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TsuzGoose (7802 points) (18955)

Member Since: 01 Mar 2021, 11:53
Last Activity: 14 Jun 2021, 18:35
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Retro Ratio: 2.43
Average Completion: 42.25%
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Ashley 🔫 is exploring Filgaia. Time played: 3h30:11.70 ⏲️

Last 5 games played:

21% complete
Wild Arms 2 (PlayStation)
Last played 2021-06-14 10:00:13
Earned 23 of 220 achievements, 119/1304 points.
Secret room 1
Escapee Capture Robot GAONIM
Where are my metal claw? [m]
Gunnerbots destroyer
Death Row Inmate N. 666
Demon Ashley [m]
The hungry sorcerer
Upgrading my skill
A quest for the item of the cat [m]
A sorceress just getting started
Boundless Glutton Monster Olivier
Leg breaker[m]
Millenium Puzzle
A former hero now war criminal
Parasite Colony Monster Gremalkin
No more Tripophobia [m]
Kick Boots
A young man ready for action
Sealed Monster Weapon Kalivos
Where are my claws? - 1 [m]
Hurl Knife
Booty Call
Pineapple ARM
Mysterious Phantom Being Vagesta
Where are my claws? - 2 [m]
Special Cocytus Squad Member Ptolomea
Thunderbolt Battle Monster Elebart
Where are my claws? - 3 [m]
Secret room 2
Secret room 3
Poisonous Armored Dragonoid Trask
Shattered crystal [m]
Oh man. It's a trap!
Lord Blazer
Poisonous Armored Dragonoid Trask again
Shattered crystal - 2 [m]
Force "Access"
Heroes of Halmetz
AM Cluster ARM
Elemental Spirit Undines
Why do you hurt me? [m]
Bolt Action
The quest for the crystals
Liz and Ard
Progenitor Bird with Wings of Light Aphael
No walk allowed [m]
A strange flying machine
Tim Rhymeless
Compound Plant Monster Reguleus
Transforming Ninja Monster Gehenna Neros
Force "Combine"
Special Cocytus Squad Member Antenora
Special Cocytus Squad Member Judecca
Explosive Red Thunder Toad Blastodon
Two pouchs for the price of one [m]
Without powers comes greater responsibility
Special Cocytus Squad Member Ptolomea 2
Across the seven seas
The mouth of the Likikis River
The quest for the Tablets
Noua Shax
Do you wanna trade this coupon with me?
Dead or Alive
Freeze Rod
Secret room 4
Security gray bots destroyer [m]
Security red bots destroyer [m]
Liz and Ard again
Biogenic Dragonoid Trask 2.0
Shattered crystal 2 [m]
Level 25 - Lilka
Level 25 - Brad
Level 25 - Ashley
Level 25 - Tim
Thank you Rassyu!
Magic level 1
Lawnmower ARM
High Level magic [m]
Secret room 5
Kanon Part I
I've always wanted something like this!
Antenora 2
Air Ballet
Special Cocytus Squad Member Caina
This section deserves an achievement
Kanon Part II
Secret room 6
Aru Sulato
Stare Roe
Leitea Salk
Shock Slide
Kanon Part III
Judecca vs Kanon
Wire Hook
"L" is the "L" of Lizard
Robotic Monster Assassin Arms Killer
Not so killer like that [m]
Humanoid Mirage Prisnum
Prism [m]
Diablo Pillar Antenora
Shapeless Slime Monster Drawdo
Three heads think better than one [m]
Diablo Pillar Caina
Secret room 7 - Ge Ramtos
Aggressive Poltergeist Jasoul
Where are my claws? - 4 [m]
Red-Hot Lava Monster Magmalizer
Headache [m]
Diablo Pillar Judecca
Discover Monster Island
Explosive Emperor Monster Belleclaire
Drilled [m]
Diablo Pillar Ptolomea
The fall of the Odessa
Leader of Odessa Vinsfield
Vinsfield vs Ashley
We won't be coming home together again...
Millenium Puzzle 2.0
Force "Extend"
Rad Blades
Secret room 8
Force "Gat Level 3"
Force "Divide"
What's left of Odessa
Over Knight
Fantom Fang
Nuclear Dragon Grauswein
Nuclear trouble [m]
Ashley vs Nuclear Dragon Grauswein
Nuclear trouble 2 [m]
Mini Scud ARM
Dragon Caliber Lombardia
I didn't know Dragons could speak [m]
In the wings of Lombardia, the Dragon
Force "Full Clip"
Marivel Armitage
Force "Asgard"
The Lucied quest
Change Rod
Spriggan Flam Knight
No shields allowed 1 [m]
Force "Dual Cast"
Mist Cloak
Spriggan Wing Knight
No shields allowed 2 [m]
Force "Hi-Combo"
Welcome to the Black Market!
Windup Key
Dan Dairam
The people of Filgaia needs me
My Mike
Sky Eye ARM
Spriggan Geo Knight
No shields allowed 3 [m]
Force "Boost"
Blast 'Em
Open sea
Spriggan Muse Knight
No shields allowed 4 [m]
Jump Shoes
Force "Gat Lv. 4"
Bionic Arms skills
Raypoint liberation complete!
Magic level 2
Encroaching Parallel Universe Larva
No eating allowed [m]
Flare Gun
Saucer Organism Grodine
Crab claw [m]
Secret room 9
EZ Missile ARM
Secret room 10
Rising Nova
Terrible Guardian Monster Manufestu
Achilles knees [m]
Level 50 - Lilka
Level 50 - Brad
Level 50 - Ashley
Level 50 - Tim
Level 50 - Kanon
Level 50 - Marivel
Giant Armored Bug [m]
Limb-from-limb Ripping Monster[m]
Zyclus & Zetrym
Giant Monster of Light [m]
Kobold King
Rampaging Monster Robot [m]
Frustrated departure
Force "Lucifer"
Force "Asgard 2"
Ragu O Ragula
Cutting the evil through the roots
Encroaching Parallel Universe Kuiper Core
Head & Shoulders [m]
Blaze of Disaster Lord Blazer
All of us are heroes of Filgaia...
Cards collector [m]

200% complete
Breath of Fire IV (PlayStation)
Last played 2021-06-09 08:42:53
Earned 129 of 129 achievements, 1015/1015 points.
Goo King Sword
Super Goo
Get Off Your High Horse
The Songs of Our People
Oooo Shiny
Skill Master
Who Needs Friends
Dragonne Ball Z
Drawer Raider
A Turd
That Which Passes
Rod Master
Fishing Star
Plethora of Fish
Leveled Up
That's a Lot of Damage
Master of Masters
Tree of Life
Kaiser Unleashed
Roll Em
Battle Hardened
C-C-Combo Chain
On Guard
Item Hoarding
C-C-Combo Hitter
Village Chief
Biggest Catch
Jade Doggo
It's a Cool Concept
Shining Armor
Arsenal of Dragons
Herd You Talkin Shit
Rock It
Punk Never Dies
Cold as Ice
Finally Useful
Art Thou Finished?
Chonky Boy
Midas Touch
Kecak Master
A Man of Culture I see
Sea Treasure
Harlem Glebe Trotters
New Settlement
How Many Times Do We Have to Teach You
[Mast Master]
Dirty Cat
Time to Reflect
Pride of the Sea
Fresh New Suit
Muddied Waters
Sand-drifter V
Sand-drifter VI
Sand-drifter III
Sand-drifter IV
Sand-drifter I
Sand-drifter II
Get Reck'd
Gentle Breeze
Piqued Interest
C-C-Combo Damage
Smooth Rafting
Foxy Lady
I'm Feeling Ight
Rainy Days
Marl and Me
Papa Papan
Deis Ex Machina
Windy Chasm
Chrysm Power
Treasure Hunter
Fantam of the Opera
Run Wild
Stop Picking on Him
Captain Jack
Stuttering (Drunken) Swordsman
A Little Chafed
A Portion of Our Power
Crane Master
[Organizational Skills]
Stoll My Heart
My Maman
[An Apple a Day]
Pet the Bee
[Round and round]
Rise from the Ashes
Fools and Dullards
Earthcats Ho!
Embodiment of Hatred
[Don't Look Back]
Master of the House
Joh Mama
Life's a Garden
Fat Fish
I Hope You Like Fishing
The Password Is @#$%
[Penny Pinching]
[Hungry Hungry Drunkards]
Now You're Learning
Welcome Back Your Majesty

200% complete
Legend of Dragoon, The (PlayStation)
Last played 2021-05-30 22:51:16
Earned 108 of 108 achievements, 857/857 points.
Severing the Chains of Fate
King of Dragoons
Measure Twice, Cut Once
Leave No Trace
If Only He Never Had a Name...
The Power of Two
Pesticide Embargo
The Power of Soa Compels You!
This Time, It's Really Goodbye
Ful, Losei Dovahkiin?
A Watery Grave at Last
Just Petals in the Wind
Jury Nullification
Protectionist Parliamentarian
No Lines, No Waiting
Trespassers Will Be Ignored
A Dealer with the Devil
A Bloodlust Slaked
The Protector
Lonely No More
What Happens After Death?
Savan's Final Hope
Last Calamari
Courage Need Not Be Remembered
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Stardust
The Scalding Warmaiden
Cat's Cradle Master
The Flaming Swordsman
Moon Strike Master
The Tale That Time Forgot
The Will of the Fallen
The Electrifying Martial Artist
Hex Hammer Master
Cool Boogie Master
Vengeance Begets Vengeance
Confidence, or Recklessness?
Boom, Butterfly Effect
One Spirit to Rule Them All
Considerate Regicide
Only the Dauntless May Wield Me
Tag, You're It
The Final Countdown
The Mountainous Berserker
Inferno Master
Five-Ring Shattering Master
Hammer Spin Master
Madness Hero Master
Passing the Torch
The Boy Who Cried "Kamuy!"
And Thus, Boy Met Girl
The Dread Swordswoman
Hard Blade Master
Tectonic Dominion
Swift as a Coursing River
Muggles Do It Better
The Band Gets Back Together
Everything but the Kitchen Sink
Magician's Hat-Trick
Summon Four Gods Master
Drink Up, Me Hearties, Yo Ho!
Slap Chopper
The Flash
My Bride to Be?
Pursuit Master
Flurry of Styx Master
No Flinching!
If You Can't Beat 'Em, Save 'Em
The Key to a Balanced Attack
Double Smack Master
The Perky Dancer
What's in Your Wallet?
Halfway There
The War's End
Crush Dance Master
Double Punch Master
More and More Master
Later, Buddy
The Howling Lancer
Gust of Wind Dance Master
Rod Typhoon Master
Spinning Cane Master
Item Miser
Lending a Fist
Three of These Things Don't Belong
Threading the Needle
You're the Man Now, Dog
Monkeyball Master
Simple Geometry
The Iron Giant
Duel with the Berserker
Cheaters Never Prosper
Draconic Medicine
Burning Rush Master
Whip Smack Master
Capitalist Hijinks
You Killed My Father. Prepare to Die.
A Humane Execution
Volcano Master
Harpoon Master
No Ordinary Keepsake
A Picture of Health
Double Slash Master
Duck, Duck, Goose
Together Once More
The Verdant Knight
Tears from Above
Just One More!

200% complete
Breath of Fire III (PlayStation)
Last played 2021-05-22 18:52:01
Earned 100 of 100 achievements, 850/850 points.
Master's Rod
The Fish
About Gooking Time
Too Far to Let it Go
My World...
To Protect the World
It's Capcom Afterall
Skill Book IV
Long Lost Friend
Can't Control My Feelings
Death Dealer
Best Laid Plans
Penny Pincher
Jazzy Faeries
The Archmage
The Ancient Sorceress
High & Low
Divine King of Dragons
The Berserker
Doesn't This Just Beat All...?
Treasure Hunter IV
Disgusting Old Lady Monster
Navigational Expert
Angler Dangler
The World's Best Cook
All the Useful Stuff
Skill Book III
The Magic Form
The Refuge Form
All the Good Stuff
All the Sharp Stuff
The Chain Form
Copy of a Copy of a Copy of a
I Crush for Zenny
The Wizard Adept
Blood of My Blood
Give Me Everything
What Have I Done
Give Me Good
Give Me Bad
Give Me Drugs
From Whence You Came
Tank Control Master
The Wandering Faerie
We're Thinking Over Here
The Priest
Hide and Seek Revisited
My Shisu is Best Shisu
The Bartender of Genmel
Sailing Away
Give Me Whatever You Got
Thanks for the Help
Give Me I Don't Know
The Female Cat Burglar
Yes, Ma'am!
Treasure Hunter III
Give Me Skill
The Strange Fisherman
Another Problem
A Problem at the Plant
Give Me Power
The Don of Syn City
400-Year Grudge
The Journeyman Wizard
Dirty Old Man
The Sacred Tree of Wisdom
Skill Book II
Give Me Big
Gimme Some Sugar
Give Me Smart
What Big Eyes You Have
Treasure Hunter II
Nerds Need Loving Too
Skill Book I
Elemental Trio
Rodmaster Ryu
The Wings of Death
Don't Con the Con
The Onion
Momo Tower Fun Time
Eneg Nogard
Gone Asunder
Thrifty in Genmel
The Wanderer
Hide and Seek
Sunder and Balio
Treasure Hunter I
The Woodsman
Ghost of McNeil Past
Cocky Guard
Novice Fisherman
The Terror of Mt. Glaus
Almighty Lumberjack of Death
Oh Whelp...

200% complete
Vandal Hearts (PlayStation)
Last played 2021-05-16 00:10:00
Earned 98 of 98 achievements, 503/503 points.
Capital Shumeria II
A Fool's Epitaph
Capital Shumeria
Xeno's End
Cobalt Beach
What Is This Place?
Mindless Killing Machine
Feel The Power!
Fort Gareth
Ready for Some Killing
Always Keep the Faith
Star Road Of Death
Buckets of Gold
The Legacy
Contract Of Blood
Frontier Village
Flames Of Judgement
Logos Trial
Dark Pyramid
Defeat the Fire Dragon
Smoking Bones Cave
Save Little Leena
Tsukue Plains
No Mimes Here
Torog Mountains
Blood Soaked Snow
Gold Bags
Wart Bay
Get Me Off This Boat
The Successor
Destroyed the Death Device
Chaos Trial
Up and Away!
Just Like an Elf!
1x1 Anyone?
Magic Train Railroad
Hijacked The Train
What, no Jumps?
Salamander, Anyone?
Trade City Kerachi
Sketchy Trade Deal
Less Stealthy than Expected
Next Step, Pope!
Great Masai Forest
Dark Forest I Summon Thee
Khanos City
Escaped Crimson Death
Crimson Guard? Hah!
Mana Trial
Mimic Treasure Hunt
Into the Fire!
Out of the Frying Pan...
Hello, Mimic
Prison Break
Then Let no One Escape
If This is your Mind
Nice Formation
Friends, Reunited
3 Years Later...
Master of Tower Defence
Plain of Sorrow, Revisited
Plain of Sorrow
Traitor, Revealed
Here, Doggie Doggie
Enter the Castle
General Magnus, Defeated
Earth Trial
Wrong on Many Levels
Elevator Fun
Nova Trial
Loris Beach
Poison Immunity
The X Marks the Spot
Ygdra Canyon
Baby Steps
Gimme my Mage Hat!
Who Needs Spells?
Excalibur Here I Go!
Hit me Harder!
Growing Wings
His Holyness
Legolas in Training
Village of Yuzu
Village of Yuzu's Savior
Master of the Seven Seas
A Premonition of War
Sand Dunes of Sea
Poor Clay Golems!...
Good Use of the Archer
Ambush, Avoided
Rhine Bridge
Don't Burn your Bridges
Palace Ruins
Dover District
Valley of Thieves

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