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Member Since: 23 Nov 2021, 02:46
Last Activity: 26 Jan 2022, 22:09
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Retro Ratio: 2.73
Average Completion: 19.17%
Site Rank: 9304 / 37414 ranked users (Top 24.87%)
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VS Mode | Drakonis | Rookie, Cars:6 | Snake Sanders, Marauder

Last 5 games played:

2% complete
~Hack~ Rock n' Roll Racing (Mega Drive)
Last played 2022-01-26 21:15:42
Earned 1 of 107 achievements, 1/1992 points.
6 Cars
Chem Vi Completed
Drakonis Completed
Bogmire Completed
New Mojave Completed
Nho Completed
Inferno Completed
Terra Completed
Amphibious Completed
Valhalla Completed
Flowbaern Completed
Antarsis Completed
Chem Vi B Master
Chem Vi A Master
Chem Vi B Coop Master
Chem Vi A Coop Master
Drakonis B Master
Drakonis A Master
Drakonis B Coop Master
Drakonis A Coop Master
Bogmire B Master
Bogmire A Master
Bogmire B Coop Master
Bogmire A Coop Master
New Mojave B Master
New Mojave A Master
New Mojave B Coop Master
New Mojave A Coop Master
Nho B Master
Nho A Master
Nho B Coop Master
Nho A Coop Master
Inferno B Master
Inferno A Master
Inferno B Coop Master
Inferno A Coop Master
Terra B Master
Terra A Master
Terra B Coop Master
Terra A Coop Master
Amphibious B Master
Amphibious A Master
Amphibious B Coop Master
Amphibious A Coop Master
Valhalla B Master
Valhalla A Master
Valhalla B Coop Master
Valhalla A Coop Master
Flowbaern B Master
Flowbaern A Master
Flowbaern B Coop Master
Flowbaern A Coop Master
Antarsis B Master
Antarsis A Master
Antarsis B Coop Master
Antarsis A Coop Master
Sigma VII B Master
Sigma VII A Master
Sigma VII B Coop Master
Sigma VII A Coop Master
Top Speed
Dodge Master
Born Wild
No Last Place
Green Marauder
Red Marauder
Black Marauder
Gold Marauder
Green Dirt Devil
Red Dirt Devil
Black Dirt Devil
Gold Dirt Devil
Green Air Blade
Red Air Blade
Black Air Blade
Gold Air Blade
Green Volker
Red Volker
Black Volker
Gold Volker
Green Battle Trak
Red Battle Trak
Black Battle Trak
Gold Battle Trak
Iron Beetle
Walk On Air
Wipe Out

0% complete
Incredible Crisis (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-01-26 20:19:22
Earned 0 of 66 achievements, 0/369 points.
Run Uweaaa!
If Adventure Had a Name, It Must Be Taneo Jones!
The Terrifying Tower
Feathery Fast Feet Fly Further from the Fixed Flagpole
Remember, Next Hawaiian Shirt Day
Just a Light Heart Massage
Fast and Frightened
Signs (2002), a M. Night Shyamalan Film
This Minigame Title is a Reference to a Movie from 1915
Innuendo Joke
Holding on to What I am
Pretending I\
I Picked a Hell of a Day to Quit Drinking
We Took a Hit!!! We\
A Real Man Makes His Own Luck
You Can Always Count on Public Transportation
Life of a Salaryman
A New York Minute
Attica! Attica!
Let Us Hurry! There is Nothing to Fear Here
All the Work, None of the Credit
Etsuko Day Afternoon
The Queen of Brass
Conductor of Chaos
Snowboard Wives!
Crossing off the List
All in a Day\
You Can Be My Wingwoman any time
Remember Boys, No Points for Second Place
That Armor is too Strong for Blasters!
I Feel Like I Could Take the Whole Empire Myself!
Just In Time for Dinner!
I Should Have Just Hid in a LEGO instead!
Woah! Watch the Webbing
Keep Absolutely Still...Its Vision is Based on Movement
Candy Break!
First You Gotta Do The Truffle Shuffle!
Life uh....Finds a Way
Hold on to Your Butts!
Little Antie is a Big Help
Small Size, Big Brain
Ganas, All We Need is Ganas
Five Finger Discount
Speedy Shopper
One Woman\
Save Ririka!
Stop and Be Friendly
We Are Not Alone...
I Found Him, He Belongs to Me!
Be Good.
Phone Home
Incredible Health
Crisis Averted

4% complete
Glover (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2022-01-26 20:00:11
Earned 1 of 49 achievements, 1/460 points.
How to Properly Play With Your Balls
Pocketed Another Ball
Staying on The Ball
Keeping Your Eyes on The Balls
That Ball Was in Someone Else\
Fistful of Garibs
Got My Hands on Some Garibs
Handling These Garibs
King of the Seas
A Good Ol\
Handing Me These Garibs on a Platter
Hand Over The Garibs
You Played Right Into My Hand
All Hands on Deck!
The Pirates Treasure
Do Pirates Wear Gloves?
Look Behind You! Three One Headed Monkeys!
Glove Overboard!
Get Your Gloves Out For Some Garibs
Garibs in the Palm of my Hand
Taking These Garibs into My Own Hands
Gaining the Upper Hand
The Real Reason why the Dinosaurs Went Extinct
Ghastly Garibs
I Can Handle Some More Garibs
The Behanded On His Search For Garibs
Frankly Disappointing
Hands-on With Otherworldly Technology
On A Roll
Rust in Peace
Ready For Liftoff?
Half a Millionaire
Hand Over Fist
No Handholding Needed
Crystal Juggling
Glittering Pirates Gem
All That Glitters is Not As Sturdy As Gold
Swift, But Careful
Toadally Nifty

5% complete
Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-01-26 18:20:06
Earned 4 of 154 achievements, 10/1400 points.
Soul of the Land
Say Uncle!
I Am a Shadow
Young Ninja
A Coward\
Harbor a Grudge
Pursuing the Traitor
Suffer the Title
Young Kunoichi
This Job Stinks
Sisters Bells
4 8 15 16 23 42
Free or Die
Under a Big Beautiful Cherry Tree
Caving In
Something Worth Living For
I Have No Name
A Unique Affliction
Harboring Ill Will
No Going Back
Live in the Light
Ninja Customs
Azuma Ninja
Azuma Kunoichi
Azuma Master
Steal Your Heart
Little Wang
A Falling Out
Your Skill Dwarfs Mine
Bird Hunting
Nice Girl
Sore Wang
Snake? What Happened?! SNAKE! SNAAAKE!!!
A Real Fight
Unforgivable Crimes
Not the Way to Get Ahead in Life
Falling For You
Back Down, Old Man
Now I Am the Master
Mighty Samurai
First A
Second A
Third A
Fourth A
Straight As
Four Score
Unto the Breach
I Can Fly
Break Wind
Mysterious as the Dark Side of the Moon
Whispering Woods
Sword of Evil\
Severance Package
Swift as the Wind R-Training
Swift as the Wind R-I
Swift as the Wind R-II
Swift as the Wind R-III
Swift as the Wind R-IV
Swift as the Wind R-V
Swift as the Wind R-VI
Swift as the Wind R-VII
Swift as the Wind R-VIII
Swift as the Wind R-IX
Swift as the Wind R-X
Swift as the Wind A-Training
Swift as the Wind A-I
Swift as the Wind A-II
Swift as the Wind A-III
Swift as the Wind A-IV
Swift as the Wind A-V
Swift as the Wind A-VI
Swift as the Wind A-VII
Swift as the Wind A-VIII
Swift as the Wind A-IX
Swift as the Wind A-X
Swift as the Wind T-I
Swift as the Wind T-II
Swift as the Wind T-III
Swift as the Wind T-IV
Swift as the Wind T-V
Swift as the Wind T-VI
Swift as the Wind T-VII
Merciful Ninja Training
Merciful Ninja I
Merciful Ninja II
Merciful Ninja III
Merciful Ninja IV
Merciful Ninja V
Merciful Ninja VI
Merciful Ninja VII
Merciful Ninja VIII
Merciful Ninja IX
Merciful Kunoichi Training
Merciful Kunoichi I
Merciful Kunoichi II
Merciful Kunoichi III
Merciful Kunoichi IV
Merciful Kunoichi V
Merciful Kunoichi VI
Merciful Kunoichi VII
Merciful Kunoichi VIII
Merciful Kunoichi IX
Merciful Kunoichi X
Merciful Master I
Merciful Master II
Merciful Master III
Shadow Assassin Training
Shadow Assassin I
Shadow Assassin II
Shadow Assassin III
Shadow Assassin IV
Shadow Assassin V
Shadow Assassin VI
Shadow Assassin VII
Shadow Assassin VIII
Shadow Assassin IX
Shadow Assassin X
Fatal Shadow Training
Fatal Shadow I
Fatal Shadow II
Fatal Shadow III
Fatal Shadow IV
Fatal Shadow V
Fatal Shadow VI
Fatal Shadow VII
Fatal Shadow VIII
Fatal Shadow IX
Fatal Shadow X
Wrath of Heaven I
Wrath of Heaven II
Wrath of Heaven III
Wrath of Heaven IV
Wrath of Heaven V
Wrath of Heaven VI
Wrath of Heaven VII

3% complete
Tenchu: Stealth Assassins (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-01-26 17:34:55
Earned 2 of 120 achievements, 3/1100 points.
So I\
Kunoichi Training
Ninja Training
Ninja, Pay Yo Bills!
Ninja Say What??
Crossing the Line
Happy to Help
The Greater Good
Kill! You! Ricky! Spanish!
Peace Pipe
Why Can\
All Die By This Blade
Every Time I Have a Ninja Joke, It Eludes My Grasp
A Manner of Speaking
Party On, Ayame
Jam! Jelly!
Why is the Sake Gone?!
Sister Bond
Not You Again
And Don\
Party Pooper
Chewy, Oo-ee, Rich and Gooey Inside
Nobility and Honor
Did I Stutter!?
Bow to Me
Tummy Tuck
Protect My Balls
Demon Shadow
I Am a Shadow
Honor Roll
This Little Ninja Went to Market
Shawshank Ninjemption
Sibling Rivalry
Ninjastry of Foreign Affairs
Settling the Age Old Debate
Ninja Doctor
Enough Clowning Around
Shadow Assassin
Fatal Shadow
Heads Up!
Dropping in Unexpectedly
I Can See My House From Here
Jump, Ninja! Jump!
Drinking Buddy
I Woke Up This Morning and Everything Was Different
Something Was Strange in the Air
I Knew That the Ninjas Had Been There
I Looked, But Nothing Could Be Found
No Fingerprints or Crumbs on the Ground
The Ninjas Are Deadly and Silent
They Speak Japanese
They Do Whatever They Please
Sometimes They Vacation in Ireland
If You Tear Off Their Masks, They\
Stealth Assassin Training
Stealth Assassin I
Stealth Assassin II
Stealth Assassin III
Stealth Assassin IV
Stealth Assassin V
Stealth Assassin VI
Stealth Assassin VII
Stealth Assassin VIII
Stealth Assassin IX
Stealth Assassin X
Silent Ninja Training
Silent Ninja I
Silent Ninja II
Silent Ninja III
Silent Ninja IV
Silent Ninja V
Silent Ninja VI
Silent Ninja VII
Silent Ninja VIII
Silent Ninja IX
Silent Ninja X
Swift as the Wind Training
Swift as the Wind I
Swift as the Wind II
Swift as the Wind III
Swift as the Wind IV
Swift as the Wind V
Swift as the Wind VI
Swift as the Wind VII
Swift as the Wind VIII
Swift as the Wind IX
Swift as the Wind X
A Ninja, a Priest and a Rabbi Walk Into a Bar
How Does a Ninja Pick Up Women?
How Do You Give a Ninja Directions?
How Do You Know When You Meet a Ninja?
How Does a Ninja Celebrate Your Birthday?
Where Does a Ninja Take you on a First Date?
Can a Ninja Kill Someone with a Throwing Star?
What Do You Call Two Ninjas?
The Bartender Says "Good to See You Two!"
You and Everyone You Care About
Its Easy When They\
The Grim Reaper Will Tell You
Atop Your Grave
I Think You Mean a Last Date
A Pair of Sneakers
Pieces of You

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Little Big Adventure (PlayStation)Little Big Adventure
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Road Rash 3D (PlayStation)Road Rash 3D
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P.O.W.: Prisoners of War (NES)P.O.W.: Prisoners of War
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Secret of Monkey Island, The (Sega CD)Secret of Monkey Island, The
8/54 won
Legend of Zelda, The: A Link to the Past (SNES)Legend of Zelda, The: A Link to the Past
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Maniac Mansion (NES)Maniac Mansion
5/36 won
Top Gun (NES)Top Gun
2/18 won
Beavis and Butt-Head (Mega Drive)Beavis and Butt-Head
2/18 won
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (Nintendo 64)Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
4/38 won
Army Men: Sarge\'s Heroes (Nintendo 64)Army Men: Sarge's Heroes
8/79 won
Fantastic Dizzy (Mega Drive)Fantastic Dizzy
1/11 won
Kickle Cubicle (NES)Kickle Cubicle
2/23 won
Aladdin (SNES)Aladdin
3/40 won
Hogs of War (PlayStation)Hogs of War
6/88 won
Rambo (NES)Rambo
2/33 won
Herzog Zwei (Mega Drive)Herzog Zwei
2/40 won
Secret of Mana | Seiken Densetsu 2 (SNES)Secret of Mana | Seiken Densetsu 2
4/85 won
Re-Volt (Nintendo 64)Re-Volt
6/144 won
Need for Speed: High Stakes | Need for Speed: Road Challenge (PlayStation)Need for Speed: High Stakes | Need for Speed: Road Challenge
2/50 won
Doom (PlayStation)Doom
8/216 won
Metal Gear Solid (PlayStation)Metal Gear Solid
4/113 won
Driver 2 (PlayStation)Driver 2
2/58 won
Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins (PlayStation)Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins
4/154 won
Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos (NES)Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos
1/41 won
Destiny of an Emperor (NES)Destiny of an Emperor
3/137 won
Glover (Nintendo 64)Glover
1/49 won
Road Rash 64 (Nintendo 64)Road Rash 64
1/52 won
Tenchu: Stealth Assassins (PlayStation)Tenchu: Stealth Assassins
2/120 won
Oddworld: Abe\'s Oddysee (PlayStation)Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
1/84 won
Destruction Derby Raw (PlayStation)Destruction Derby Raw
1/104 won
~Hack~ Rock n\' Roll Racing (Mega Drive)~Hack~ Rock n' Roll Racing
1/107 won
Winning Eleven 3: Final Ver. (PlayStation)Winning Eleven 3: Final Ver.
1/112 won

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