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YodaSan2 (7638 points) (31547)
Can't get your dream girl? become one instead!

Member Since: 21 Oct 2019, 13:07
Last Activity: 18 May 2022, 01:41
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Average Completion: 77.76%
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Corpse Party (PlayStation Portable)
Last played 2022-05-17 07:23:40
Earned 0 of 33 achievements, 0/197 points.
The Dark Space
Heavy Impact
Strange Annex
Slaughter of Sorrow
Great Teacher Yui
Requiem for a Dream
Big Brother...
A New Sachiko
Corpse Meetup
Corpse Reunion
Corpse Meeting
Corpse Gathering
Corpse Party
Bound Together For Eternity

1% complete
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation Portable)
Last played 2022-05-17 07:04:58
Earned 2 of 238 achievements, 2/1590 points.
[Normal] SOLDIER 2nd Class, Zack!
[Hard] SOLDIER 2nd Class, Zack!
Zack the Greedy
Fortress Interior: Cleared!
[Normal] Guardian Deity, Leviathan
[Hard] Guardian Deity, Leviathan
[Normal] One More You Owe Me
[Hard] One More You Owe Me
[Normal] Where's Angeal?
[Hard] Where's Angeal?
[Normal] Fight to Impress
[Hard] Fight to Impress
Missle Master
To Grandmother's House We Go
Just a Few Quick Stops
[Normal] Dreams and Honor
[Hard] Dreams and Honor
[Normal] Hojo's Might
[Hard] Hojo's Might
Token of Appreciation
[Normal] You Know, An Angel
[Hard] You Know, An Angel
[Normal] World Domination
[Hard] World Domination
[Normal] Wallet Full of Money
[Hard] Wallet Full of Money
Special Delivery!
Drip, Drip
Got Your Number
[Normal] Run the Credits
[Hard] Run the Credits
[Normal] Behind Bars
[Hard] Behind Bars
Big Gains
[Normal] Eremites Attack
[Hard] Eremites Attack
[Normal] Where Is Everybody?
[Hard] Where Is Everybody?
Wutai Spy
Facility Infiltration
[Normal] Fate of a Monster
[Hard] Fate of a Monster
You Have 23 New Voice Messages
Pressure Valve
[Normal] This is For You
[Hard] This is For You
[Normal] Steamrolled
[Hard] Steamrolled
[Normal] You Shall Not Pass!
[Hard] You Shall Not Pass!
[Normal] The Wind Sails
[Hard] The Wind Sails
Cart Builder
Cart Mods
Super Cart 5000
[Normal] To Nibelheim
[Hard] To Nibelheim
From the Ashes
Disappearing Act
[Normal] Golden Flakes
[Hard] Golden Flakes
Laughing Safe
[Normal] The Jenova Project
[Hard] The Jenova Project
Precious Mother
Smokey Rescue
[Normal] The Chosen One
[Hard] The Chosen One
[Normal] Down & Out
[Hard] Down & Out
Wonders of Nibelheim
[Normal] Marksman
[Hard] Marksman
[Normal] Sniper Elite
[Hard] Sniper Elite
[Normal] Hometown Hero
[Hard] Hometown Hero
[Normal] Sharp Defenses
[Hard] Sharp Defenses
[Normal] Mutation
[Hard] Mutation
[Normal] To Become a Hero
[Hard] To Become a Hero
[Normal] King of Beasts
[Hard] King of Beasts
[Normal] Gates of Light
[Hard] Gates of Light
SOLDIER 1st Class, Zack
[Normal] Judgement
[Hard] Judgement
Mail Call!
Mailing List
Fully Loaded
Kitchen Knife
Exa Flare
Simon Says
Infinite Knowledge
To Go Even Further Beyond
Ultimate Barrier
Genji Armor
Soul of a God
[Normal] Training Missions
[Hard] Training Missions
[Normal] Peacekeeping Troops
[Hard] Peacekeeping Troops
[Normal] Weapons Development
[Hard] Weapons Development
[Normal] Plan for New Equipment
[Hard] Plan for New Equipment
[Normal] Special Operations Arms Laboratory
[Hard] Special Operations Arms Laboratory
[Normal] Shinra Electric Power Company
[Hard] Shinra Electric Power Company
[Normal] Monsters in Midgar
[Hard] Monsters in Midgar
[Normal] Monster Reports
[Hard] Monster Reports
[Normal] Monster Incidents
[Hard] Monster Incidents
[Normal] Unexplored Territories
[Hard] Unexplored Territories
[Normal] In Search of the Unknown
[Hard] In Search of the Unknown
[Normal] Monster Research Project
[Hard] Monster Research Project
[Normal] Genesis's Forces on the March
[Hard] Genesis's Forces on the March
[Hard] Genesis Evolution
[Normal] Major Offensives
[Hard] Major Offensives
[Normal] Clash With Genesis's Forces
[Hard] Clash With Genesis's Forces
[Normal] Genesis Evolution
[Normal] The Strongest Copies
[Hard] The Strongest Copies
[Normal] Genesis's Forces
[Hard] Genesis's Forces
[Normal] Pursue The Remnants
[Hard] Pursue The Remnants
[Normal] Behind The Scene
[Hard] Behind The Scene
[Normal] The Crescent Unit
[Hard] The Crescent Unit
[Normal] The Remnants Strike Again
[Hard] The Remnants Strike Again
[Normal] Annihilate the Crescent Unit
[Hard] Annihilate the Crescent Unit
[Normal] To End the War with Wutai
[Hard] To End the War with Wutai
[Normal] Sample Monsters I
[Hard] Sample Monsters I
[Normal] Sample Monsters II
[Hard] Sample Monsters II
[Normal] Sample Monsters III
[Hard] Sample Monsters III
[Normal] Sample Monsters IV
[Hard] Sample Monsters IV
[Normal] Hojo's Laboratory
[Hard] Hojo's Laboratory
[Normal] Looking for Items
[Hard] Looking for Items
[Normal] Midgar City Development Department
[Hard] Midgar City Development Department
[Normal] Zack, The Treasure Hunter
[Hard] Zack, The Treasure Hunter
[Normal] Zack, The Clean-up Guy
[Hard] Zack, The Clean-up Guy
[Normal] Zack, the Corporation Crusher
[Hard] Zack, the Corporation Crusher
[Normal] Counter-Mafia Project
[Hard] Counter-Mafia Project
[Normal] Seeking Precious Items
[Hard] Seeking Precious Items
[Normal] Recall Missions
[Hard] Recall Missions
[Normal] Precious Things
[Hard] Precious Things
[Normal] ESP Development Project
[Hard] ESP Development Project
[Normal] Contacts from P
[Hard] Contacts from P
[Normal] Orphans Escaping
[Hard] Orphans Escaping
[Normal] The Accessory Craftsman
[Hard] The Accessory Craftsman
[Normal] Seeking Priceless Items
[Hard] Seeking Priceless Items
[Normal] Starting Out
[Hard] Starting Out
[Normal] Mako Stones
[Hard] Mako Stones
[Normal] To Hell and Back
[Hard] To Hell and Back
[Normal] From a Hot Treasure Hunter
[Hard] From a Hot Treasure Hunter
[Normal] Anonymous Hints
[Hard] Anonymous Hints
[Normal] Yuffie's Notices
[Hard] Yuffie's Notices
[Normal] Zack, the Materia Hunter
[Hard] Zack, the Materia Hunter
[Normal] Invitation to the Underground
[Hard] Invitation to the Underground
[Normal] Stirrings
[Hard] Stirrings
[Normal] In Search of What?
[Hard] In Search of What?
[Normal] Realm of Demons
[Hard] Realm of Demons
[Normal] Unknown Energy
[Hard] Unknown Energy
[Normal] Doors to the Unknown
[Hard] Doors to the Unknown
[Normal] Great Cavern of Wonders
[Hard] Great Cavern of Wonders
[Normal] Cactoid Secrets
[Hard] Cactoid Secrets
[Normal] Tonberry Quests
[Hard] Tonberry Quests
[Normal] Fun in the Sun!
[Hard] Fun in the Sun!
[Normal] More Fun in the Sun!
[Hard] More Fun in the Sun!
[Normal] Mysteries of the World
[Hard] Mysteries of the World

0% complete
Legend of Zelda, The: Oracle of Ages (Game Boy Color)
Last played 2022-05-17 06:32:56
Earned 0 of 55 achievements, 0/494 points.
Royal Gift
Buying Protection
Ring Novice
Bested Pumpkin Head
Eternal Spirit
Passing the Time
Bested Head Thwomp
Ancient Wood
Bested Shadow Hag
Echoing Howl
Friendly Flute
The Current of Time
Bested Eyesoar
Burning Flame
Ring Apprentice
Bested Smog
Sacred Soil
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
Bested Octogon
Lonely Peak
Ageless Tune
Amended Noble
Iron Upgrade
Bested Plasmarine
Rolling Sea
Bested Ramrock
Falling Star
Time for Love
I'm Slimey!
Bested Veran
Trial of Time
Nayru of Time
Waltz for Zora
Bibliotheca ~ Dreamer in the Library
The Diamond Minecart
Inside Identity
Perfect Symmetry
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Great Sword
The Celebration of the Lizard
You Spin Me Round
Who Let the Dogs Out?
Stranger in the Desert
Oracle of Secrets
Heart of Limestone
Diamond Ring
Platinum Ring
Bested Twinrova
A Song of Ice and Fire
Bested Ganon
Raison d'Etre

0% complete
Pokemon FireRed Version (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2022-05-17 06:31:56
Earned 0 of 61 achievements, 0/453 points.
I Choose You! [m]
Champ In The Making! [m]
The Rock-Solid Trainer!
A Rocky Battle
Always Plodding Behind!
The Tomboyish Mermaid!
Stealing the Star
Smell Ya Later!
The Lightning American!
Dodging Thunderbolts!
Make Them Faint!
The Nature-Loving Princess!
Plants are no Problem
Rigged Slots
The Poisonous Ninja Master!
Don't Get Poisoned
Don't Sweat It!
The One Ball To Catch 'Em All
The Mistress of Psychic Pokemon!
Her Psychic Powers Are Not Strong Enough
The Hotheaded Quiz Master!
When You're Hot, You're Hot!
No Tears Only Dreams
The Self-Proclaimed Strongest Trainer!
Well Grounded
A Warm-Up!
The Real Champ I
Solo Mastery
Helping Hand
Resort Gorgeous
Blasting Off Again
The Real Champ II
The True Solo Master
Trainer Tower Singles
Trainer Tower Doubles
Trainer Tower Knockout
Trainer Tower Mixed
Lucky Egg
Frozen Solid
The Legendary Beasts [m]
Fishy Scam
Fossilized Pokemon
The Far-fetched Trade
Baby King for a Baby Queen
The Odd Mime
An Extinct Flying Type
Take Your Pick
Sleeping Roadblock
The Other Gender-Swapped Trade
Karate Master
The Transporter
Long Lick of the Tongue
Tangled Mess
The Spherical Electric Type
New and Egg-citing Things
Just Trying to Seel the Deal
Trying not to Jynx Myself
Gotta Catch 'Em All! - FireRed

6% complete
Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel (Game Boy Color)
Last played 2022-05-17 02:47:07
Earned 6 of 106 achievements, 25/1600 points.
It's Called a PAN Card
Fully Semi-Automatic
Welcome to the Jungle
Do You Remember, Snake?
Piece Be With You
Not Exactly Gourmet
The Whole Thing Stank
You've Got a Great Butt!
Will They Let Me In This Time?
What Goes Around Comes Around
Oh YEAAA- Oh...
Kept You Waiting, Huh?
No Absolution
He Was a Hoot!
We've Lost Our Homes, But We're Still Alive
The Great Equalizer
Sick Burn, Bro!
Better Hurry! It's Going to Blow!
Deeds, Not Words
Cry Havoc, and Let Slip the Dogs of War!
If the Past Is at Your Heels, Turn Around and Face It
Foxhound's Shadow
No Strings On Me
A Winner's Priviledge
It's Tax Deducktable
You're Out of Time!
Make Them Confess
Sins of the Father
You Wanna Know How I Got These Scars?
It Works Together With Your Body's Electrical Field
As You Approach, They'll Read the Data Stored in the Card
And the Doors Will Open Automatically
But You Still Have to Equip It
Personal Area Network, Huh?
I Feel Asleep!
From Johnny, Harris, Brooklyn Bob, and Reggie! Yeah Even Reggie!
What's a Chafing Dish Used For?
A Stunning Twist
Gotcha This Time!
You Should Crawl on the Ground Like the Snake You Are
Maggie Q
It Was My Destiny to Be Here
You Should Come Inside the Box
Don't Be Rough, Okay?
Take My Breath Away
You Red My Mind
Oh, My Darkness!
A Real Man Wouldn't Use Any!
The Feel of Battle? The Clashing of Bone and Sinew?
Where is My Friend?
Now We Can Fight as Warriors
I'm Like You. I Have No Name
I Am a Prisoner of Death
Hurt Me More!
I Was Taken From the Battle, Neither Truly Alive Nor Truly Dead
An Undying Shadow in a World of Light
A Host of Sorrows
This World is One of Sadness
Battle Brings Death
Death Brings Sorrow
Death is Tragic
Life is Miserable
The Living May Not Hear Them
Their Voices May Fall Upon Deaf Ears
The Dead Are Not Silent
One Must Live, One Must Die
No Victory, No Defeat
The Survivor Will Carry On the Fight
It Is Our Destiny
The One Who Survives Will Inherit the Title of Boss
And They Will Face an Existence of Endless Battle
Life's End. Isn't it Beautiful?
All That's Left For You to Take is My Life
You're a Soldier! Finish Your Mission!
East and West
Home in Time for Dinner
You Don't Have What it Takes to Kill Me
But That Was Some Fancy Shooting
You're Pretty Good
Pain Gets the Better of Us All
We Have No Tomorrow
But There's Still Hope For The Future
I Won't Live My Life the Way the Boss Did
You Sometimes Have to Leave the Things You Care About Behind
You Pick Up a Gun, Sooner or Later, You're Going to Hell
We're Fighting the Biggest Beast of All. The Times
From Now On, Call Me Big Boss
A Name Means Nothing on the Battlefield
A Strong Man Doesn't Need to Read the Future. He Makes His Own
Unfortunately, Killing Gets Easier the More You Do It
There's No Happiness to Be Found In Death
No Peace Either. I'm Leaving Here Alive
Old Enough to Know What Death Looks Like
We Don't Use Guns to Take People Down
We're Not Here to Help Some Politician Either
We Need to Pass the Torch
Let Our Children Read Our Messy History By Its Light
Building the Future and Keeping the Past Alive Are the Same
We Can Tell Other People About Having Faith
Find Something to Believe In
A Virtual Grunt of the Digital Age
The Legend
The Greatest Soldier of the 20th Century

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