
Mortal Kombat (SNES)Mortal Kombat
1/33 won
Parodius Da! (Game Boy)Parodius Da!
1/33 won
Kururin Paradise (Game Boy Advance)Kururin Paradise
2/67 won
Sonic Pocket Adventure (Neo Geo Pocket)Sonic Pocket Adventure
1/37 won
Fatal Fury Special (SNES)Fatal Fury Special
1/38 won
Mega Man 3 (NES)Mega Man 3
2/83 won
Mortal Kombat II (SNES)Mortal Kombat II
1/42 won
Urban Champion (NES)Urban Champion
1/47 won
Wonder Boy in Monster World (Mega Drive)Wonder Boy in Monster World
1/49 won
Tetris Attack (SNES)Tetris Attack
1/50 won
Xevious - The Avenger (NES)Xevious - The Avenger
1/50 won
Super Metroid (SNES)Super Metroid
1/52 won
ToeJam and Earl (Mega Drive)ToeJam and Earl
1/56 won
Mega Man: The Power Battle (Arcade)Mega Man: The Power Battle
1/60 won
Kirby's Adventure (NES)Kirby's Adventure
1/61 won
Boktai - The Sun is in Your Hand (Game Boy Advance)Boktai - The Sun is in Your Hand
1/67 won
Wrecking Crew (NES)Wrecking Crew
1/67 won
Legend of Zelda, The (NES)Legend of Zelda, The
1/69 won
Beatmania GB (Game Boy Color)Beatmania GB
1/70 won
Dark Arms (Neo Geo Pocket)Dark Arms
1/82 won
Mario & Wario (SNES)Mario & Wario
1/120 won

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