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atratus 22 Aug 2023 07:02
welcome to your new addiction

enjoy :)
duckfist 24 Aug 2023 20:40
yo good to see you here @atratus! these RA dopamine hits are some good stuff.
atratus 1 Sep 2023 05:12
look at you beastin, bro

this site isnt ready for that skill. i cant wait to see more of them masteries
thatoneguy1851 17 Sep 2023 05:20
Yo duckfist! That’s an impressive completion rate! Keep up the good work here at RA.
duckfist 18 Sep 2023 18:09
Thanks! I'm trying to pick stuff that I think I can finish. Although there are some unexpectedly tough challenges in many games on here. Overall it's a great time. I hope you're doing well!
thatoneguy1851 18 Sep 2023 20:19
I am. Thanks for asking! Yeah, I ran into that same problem too when I first started here. I haven’t completed Game & Watch Gallery 4 or Einhander yet, both of which are very difficult to master and only a very select few have done so.

As far as masteries go though, I try to master the ones that seem to have the most masteries, usually about 50 or more.
duckfist 20 Sep 2023 16:31
Einhander would be awesome, love that game - absolutely amazing soundtrack. But I can imagine many shmups on here would be really tough to master, with achievements like 1-credit clears on hard mode and the like. Similar to arcade games. I"m hitting a bunch of RPGs, which really just take time, and paying careful attention to missables so that you don't need multiple playthroughs of such long games.