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djlain 26 Mar 2022 19:52
Thanks so much for making this great set! For me it's the best rhythm game set ever!
JetForceGeneric 3 May 2022 04:53
Congrats on Taiko! Swooped in like it was nothing.
djlain 3 May 2022 12:02
Thanks!! I love Yui×Mio! ^ ^
LogicalFallacy 8 May 2022 21:37
When I saw you getting Perfects immediately on my set, I thought maybe it was just broken. Then I come on your profile and see you're just a rhythm gaming master. Excellent work.
djlain 8 May 2022 22:03
Thanks very much for the set and letting me know this fun indie game! Always cheer for all kinds of rhythm game sets! ^ ^
Aeliana 25 Sep 2022 01:54
Congrats on 1st Place for DDR 5th Mix! You're a beast dude!
djlain 25 Sep 2022 02:18
Thank you very much!! A must-play game and set, hoping you could enjoy the set as well! ^ ^
mefaun 26 Jan 2023 03:29
你玩rhythm游戏, 超级厉害! followed you
djlain 26 Jan 2023 16:59
谢谢!我爱rhythm游戏!Let's follow each other ^ ^
thatoneguy1851 27 Jul 2023 03:30
Good job on the Sparkster mastery. Also with the Rock Band Unplugged one too. Could never get the dlc to work, but that set had some seriously tough achievements.
djlain 31 Jul 2023 02:06
Thanks very much! They're very good games, also super solid sets! Still can not do a deathless run on crazy hard in Sparkster (used to be an achievement in the set lol), too many mad RNG boss fights TAT
davijak02 13 Sep 2023 08:41
woah now lain grew up and it's mastering rythm games at retro achievements and DJing in Cyberia? That's based
djlain 14 Sep 2023 10:13
Hoping we can get a set for PS1 lain game on RA eventually ^ ^
Eugin 7 Oct 2023 20:07
Congratulations man. How did you master the DDR?, did you play with a joy-pad or keyboard?
djlain 8 Oct 2023 06:11
Thanks! I'm using DUALSHOCK 2 for rhythm games ^ ^
Sherwood 27 Feb 2024 17:52
Hey! Checked out your profile after the SC2 post and was wondering what your controller layout was for DDR games? Would love to attempt some in the future as I'm a huge rhythm game lover. Grew up on FFR, Stepmania and DDR.
djlain 28 Feb 2024 07:36
Hi Sherwood! I'm using a DUALSHOCK 2 for DDR games, for single mode I basically using default key setting, and for double mode I did a little remap: L2 = 1p left, L1 = 1p down, R1 = 2p up, R2 = 2p right, other keys keep default. Hoping these helped and have fun for rhythm achievements hunting! ^ ^
Sherwood 28 Feb 2024 15:58
Wonderful!! That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much! :D
KoruKGR 7 Mar 2024 00:53
You are godlike for mastering pop'n 14!
djlain 7 Mar 2024 13:19
Thanks very much! We love pop'n music!!