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SyedNekoChan 4 Feb 2023 21:57
Wait I noticed you've mastered Final Fantasy IX. Freaking amazing dude. May I get tips on how to earn the jump rope achievement?
foxsevent 4 Feb 2023 22:27
Have no life, be dead on the inside and have unreasonable amount of time to waste.
Seriously though it was 99% just muscle memory, I did this mini game also for the remaster on PS4 and I'm never doing it again.
What mostly worked for me was matching the button press with the sound of Vivi hitting the ground but even then it's ridiculously difficult cause after something like 200 jumps the tempo changes randomly so it can easily throw you off.
SyedNekoChan 1 Mar 2023 13:47
Haha I tried that method. The remaster versions allow you to turn off music so its easier to focus on the footsteps. On the ps1 version the footsteps sometimes blend in with the music and disrupts your attempt.
Despite my consistent efforts to skip rope for a week I still haven't managed to get that achievement. Perhaps some day.
williamgeesdorf 22 Mar 2023 07:40
Hey, look who's playing TRA too. Warming up for TR3's set? That one should be glorious :)
foxsevent 22 Mar 2023 07:48
Yup got that TR fever, so I in the wait time for the TR3 set I started playing other TR sets.
I love Legend, Anniversary and Underworld so that was a no brainer, Prophecy so far ain't bad but it's password only and on death you lose all your collected items meds, weapons, ammo etc.
williamgeesdorf 22 Mar 2023 09:59
Ah yeah, Prophecy too. That one i know only by name. Well, after TR3, The Last Revelation and Legend will be on the spotlight for a new TR set. I wouldn't mind an Angel of Darkness one either.
Empovyle 17 Apr 2023 16:22
Dropped you a follow because you play a lot of cool games :) Really nice Rayman badge btw, damageless bosses in that game is an impressive feat! Especially Space Mama's Crater, it scares me a little to even think about trying that lol
dannepedersen 1 Jan 2024 21:07
Great set dude°!!
japinhamaluco321 8 Jan 2024 15:50
Congrats for mastered MediEvil Resurrection :)
realcheeze07 25 Feb 2024 05:14
Love the fact you have almost every spyro game mastered! You're just missing 2 :)
foxsevent 25 Feb 2024 08:10
Im missing 1 Spyro game :) gotta get around to finish Eternal GBA sometime.
realcheeze07 2 Mar 2024 05:23
Oh I was including the spyro 3.5 ROM hack XD.
foxsevent 2 Mar 2024 05:51
Fair, I'm not counting that as that's Pete the Dragon since he's green and not purple like Spyro, plus no way in hell could I master that with all the Speedrun start mastery required.
realcheeze07 2 Mar 2024 10:57
Oh yeah, I don't think that I would ever master that thing. Now currently I want to master the gba spyro games but they kinda make me dizzy since they're confusing for me. But I hope I'll master them as well.
Darkfang114 1 May 2024 07:50
Nice job on mastering Donald Duck for ps2! I quit when I got to the score cheevs because they were so hard. Came back a year later with new ambition and powered through it lol.
foxsevent 1 May 2024 07:55
Thanks, that's something I also do often when I struggle with a game drop it for a while and coming back to it later.
realcheeze07 30 May 2024 18:34
What's the hardest set you've mastered in your opinion
foxsevent 30 May 2024 18:52
Rayman: Brain Games easily, it's nothing but completing levels without getting hit it may not seem hard as it's a education game for kids but combine shity Rayman 1 controls with horrid hitboxes you'll be replaying later levels hundreds of times, I did it thru sheer insane stubbornness.
Including myself only 4 people mastered it.
realcheeze07 30 May 2024 19:32
I think the damageless achievements are also miserable