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Member Since: 18 Jul 2021, 16:11
Last Activity: 18 May 2022, 12:47
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wasm4nia (WASM-4)
Last played 2022-05-08 21:05:40
Earned 32 of 32 achievements, 344/344 points.
Yeah, I'm a gamer - Easier
Ultimate Streamer - Easier
Chippering - Easier
Bitwise Land - Easier
Even Groovier - Easier
wasm4nia Theme - Easier
Friday Morning - Easier
Bitwise Land - Intended
Chippering - Intended
Ultimate Streamer - Intended
Yeah, I'm a gamer - Intended
Even Groovier - Intended
wasm4nia Theme - Intended
Friday Morning - Intended
Harsh Beginnings - Easier
Harsh Beginnings - Intended
Even Groovier - Harder
Even Groovier - Perfect
Yeah, I'm a gamer - Harder
Yeah, I'm a gamer - Perfect
Bitwise Land - Perfect
Bitwise Land - Harder
Friday Morning - Harder
Friday Morning - Perfect
Chippering - Perfect
Chippering - Harder
wasm4nia Theme - Harder
wasm4nia Theme - Perfect
Harsh Beginnings - Harder
Harsh Beginnings - Perfect
Ultimate Streamer - Harder
Ultimate Streamer - Perfect

200% complete
Taiko no Tatsujin DS: Touch de Dokodon! (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2022-05-04 17:25:53
Earned 182 of 182 achievements, 1931/1931 points.
Pac-Man no Tatsujin
Ballad of the Digestion
Masked Singer
Taiko Sheathing
Oni Eel Challenge [IX]
Excerpt from Symphony No. 7 [IV]
Taiko God
William Tell Overture [IV]
Mori no Kuma-San [IV]
Oni Eel Challenge [VIII]
Tarako Tarako Tarako [IV]
Mojipittan Medley [IV]
Oni Eel Challenge [VII]
Kimi ni Touch! [IV]
Super Mario Bros. [IV]
Anpanman no March [IV]
Fuun! Bachi o Sensei [IV]
Oni Eel Challenge [VI]
Gimme the Beat
Detective Conan Main Theme [IV]
Doraemon no Uta [IV]
Precure 5 Smile Go Go! [IV]
Oni Eel Challenge [V]
Juuken Sentai Geki Ranger [IV]
Together [IV]
Touch [IV]
Inu no Omawari-san [IV]
Oni Eel Challenge [IV]
Mata Ai Mashou [IV]
Ketsui no Asa Ni [IV]
Orpheus in the Underworld Overture [IV]
Oni Eel Challenge [III]
Kibun Joujou [IV]
Taiko Ranbu Mizu no Maki [III]
Taiko Ranbu Honoo no Maki [III]
Fuun! Bachi o Sensei [III]
Muzukashii Eel Challenge [XI]
Taiko Ranbu Kaze no Maki [III]
Mojipittan Medley [III]
Muzukashii Eel Challenge [VIII]
Tenjiku 2000 [III]
William Tell Overture [III]
Muzukashii Eel Challenge [VII]
Namcot Medley [III]
Kimi ni Touch! [III]
Muzukashii Eel Challenge [VI]
Taiko Ranbu Honoo no Maki [IV]
Taiko Ranbu Kaze no Maki [IV]
Classic Medley (Wedding) [IV]
Oni Eel Challenge [II]
Natsu Matsuri [IV]
Kurofune Raikou [IV]
DANCE2 feat. Soy Sauce [IV]
Namcot Medley [IV]
Drum Master
Oni Eel Challenge [I]
Tenjiku 2000 [IV]
Sakuranbo [IV]
Taiko Ranbu Mizu no Maki [IV]
Flight of the Bumblebee [IV]
Flight of the Bumblebee [III]
Mori no Kuma-San [III]
Muzukashii Eel Challenge [V]
Orpheus in the Underworld Overture [III]
Classic Medley (Wedding) [III]
Fantasie Impromptu [IV]
Excerpt from Symphony No. 7 [III]
Muzukashii Eel Challenge [IV]
Natsu Matsuri [III]
DANCE2 feat. Soy Sauce [III]
Super Mario Bros. [III]
Muzukashii Eel Challenge [III]
Fantasie Impromptu [III]
Touch [III]
Tarako Tarako Tarako [III]
Muzukashii Eel Challenge [II]
Together [III]
Juuken Sentai Geki Ranger [III]
Detective Conan Main Theme [III]
Muzukashii Eel Challenge [I]
Inu no Omawari-san [III]
Precure 5 Smile Go Go! [III]
Doraemon no Uta [III]
Anpanman no March [III]
Mata Ai Mashou [III]
Ketsui no Asa Ni [III]
Kibun Joujou [III]
Sakuranbo [III]
Super Mario Bros. [II]
Sakuranbo [II]
Futsuu Eel Challenge [VI]
Namcot Medley [II]
Kimi ni Touch! [II]
Mojipittan Medley [II]
Mata Ai Mashou [II]
Futsuu Eel Challenge [V]
Fuun! Bachi o Sensei [II]
Kurofune Raikou [II]
Taiko Ranbu Honoo no Maki [II]
Kibun Joujou [II]
Bongo Novice
Futsuu Eel Challenge [IV]
Taiko Ranbu Mizu no Maki [II]
Taiko Ranbu Kaze no Maki [II]
Tenjiku 2000 [II]
DANCE2 feat. Soy Sauce [II]
Futsuu Eel Challenge [III]
Excerpt from Symphony No. 7 [II]
William Tell Overture [II]
Orpheus in the Underworld Overture [II]
Ketsui no Asa Ni [II]
Futsuu Eel Challenge [II]
Flight of the Bumblebee [II]
Classic Medley (Wedding) [II]
Fantasie Impromptu [II]
Natsu Matsuri [II]
Futsuu Eel Challenge [I]
Mori no Kuma-San [II]
Inu no Omawari-san [II]
Tarako Tarako Tarako [II]
Touch [II]
Together [II]
Juuken Sentai Geki Ranger [II]
Precure 5 Smile Go Go! [II]
Doraemon no Uta [II]
Detective Conan Main Theme [II]
Anpanman no March [II]
Detective Conan Main Theme [I]
Tarako Tarako Tarako [I]
Inu no Omawari-san [I]
Touch [I]
Kanran Eel Challenge [VI]
Mori no Kuma-San [I]
Classic Medley (Wedding) [I]
Flight of the Bumblebee [I]
Orpheus in the Underworld Overture [I]
Handpan Amateur
Precure 5 Smile Go Go! [I]
Kanran Eel Challenge [V]
William Tell Overture [I]
Excerpt from Symphony No. 7 [I]
Fantasie Impromptu [I]
Juuken Sentai Geki Ranger [I]
Kanran Eel Challenge [IV]
Tenjiku 2000 [I]
Taiko Ranbu Mizu no Maki [I]
Taiko Ranbu Kaze no Maki [I]
Doraemon no Uta [I]
Kanran Eel Challenge [III]
Taiko Ranbu Honoo no Maki [I]
Kurofune Raikou [I]
Private Concert
Fuun! Bachi o Sensei [I]
Enter Special Mode
Senpai of the Beat
Kurofune Raikou [III]
Together [I]
Kanran Eel Challenge [II]
Mojipittan Medley [I]
Kimi ni Touch! [I]
Anpanman no March [I]
Kanran Eel Challenge [I]
Namcot Medley [I]
Super Mario Bros. [I]
DANCE2 feat. Soy Sauce [I]
Mata Ai Mashou [I]
Ketsui no Asa Ni [I]
Natsu Matsuri [I]
Kibun Joujou [I]
Sakuranbo [I]

200% complete
Rock Band: Unplugged (PlayStation Portable)
Last played 2022-05-01 13:43:09
Earned 230 of 230 achievements, 1565/1565 points.
Your Resting Place
Rides the Metal Monster
Our Truth
Time to Forget
Who Answers?
Red Barchetta
Adrenaline Surge
Back From the Dead
Resurrection By Erection
Natural Born Michelangelo
Holiday in Cambodia
Time to Taste What You Must Fear
No Incentive to Hide
Break the Spell
Do You Like My Car?
Drain You
She's Not There
Too Late to Say You're Sorry
Is That Gerard Way?
Mary Tyler Moore
Buddy Holly
Sex Type Thing
I Know it Eats You Up Inside
Losing My Religion
Lack of Faith
You're Crushing It
Sweet Dee
Just a Girl
Float On
You'll Float Too
My Iron Lung
A Lack of Oxygen
Casey Jones
High On Cocaine
Kool Thing
Beat of the Drum
Feeling Like a Dead Duck
You're No Rock N' Roll Fun
Drum Rolling Fun
Where'd You Go?
I'm Over Here
Pride and Joy
Sweet Little Thing
I Don't Belong Here
3s & 7s
6's & 9's
Lucid Dreams
Dreaming On
California Uber Alles
Governor Jerry Brown
What's My Age Again?
What the Hell is ADD?
Keep it Going
Move Along
A Favor House Atlantic
House, MD
If Everything Could Ever be This Real Forever
Know Your Enemy
That Was Tré Cool
The Trees
The Oaks Ignore Their Pleas
Inside the Fire
Won't Go To Heaven
Carry On Wayward Son
There'll Be Peace When You Are Done
Bring Me to Life
More Than A Feeling
The Boston Solo
Stings Voice
Message In A Bottle
Here Comes Your Man
There He Is... "The Man"
I Stand Alone
The Only Two That I Have Ever Known
Under the Bridge
Be Quiet, Mr Kiedis
123, Do Re Mi
My Own Worst Enemy
Drums, My Mortal Enemy
Livin' on a Prayer
Lemon on a Chair
Laid to Rest
Ace of Spades '08
And Don't Forget the Joker
Feed the Tree
Little Band of Horrors
Still Alive
Pinball Wizard
You're a Wizard, RA
Show Me the Way
Which Way Do We Go?
White Wedding
Hey Little Sister Whose Your Superman?
Wrap Your Head Around This
I Was Wrong
You Were Right
King Jeremy the Wicked
Look at me Still Talking When There's Science to do
He's Gasping For Air
The Killing Jar
Mr. Brightside
Mr. Star Shine
The Middle
Now Without Malcolm
The Blue Crystal
The Perfect Drug
All My Friends Are Skeletons
Come Out and Play
Keep 'Em Seperated
Less Talk More Rokk
The Music is Loud
Rock Your Socks
Cleveland Steamer
Everything's Better When She's Around
It's Basically Mahjong
Stockholm Syndrome
It's Legal Here
Turning Japanese
Dschinghis Khan
Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall
Rolling Stone Immortals List Marathon
P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way
She Took My Soul in Istanbul
Do As the Romans Do
Pardon My French
No Ringo, Only Stars
Luck O' the Irish
We Come From the Land of the Ice and Snow
Her Name is Rio
Soory Boot That, Eh?
Hey! I'm Walkin' Here!
The Cartel Are Coming
Global Promotion Showcase
Peace of Mind
NAAM Convention
Roadie Rockathon
No Pain, No Plane Challenge
The Blues, Brother
All My Ex's
City of Angels
Seattle Alone
Miss Murder
She's a Killer
Chop Suey
Merch Search Showcase
I Left My Heart in San Francisco
Bus or Bust Competition
Now That's What I Call Funky
Whoa Momma
Dr Feelgood
Hey Tommy, Check That Out, Man!
It's Always Sunny
Black Sunshine
Don't Confuse Me Mr.
Excuse Me Mr.
Just Like Slash
Riad N' the Bedouins
Love Spreads
Let Me Put You in the Picture
The Rock Show
All I Want
Back Off the Jive
The Wolstenholme Experience
Mattress Dancin'
The Trooper
You'd Better Stand, There's No Turning Back
These Boys Don't Need Powers to Rock
Wake Up Dead
Better Than Being Alive
The Boys Are Back in Town
Sin Wagon
Waking the Demon
Walking in Shadows
The Number of the Beast
Six Six Six
Don't You Mess Around With Me
Lonely As You
One More Time for the Last Time
My Old School
Smokin' With the Boys Upstairs
Had a Dad
No, I Am Your Father
My Curse
A Blessing
The Kill
I'm Just Gonna Hurt Ya, Really... Really Bad
Gimme Three Steps
Then Two Steps More
Funk #49
I'm Shipping Up to Boston
Smooth Criminal
Annie You Okay?
One in Ten
Monkey Wrench
Battle of the Vans
Constant Motion
Can't Stop, Won't Stop
Put That on the Fridge
Hey Now, You're a Rock Star

200% complete
Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge (Game Boy)
Last played 2022-04-19 00:18:33
Earned 45 of 45 achievements, 515/515 points.
Planted Kumulo and Nimbler
Clouded Angel Mummy
Sirloin on the Rock
Soleiyu Survivor
Dracula's Jerky Reserve
Untouchable Retaliator
High Score Count For The Count
Rocked Iron Doll
Dracula's Private Ham Stash
High Life Count For The Count
Christopher Baremont
Down For The Count
Grounded Serpent
Second Life In Hell's Entrance
First Life In Hell's Entrance
Veggie Cold Cuts
Life Planted By Arachnids
Life In Hard Rock
Rock Illusion
Crystal Pot of Goulash
Vampire Killer
Leather Killer
Hidden Chamber In Hell's Entrance
Second Life In The Crystal Castle
Dracula's Castle - Pinnacle
Belmont's Revenge
Dracula's Castle - Chapel
Life In Hell's Chapel
Hidden Chamber In Hell's Chapel
Dracula's Castle - Entrance
Plant Castle
Life In The Hidden Plant Chamber
Cloud Castle
Misty Meatloaf
Hidden Cloud Chamber
Rock Castle
Hidden Rock Chamber
Crystal Castle
Crystallized Dark Side
Hidden Crystal Chamber 2
Hidden Crystal Chamber 1
First Life In The Crystal Castle
A Holy Bath For The Unholy
Fireball Whip
You Axed For It

193% complete
Pop 'n Music GB (Game Boy Color)
Last played 2022-04-19 00:15:21
Earned 119 of 123 achievements, 705/800 points.
Another Style
Another Style Bronze
Another Style Silver
Another Style Gold
Original Style Silver
Original Style Gold
"Love accordion" Grade D
"Love accordion" Grade C
"Love accordion" Grade B
"Love accordion" Grade A
"Akai ringo" Grade B
"Akai ringo" Grade A
"Akai ringo" Grade D
"Akai ringo" Grade C
"Ai wo sagasou" Grade B
"Ai wo sagasou" Grade C
"Ai wo sagasou" Grade A
"Ai wo sagasou" Grade D
"Miracle Moon" Grade B
"Miracle Moon" Grade D
"Miracle Moon" Grade C
"Miracle Moon" Grade A
"Shabada! de Jitterbug!" Grade C
"Shabada! de Jitterbug!" Grade B
"Shabada! de Jitterbug!" Grade D
"Shabada! de Jitterbug!" Grade A
"PULSE" Grade B
"PULSE" Grade A
"PULSE" Grade D
"PULSE" Grade C
"what i want (euro mix)" Grade D
"what i want (euro mix)" Grade B
"what i want (euro mix)" Grade A
"what i want (euro mix)" Grade C
"el pais del sol" Grade D
"el pais del sol" Grade A
"el pais del sol" Grade C
"el pais del sol" Grade B
"monde des songe" Grade D
"monde des songe" Grade A
"monde des songe" Grade C
"monde des songe" Grade B
"Get on that train" Grade D
"Get on that train" Grade A
"Get on that train" Grade C
"Get on that train" Grade B
"Woneijat heizau" Grade B
"Woneijat heizau" Grade D
"Woneijat heizau" Grade C
"Woneijat heizau" Grade A
"Texas no gunman" Grade D
"Texas no gunman" Grade C
"Texas no gunman" Grade A
"Texas no gunman" Grade B
"Sea Side City" Grade D
"Sea Side City" Grade C
"Sea Side City" Grade B
"Sea Side City" Grade A
Original Style Bronze
"Kieta!? Napoleon" Grade D
"Kieta!? Napoleon" Grade C
"Kieta!? Napoleon" Grade B
"Kieta!? Napoleon" Grade A
Original Style
"dandelion" Grade D
"dandelion" Grade C
"dandelion" Grade A
"dandelion" Grade B
"Kuchiurusai mama" Grade D
"Kuchiurusai mama" Grade A
"Kuchiurusai mama" Grade C
"Kuchiurusai mama" Grade B
"Troika Dance" Grade D
"Troika Dance" Grade A
"Troika Dance" Grade C
"Troika Dance" Grade B
"No More I Love You" Grade D
"No More I Love You" Grade C
"No More I Love You" Grade B
"No More I Love You" Grade A
"White Lovers" Grade D
"White Lovers" Grade C
"White Lovers" Grade B
"White Lovers" Grade A
Exiting FEVER!
Arcade Excite Style Bronze
Arcade Excite Style Silver
"Torikaeshite yaru! ~Again, My Lovely Day~" Grade D
Arcade Excite Style Gold
Arcade Excite Style
"Torikaeshite yaru! ~Again, My Lovely Day~" Grade C
"Torikaeshite yaru! ~Again, My Lovely Day~" Grade B
"Torikaeshite yaru! ~Again, My Lovely Day~" Grade A
"Life" Grade D
"Life" Grade C
"Life" Grade B
"Life" Grade A
Exitingly GOOD!
Arcade Normal Style
Arcade Normal Style Bronze
Arcade Normal Style Silver
Arcade Normal Style Gold
"Hashire bun! bun!" Grade D
"Hashire bun! bun!" Grade C
"Hashire bun! bun!" Grade B
"Hashire bun! bun!" Grade A
"quick master" Grade D
"quick master" Grade C
"quick master" Grade B
"quick master" Grade A
Arcade Survival Style
Arcade Survival Style Bronze
Arcade Survival Style Silver
Arcade Survival Style Gold

User Wall

Recent comment(s):
18 Mar 2022
Congratulations on Panzer Bandit first mastery!
18 Mar 2022
Thanks very much for your wonderful sets, and letting me know Fill-in-Cafe! it's so overlooked and underrated!
26 Mar 2022
Congrats on the first Rock Band: Unplugged mastery! Proud of you.
26 Mar 2022
Thanks so much for making this great set! For me it's the best rhythm game set ever!
3 May 2022
Congrats on Taiko! Swooped in like it was nothing.
3 May 2022
Thanks!! I love Yui×Mio! ^ ^
8 May 2022
When I saw you getting Perfects immediately on my set, I thought maybe it was just broken. Then I come on your profile and see you're just a rhythm gaming master. Excellent work.
8 May 2022
Thanks very much for the set and letting me know this fun indie game! Always cheer for all kinds of rhythm game sets! ^ ^

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MASTERED Ninja Gaiden Shadow (Game Boy)
Awarded on 24 Aug 2021, 17:05
Awarded on 28 Aug 2021, 00:03
MASTERED Alisia Dragoon (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 04 Sep 2021, 00:30
MASTERED Contra: The Alien Wars (Game Boy)
Awarded on 26 Oct 2021, 22:24
MASTERED King of Fighters 2002, The: Challenge to Ultimate Battle (Arcade)
Awarded on 23 Nov 2021, 15:43
Awarded on 29 Nov 2021, 23:15
MASTERED Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge (Game Boy)
Awarded on 01 Dec 2021, 19:46
MASTERED Beatmania GB2: GotchaMix (Game Boy Color)
Awarded on 01 Dec 2021, 20:45
MASTERED Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 (Arcade)
Awarded on 02 Dec 2021, 19:13
MASTERED ~Homebrew~ Hyperbeatz (NES)
Awarded on 14 Dec 2021, 19:33
MASTERED Mad Stalker: Full Metal Force (PlayStation)
Awarded on 13 Feb 2022, 21:45
MASTERED Panzer Bandit (PlayStation)
Awarded on 09 Mar 2022, 15:47
MASTERED Soulcalibur (Dreamcast)
Awarded on 09 Mar 2022, 21:52
MASTERED Rock Band: Unplugged (PlayStation Portable)
Awarded on 25 Mar 2022, 23:43
MASTERED Taiko no Tatsujin DS: Touch de Dokodon! (Nintendo DS)
Awarded on 02 May 2022, 17:36
MASTERED wasm4nia (WASM-4)
Awarded on 08 May 2022, 21:33

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