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roldoboldo 5 Mar 2024 16:51
Hey fellow Miyoo Mini fan! Thank you for the suggestion man, i've put it on my list! as of Mario Land, i'm kind of a sucker with plataform games, but i guess that game is nice entry to level up my skill. What do you think? After beating Pokémon Blue i'm definitely going back to some Mario!
WickedWizzrobe 8 Mar 2024 10:16
Hey man! Yeah, Mario Land's achievements are a nice challenge especially if you want to get used to platform games. And even if some of these can be a little tricky (like the time attacks), you can try them in softcore first. There's also the Mario Advance series on the GBA, I guess these remasters are easier since you can save anywhere. Super Mario Advance 2 for instance has a very fun achievements list. Take good care of your Miyoo Mini brother :D
Iamasoupenjoyer 9 Mar 2024 09:16
Would it be worth buying Mario Advance 3 or 4? I dump my games legally using my modded consoles so it would be no problem. Just wanted to know if you consider playing them?
WickedWizzrobe 12 Mar 2024 14:20
Mario Advance 3 and 4 are both great games, you can't go wrong with them :D Unfortunately, these cartridges are quite expensive. But yeah, after I am done with Sword of Mana on my GBA, I will definitely go back to my Miyoo Mini to play Mario Advance 2 and 4 (I still have to master SMB 3 and Super Mario World or at least their remasters on GBA haha)