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dokaikan (45402 points) (95363)

Member Since: 20 Sep 2016, 11:55
Last Activity: 24 Jan 2022, 23:02
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 2.10
Average Completion: 45.89%
Site Rank: 759 / 37373 ranked users (Top 2.03%)
Requested Sets - 12 of 12 Requests Made

Last seen in
The Knight is on a quest in Barthel | Gold: 247 | Level: 16 | Battles Fought: 59 - Victories: 40

Last 5 games played:

25% complete
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords (PlayStation Portable)
Last played 2022-01-24 18:31:58
Earned 7 of 56 achievements, 27/750 points.
Mysterious Warrior
Where Do You Think You\
The Rush of Battle
Patrol Duty
Ashes to Ashes
Shotgun Wedding
Dwarven Engineer
The Great Machine
Ravenous Ogre
That Ain\
Die-Mans Are Yummy
Minotaur Firewalker
The Spirit
Gold Dragon
Dragon in Chains
Winter Wolf
Gnoll Thief
The Vault
Elven Dragonknight
Who Dares Challenge Me?
Long Shall Your Name Be Remembered
Pocket Change
Money Bags
Nest Egg
Well Skilled
Time Is of the Essence
Brotherly Love
Feels Like Home
Darkness Beckons
Master Merchant
Master of the Axe
Knightly Orders
Ogre Lord
Lord of Kor
A God Reborn
Under Siege
A Knight\
I Am the Warrior
The Grand Magus

0% complete
Peggle (PlayStation Portable)
Last played 2022-01-23 21:25:30
Earned 0 of 47 achievements, 0/420 points.
A Brief Introduction to Peggle
Multiball Madness
The Faces of the Pyramid
The Splendor of the Space Blast
Flippers Keep It Going
The Mysteries of the Spooky Ball
Grow With the Flower Power
Lucky Spin for the Win
The Awesome Force of the Fireball
The Way of the Zen Ball
The True Test of a Master
Ultra Extreme Fever
Practical Tactical Brilliance
Every Day I\
Explodius Fame
A Challenge a Day...
The Academy\
Challenge Beast
Peggle God
Ultra Cool
You Did What Now?
The Peggle Master is Here!
Ace of Adventure
Free Ball Skills
Free Ballin\
Great Balls of Fire
Zen Maniac
Flip Out
Pyramid Pileup
Double Guide
Big Bang
Triple Play
Petal to the Metal
Spin Again
Free Ball Frenzy
Crazy Mad Skillz
Hat Trick
Pyramid Precision
Ball Bonanza
A Duel!
Not Even a Contest
To Arms!
A Worthy Opponent

0% complete
Vigilante 8 (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-01-17 23:24:57
Earned 0 of 40 achievements, 0/300 points.
Chassey Blue Quest
Slick Clyde Quest
Sheila Quest
John Torque Quest
Loki Quest
Houston Quest
Boogie Quest
Dave Quest
Convoy Quest
Beezwax Quest
Molo Quest
Sid Burn Quest
Chassey Blue Hard Quest
Slick Clyde Hard Quest
Sheila Hard Quest
John Torque Hard Quest
Loki Hard Quest
Houston Hard Quest
Boogie Hard Quest
Dave Hard Quest
Convoy Hard Quest
Beezwax Hard Quest
Molo Hard Quest
Sid Burn Hard Quest
Oil Fields Arcade
Aircraft Graveyard Arcade
Ghost Town Arcade
Hoover Dam Arcade
Valley Farm Arcade
Casino City Arcade
Cannyonlands Arcade
Sky Resort Arcade
Secret Base Arcade
Sand Factory Arcade
Arcade Challenge
Arcade Ultimate Quest
Arcade Easy Challenge
No Repair Challenge
Low Gravity Challenge
No Damage Hard Challenge

0% complete
Dokapon: Monster Hunter (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2021-11-23 19:49:17
Earned 0 of 24 achievements, 0/340 points.
Learning The Ropes
Quit Mole\
Treasure Digging
Lion Tamer [m]
Viva La Vie
Extreme Entertainment [m]
Masked Man
Crumbled To Dust [m]
Casper [m]
An Extra Eyepatch [m]
Devil Incarnated
Tower Of God [m]
Make Them Laugh [m]
Mend These Broken Wings [m]
Stair Climb Master
The Pupil Becomes The Master
The Asmik Ace Challenge
Master Of Arms
Defensive Stance
Monster Hunter World

43% complete
Guru Logic Champ (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2021-11-21 20:02:43
Earned 5 of 23 achievements, 25/200 points.
Just Bee Yourself
U Mirin Brah?
Green Zone
Puddi Puddi, Giga Puddin!
Glorious Nippon
The Elephant in the Room
A Headless Baby
Noot Noot
Apathetic Pig
Luck is a Skill
Moshi Moshi
I Made This
Tropical Fish
But It Was Aliens
Cast It Into The Fire! Destroy It!
American Cuisine
An EXtra Step
Logic Guru Champ
Fruity Ninjas

Site Awards

MASTERED Mario\'s Picross (Game Boy)
Awarded on 24 Jan 2017, 21:39
MASTERED Picross NP Vol. 2 (SNES)
Awarded on 15 Apr 2017, 22:15
MASTERED Picross NP Vol. 1 (SNES)
Awarded on 23 Apr 2017, 15:16
MASTERED Breath of Fire (SNES)
Awarded on 30 Apr 2017, 10:54
MASTERED Picross NP Vol. 3 (SNES)
Awarded on 30 Apr 2017, 11:35
MASTERED Picross NP Vol. 4 (SNES)
Awarded on 01 May 2017, 12:13
MASTERED Picross NP Vol. 5 (SNES)
Awarded on 05 May 2017, 21:18
MASTERED Mario\'s Picross 2 (Game Boy)
Awarded on 14 Jul 2017, 16:21
MASTERED Crusader of Centy | Soleil (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 02 Jan 2018, 15:14
MASTERED Mario\'s Super Picross | Mario no Super Picross (SNES)
Awarded on 02 Feb 2018, 16:51
MASTERED Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 03 Mar 2018, 20:41
MASTERED Sonic & Knuckles (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 05 Apr 2018, 08:40
MASTERED ~Hack~ Sonic the Hedgehog 3: Complete (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 22 Jun 2018, 19:12
MASTERED Battleship (Game Boy)
Awarded on 29 Jun 2018, 13:20
MASTERED ~Z~ Pokemon Blue Version (Game Boy)
Awarded on 12 Jul 2018, 10:59
MASTERED Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure (Game Boy Advance)
Awarded on 19 Sep 2018, 20:07
Awarded on 04 Oct 2018, 16:38
MASTERED Warlocked (Game Boy Color)
Awarded on 03 Jan 2019, 16:34
MASTERED Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 30 Mar 2019, 10:58
MASTERED Achievement of the Week 2019 - Spring Event (Events)
Awarded on 27 Apr 2019, 02:19
MASTERED Trip World (Game Boy)
Awarded on 28 Apr 2019, 19:57
MASTERED Dora the Explorer: The Search for Pirate Pig\'s Treasure (Game Boy Advance)
Awarded on 11 May 2019, 12:00
MASTERED Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)
Awarded on 31 Aug 2019, 16:22
MASTERED Oekaki Logic (SNES)
Awarded on 10 Nov 2019, 10:42
MASTERED ~Prototype~ Diablo | Diablo Junior (Game Boy)
Awarded on 19 Dec 2019, 12:32
MASTERED Kirby\'s Dream Land (Game Boy)
Awarded on 21 Mar 2020, 13:06
MASTERED Sims Bustin\' Out, The (Game Boy Advance)
Awarded on 13 Apr 2020, 20:46
MASTERED ~Hack~ Legend of Zelda, The: The Missing Link (Nintendo 64)
Awarded on 01 Aug 2020, 07:18
MASTERED Oekaki Logic 2 (SNES)
Awarded on 18 Sep 2020, 16:06
MASTERED ~Homebrew~ Deadeus (Game Boy)
Awarded on 25 Sep 2020, 09:26
MASTERED ~Homebrew~ Crocodingus in Cube Island (Nintendo DS)
Awarded on 29 Sep 2020, 12:50
MASTERED Peter Pan\'s Playground (Nintendo DS)
Awarded on 12 Oct 2020, 06:55
MASTERED ~Homebrew~ Binding of Isaac, The: Game Boy Edition (Game Boy)
Awarded on 13 Oct 2020, 08:39
MASTERED ~Homebrew~ Deep Forest (Game Boy)
Awarded on 16 Oct 2020, 17:50
MASTERED Black Belt Challenge (Game Boy Advance)
Awarded on 01 Feb 2021, 09:20
MASTERED Medal of Honor (PlayStation)
Awarded on 10 Mar 2021, 15:37
MASTERED Diddy Kong Racing (Nintendo 64)
Awarded on 14 May 2021, 18:49
MASTERED Dr. Sudoku (Game Boy Advance)
Awarded on 13 Jan 2022, 07:45
MASTERED ~Prototype~ Pokemon Picross (Game Boy Color)
Awarded on 08 Jun 2021, 09:46
MASTERED Adventures of Pinocchio (Nintendo DS)
Awarded on 08 Jun 2021, 12:31
MASTERED ~Homebrew~ Tetrigram (Game Boy Advance)
Awarded on 21 Jun 2021, 13:28
MASTERED Dragon Warrior (NES)
Awarded on 03 Jul 2021, 19:06
MASTERED ~Homebrew~ GB Corp. (Game Boy)
Awarded on 20 Oct 2021, 18:49

Completion Progress

Dr. Sudoku (Game Boy Advance)Dr. Sudoku
100/100 won
~Hack~ Legend of Zelda, The: The Missing Link (Nintendo 64)~Hack~ Legend of Zelda, The: The Missing Link
16/16 won
Diddy Kong Racing (Nintendo 64)Diddy Kong Racing
93/93 won
Picross NP Vol. 5 (SNES)Picross NP Vol. 5
27/27 won
Sonic & Knuckles (Mega Drive)Sonic & Knuckles
20/20 won
Adventures of Pinocchio (Nintendo DS)Adventures of Pinocchio
19/19 won
~Homebrew~ Deadeus (Game Boy)~Homebrew~ Deadeus
19/19 won
Kirby\'s Dream Land (Game Boy)Kirby's Dream Land
17/17 won
~Prototype~ Pokemon Picross (Game Boy Color)~Prototype~ Pokemon Picross
17/17 won
~Homebrew~ GB Corp. (Game Boy)~Homebrew~ GB Corp.
15/15 won
Picross NP Vol. 2 (SNES)Picross NP Vol. 2
27/27 won
~Homebrew~ Tetrigram (Game Boy Advance)~Homebrew~ Tetrigram
12/12 won
~Homebrew~ Crocodingus in Cube Island (Nintendo DS)~Homebrew~ Crocodingus in Cube Island
11/11 won
Peter Pan\'s Playground (Nintendo DS)Peter Pan's Playground
9/9 won
~Prototype~ Diablo | Diablo Junior (Game Boy)~Prototype~ Diablo | Diablo Junior
7/7 won
Achievement of the Week 2019 - Spring Event (Events)Achievement of the Week 2019 - Spring Event
6/6 won
~Homebrew~ Binding of Isaac, The: Game Boy Edition (Game Boy)~Homebrew~ Binding of Isaac, The: Game Boy Edition
6/6 won
~Homebrew~ Deep Forest (Game Boy)~Homebrew~ Deep Forest
6/6 won
Picross NP Vol. 3 (SNES)Picross NP Vol. 3
27/27 won
Picross NP Vol. 4 (SNES)Picross NP Vol. 4
27/27 won
Picross NP Vol. 1 (SNES)Picross NP Vol. 1
27/27 won
Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Mega Drive)Sonic 3 & Knuckles
53/53 won
Mario\'s Picross (Game Boy)Mario's Picross
89/89 won
Soul Blazer (SNES)Soul Blazer
81/81 won
Mario\'s Super Picross | Mario no Super Picross (SNES)Mario's Super Picross | Mario no Super Picross
77/77 won
Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure (Game Boy Advance)Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure
74/74 won
Breath of Fire (SNES)Breath of Fire
63/63 won
~Hack~ Sonic the Hedgehog 3: Complete (Mega Drive)~Hack~ Sonic the Hedgehog 3: Complete
28/28 won
Warlocked (Game Boy Color)Warlocked
54/54 won
Crusader of Centy | Soleil (Mega Drive)Crusader of Centy | Soleil
59/59 won
Sims Bustin\' Out, The (Game Boy Advance)Sims Bustin' Out, The
50/50 won
Medal of Honor (PlayStation)Medal of Honor
42/42 won
Dora the Explorer: The Search for Pirate Pig\'s Treasure (Game Boy Advance)Dora the Explorer: The Search for Pirate Pig's Treasure
38/38 won
Dragon Warrior (NES)Dragon Warrior
34/34 won
Mario\'s Picross 2 (Game Boy)Mario's Picross 2
33/33 won
Oekaki Logic 2 (SNES)Oekaki Logic 2
32/32 won
Oekaki Logic (SNES)Oekaki Logic
31/31 won
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Mega Drive)Sonic the Hedgehog 3
29/29 won
Black Belt Challenge (Game Boy Advance)Black Belt Challenge
28/28 won
Picross 3D (Nintendo DS)Picross 3D
43/44 won
Grand Theft Auto Advance (Game Boy Advance)Grand Theft Auto Advance
40/41 won
Final Fantasy Adventure | Mystic Quest (Game Boy)Final Fantasy Adventure | Mystic Quest
48/50 won
Tetris Blast (Game Boy)Tetris Blast
22/23 won
Shanghai II: Dragon\'s Eye (SNES)Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye
24/26 won
~Homebrew~ Pocket Meat (Game Boy Advance)~Homebrew~ Pocket Meat
12/13 won
Pokemon Snap (Nintendo 64)Pokemon Snap
47/51 won
Monster Tale (Nintendo DS)Monster Tale
50/55 won
Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman! (Game Boy)Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman!
9/10 won
~Homebrew~ Dino\'s Offline Adventure (Game Boy)~Homebrew~ Dino's Offline Adventure
7/8 won
Legend of Zelda, The: Link\'s Awakening (Game Boy)Legend of Zelda, The: Link's Awakening
26/30 won
Sonic Battle (Game Boy Advance)Sonic Battle
26/30 won
Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls (Game Boy Advance)Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls
59/70 won
Plants vs. Zombies (Nintendo DS)Plants vs. Zombies
50/60 won
Quest 64 (Nintendo 64)Quest 64
26/32 won
LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (Game Boy Advance)LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
43/54 won
Kirby\'s Dream Land 2 (Game Boy)Kirby's Dream Land 2
29/37 won
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer\'s Stone | Philosopher\'s Stone (Game Boy Color)Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone | Philosopher's Stone
43/56 won
Little Mermaid, The (Game Boy)Little Mermaid, The
25/33 won
Super Metroid (SNES)Super Metroid
39/52 won
~Homebrew~ Bubble Wrap DS (Nintendo DS)~Homebrew~ Bubble Wrap DS
5/7 won
Harvest Moon GB (Game Boy Color)Harvest Moon GB
19/27 won
Trip World (Game Boy)Trip World
19/27 won
Wonder Boy in Monster World (Mega Drive)Wonder Boy in Monster World
34/49 won
Survival Kids (Game Boy Color)Survival Kids
27/39 won
Sonic Battle [Bonus] (Game Boy Advance)Sonic Battle [Bonus]
15/22 won
Fortified Zone (Game Boy)Fortified Zone
17/25 won
Mario Golf (Game Boy Color)Mario Golf
19/28 won
Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)Super Mario 64
88/132 won
Sea Trader: Rise of Taipan (Game Boy Advance)Sea Trader: Rise of Taipan
14/21 won
Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup (Game Boy Advance)Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup
22/35 won
Shining Soul (Game Boy Advance)Shining Soul
13/21 won
Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced (Game Boy Advance)Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced
38/64 won
Harvest Moon 2 GBC (Game Boy Color)Harvest Moon 2 GBC
31/53 won
~Homebrew~ Anguna: Warriors of Virtue (Nintendo DS)~Homebrew~ Anguna: Warriors of Virtue
11/19 won
Tetris (Game Boy)Tetris
7/13 won
Battleship (Game Boy)Battleship
9/17 won
Spyro the Dragon (PlayStation)Spyro the Dragon
26/51 won
ActRaiser (SNES)ActRaiser
17/34 won
Aladdin (Game Gear)Aladdin
12/24 won
Banjo-Kazooie (Nintendo 64)Banjo-Kazooie
20/41 won
Doom (Game Boy Advance)Doom
15/31 won
Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo 64)Super Smash Bros.
28/60 won
Mega Bomberman (Mega Drive)Mega Bomberman
13/29 won
Kirby\'s Adventure (NES)Kirby's Adventure
24/61 won
Shrek: Fairy Tale Freakdown (Game Boy Color)Shrek: Fairy Tale Freakdown
7/20 won
Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (Nintendo DS)Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors
8/23 won
Super Princess Peach (Nintendo DS)Super Princess Peach
21/61 won
Dragon Warrior Monsters (Game Boy Color)Dragon Warrior Monsters
22/64 won
Pokemon Silver Version (Game Boy Color)Pokemon Silver Version
26/76 won
Lord of the Rings, The: The Two Towers (Game Boy Advance)Lord of the Rings, The: The Two Towers
15/44 won
Kirby: Power Paintbrush | Kirby: Canvas Curse (Nintendo DS)Kirby: Power Paintbrush | Kirby: Canvas Curse
19/56 won
Brain Lord (SNES)Brain Lord
16/50 won
LEGO Racers 2 (Game Boy Advance)LEGO Racers 2
7/22 won
Goemon\'s Great Adventure (Nintendo 64)Goemon's Great Adventure
22/70 won
Mega Man Battle Network (Game Boy Advance)Mega Man Battle Network
15/50 won
~Homebrew~ Dicewars DS (Nintendo DS)~Homebrew~ Dicewars DS
3/10 won
Picross NP Vol. 6 (SNES)Picross NP Vol. 6
8/27 won
Cave Noire (Game Boy)Cave Noire
16/55 won
Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel (Game Boy Advance)Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel
22/79 won
Klonoa: Empire of Dreams (Game Boy Advance)Klonoa: Empire of Dreams
4/15 won
Breath of Fire II (SNES)Breath of Fire II
24/91 won
Metroid: Zero Mission (Game Boy Advance)Metroid: Zero Mission
12/48 won
Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (PlayStation)Croc: Legend of the Gobbos
16/66 won
Onimusha Tactics (Game Boy Advance)Onimusha Tactics
15/62 won
Tekken Advance (Game Boy Advance)Tekken Advance
5/21 won
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (Game Boy Advance)Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
13/55 won
Pokemon Red Version | Pokemon Blue Version (Game Boy)Pokemon Red Version | Pokemon Blue Version
22/94 won
LEGO Island 2: The Brickster\'s Revenge (Game Boy Color)LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge
3/13 won
Streets of Rage (Mega Drive)Streets of Rage
12/53 won
Guru Logic Champ (Game Boy Advance)Guru Logic Champ
5/23 won
Lemmings (NES)Lemmings
5/24 won
Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive)Sonic the Hedgehog
5/24 won
Mario Tennis (Game Boy Color)Mario Tennis
14/68 won
E.V.O.: Search for Eden (SNES)E.V.O.: Search for Eden
12/59 won
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (Game Boy Advance)Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
28/138 won
~Demo~ Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt (Nintendo DS)~Demo~ Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt
2/10 won
~Homebrew~ New Super Mario Land (SNES)~Homebrew~ New Super Mario Land
4/20 won
Diddy Kong Racing DS (Nintendo DS)Diddy Kong Racing DS
18/92 won
Super Mario Land (Game Boy)Super Mario Land
7/36 won
Koudelka (PlayStation)Koudelka
21/110 won
Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire (Game Boy Advance)Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire
10/54 won
Ghouls \'n Ghosts (Mega Drive)Ghouls 'n Ghosts
4/23 won
~Hack~ Legend of Zelda, The: Parallel Worlds (SNES)~Hack~ Legend of Zelda, The: Parallel Worlds
17/100 won
Metroid (NES)Metroid
4/25 won
Sonic Advance (Game Boy Advance)Sonic Advance
9/58 won
Paper Mario (Nintendo 64)Paper Mario
10/66 won
~Homebrew~ Sudoku Micro (Game Boy Advance)~Homebrew~ Sudoku Micro
3/20 won
Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel (Game Boy Color)Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel
8/59 won
Shin Megami Tensei (SNES)Shin Megami Tensei
9/69 won
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords (PlayStation Portable)Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords
7/56 won
Duke Nukem Advance (Game Boy Advance)Duke Nukem Advance
3/24 won
~Homebrew~ Picross Advance (Game Boy Advance)~Homebrew~ Picross Advance
2/16 won
Army Men Advance (Game Boy Advance)Army Men Advance
2/17 won
Ragnarok DS (Nintendo DS)Ragnarok DS
5/43 won
Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 (Game Boy)Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
3/26 won
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Nintendo DS)Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
10/88 won
WWF No Mercy (Nintendo 64)WWF No Mercy
4/36 won
After Burst (Game Boy)After Burst
1/9 won
Legend of Zelda, The: Oracle of Ages (Game Boy Color)Legend of Zelda, The: Oracle of Ages
6/55 won
Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX (Game Boy Advance)Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX
2/19 won
Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation)Final Fantasy VII
10/98 won
Shining Force (Mega Drive)Shining Force
7/70 won
Bomberman Max: Blue Champion (Game Boy Color)Bomberman Max: Blue Champion
4/40 won
Battletoads (Mega Drive)Battletoads
3/33 won
Classic NES Series: The Legend of Zelda (Game Boy Advance)Classic NES Series: The Legend of Zelda
3/34 won
Scurge: Hive (Game Boy Advance)Scurge: Hive
4/46 won
Grand Theft Auto 2 (PlayStation)Grand Theft Auto 2
9/104 won
Rayman Advance (Game Boy Advance)Rayman Advance
5/60 won
Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade (Game Boy Advance)Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
7/86 won
Spider-Man (Game Boy Advance)Spider-Man
3/40 won
Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku (Game Boy Advance)Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku
3/42 won
Wild Arms (PlayStation)Wild Arms
11/156 won
Shantae (Game Boy Color)Shantae
3/47 won
Battle of Kingdom (Game Boy)Battle of Kingdom
1/16 won
Legend of Zelda, The: Phantom Hourglass (Nintendo DS)Legend of Zelda, The: Phantom Hourglass
4/67 won
Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising (Game Boy Advance)Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
4/72 won
Tony Hawk\'s Underground (Game Boy Advance)Tony Hawk's Underground
2/38 won
Professor Layton and the Curious Village (Nintendo DS)Professor Layton and the Curious Village
2/42 won
Revelations: Persona (PlayStation)Revelations: Persona
4/88 won
Driver 2 Advance (Game Boy Advance)Driver 2 Advance
1/22 won
Alien Trilogy (PlayStation)Alien Trilogy
4/89 won
~Hack~ Super Mario World: Christmas Edition (SNES)~Hack~ Super Mario World: Christmas Edition
1/23 won
Glover (Nintendo 64)Glover
2/49 won
Star Fox 64 (Nintendo 64)Star Fox 64
2/51 won
Resident Evil: Director\'s Cut (PlayStation)Resident Evil: Director's Cut
4/113 won
Super Mario Advance (Game Boy Advance)Super Mario Advance
2/57 won
Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Advance)Donkey Kong Country
1/29 won
Jet Force Gemini (Nintendo 64)Jet Force Gemini
2/63 won
Dino Crisis (PlayStation)Dino Crisis
2/65 won
Cars: Mater-National Championship (Game Boy Advance)Cars: Mater-National Championship
1/35 won
Spyro: Season of Ice (Game Boy Advance)Spyro: Season of Ice
1/35 won
Earthworm Jim (SNES)Earthworm Jim
1/36 won
~Homebrew~ Celeste Classic (Game Boy Advance)~Homebrew~ Celeste Classic
1/38 won
Disney Princess (Game Boy Advance)Disney Princess
1/38 won
Retro Game Challenge (Nintendo DS)Retro Game Challenge
2/76 won
Tekken (PlayStation)Tekken
1/43 won
Bare Knuckle III (Mega Drive)Bare Knuckle III
1/48 won
Warcraft II: The Dark Saga (PlayStation)Warcraft II: The Dark Saga
1/53 won
Lady Sia (Game Boy Advance)Lady Sia
1/57 won
Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors (Game Boy Advance)Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors
1/58 won
Golden Sun (Game Boy Advance)Golden Sun
1/60 won
Pony Friends (Nintendo DS)Pony Friends
1/66 won
Tomb Raider (PlayStation)Tomb Raider
1/86 won
Grand Theft Auto (PlayStation)Grand Theft Auto
1/121 won
Shadow Tower (PlayStation)Shadow Tower
1/137 won

Recent Progress