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chocolatiel 16 Oct 2022 23:38
Hello VSilverwings :D Let's go for those cheevos!
VSilverwings 17 Oct 2022 05:59
Hey, gave you a shout out at the end of the stream perhaps after you left. My goodness I've got some catching up to do to compete with you though.
chocolatiel 17 Oct 2022 06:24
I'd love to compete with you for RE games and Silent Hill too!
chocolatiel 20 Aug 2023 21:45
You mastered RE1 already? GGs!!! I'm stuck at the Pianist Yawn lol still gotta figure it out u.u" anyways, keep up the great work, you are doing awesome man! ;)
VSilverwings 26 Aug 2023 14:45
With FF Tactics coming to a close I'm thinking I'll aim for FF9 BUT ONLY if I can get 1000 jump rope. I'll be trying this off and on and if I can't, I'm open to ideas but FF4 DS was on my radar next originally.