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    HeavensFury 29 Dec 2023 06:24
    AbsoLootAaron speaking! Dang bro, you've got a big cheevo list... Good job! Keep it up! :D
    Wiseman 2 Jan 2024 01:27
    Thank you HeavensFury, having lots of fun on RA. These games be kicking my butt most the time. You’ve mastered some absolute classics GG
    TheJediSonic 6 Jan 2024 10:39
    Thank you for the punch out bonus comment
    colorama 10 Jan 2024 01:14
    booo this man
    LektricSno 20 Jan 2024 22:44
    Grats on the Bayou Billy badge!!!
    Wiseman 26 Jan 2024 16:59
    Thank you lektricSno, Lets master all the double dragons together buddy
    suspect15 9 Mar 2024 23:55
    Glad to see another Baseball Stars 2 master! I hope you enjoyed the set.
    Wiseman 10 Mar 2024 00:06
    @suspect15 thank you for the set, what an absolute classic and all your time and hard work
    suspect15 10 Mar 2024 03:08
    Thank you very much for the kind words!

    I saw you had some issues with the suicide squeeze achievement. I sent you a DM to see if you had amplifying info. You aren't the first person to mention a problem, but it works for me every time so I'm trying to see if there could be something I'm missing. I decided to make a tutorial video which I'll post soon - I'll let you know when if you wouldn't mind checking it out and seeing if it would've been helpful to you when you were trying to earn the achievement.
    chocolatiel 13 May 2024 16:29
    Pear sent me! Great job with amazing badges! I send GL :D let's gooo
    Wiseman 13 May 2024 17:44
    Thank you chocolatiel, RA has been tons of fun i appreciate it and GG to you for Awesome masteries
    NekroG 25 May 2024 22:42
    Look at all these sexy badges what a beast