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Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles (PlayStation Portable)
Last played 2022-06-21 18:16:10
Earned 11 of 191 achievements, 54/1570 points.
[DXC]:Symphony of the Night
[DXC]:Bull Axe
[DXC]:Release From the Thirst for Blood
[DXC]:Sentient Boneyard
[DXC]:Cross Fear
[DXC]:Fiendish Drake
[DXC]:Creature of the Moon
[DXC]:Wrym of the Sea
[DXC]:Dinner of Flames
[DXC]:Divine Bloodlines
[DXC]:The Allseeing Demon
[DXC]:Headless Knight
[DXC]:Dark Mistress
[DXC]:Wraith of Destruction
[DXC]:Creature of Many Heads
[DXC]:Priestly Duties
[DXC]:Pain of Betrayal
[DXC]:From Beyond the Grave
[DXC]:The Prince of Darkness
[DXC]:Classic Rondo
[DXC]:God, Grant Me Strength
[DXC]:Breaking Through the Front
[DXC]:An Evil Prayer Summons Darkness
[DXC]:Atop Countless Terrors
[DXC]:Fortress of the Water Demon
[DXC]:The Devil Flies by Night
[DXC]:A Nightmare Reborn
[DXC]:Hear Now the Requiem of Blood
[DXC]:Osteological Combatant
[DXC]:In the Steps of Theseus
[DXC]:Shattered Vision
[DXC]:All Hallows Purged
[DXC]:Hellish Bride
[DXC]:An Angel Has Risen
[DXC]:Hunter of Perserverance
[DXC]:Akumajou Hootenanny
[DXC]:Devotion Lost
[DXC]:Hunter Legend
[DXC]:Vampire Killer
[DXC]:Bloody Tears
[DXC]:Ghost Ship Painting
[DXC]:The Nest
[DXC]:Dark Desires
[DXC]:Dance of Illusions
[DXC]:Dracula's Castle
[DXC]:Golden Steps
[DXC]:Marble Gallery
[DXC]:Demon's Breath Tower
[DXC]:Wood Carving Partitia
[DXC]:Requiem to the Gods
[DXC]:Misted Crystal Ball
[DXC]:Abandoned Pit
[DXC]:Rainbow Cemetery
[DXC]:The Lost Portrait
[DXC]:Waltz of the Pearls
[DXC]:Cursed Sanctuary
[DXC]:Wandering Souls
[DXC]:Pitiful Scion
[DXC]:Gates of Hell
[DXC]:Gates of Heaven
[DXC]:Poetic Death
[DXC]:Final Toccata
[DXC]:Wallachian Mastery
[DXC]:Magical Domination
[DXC]:Annette Would Be Proud
[DXC]:Renard Legacy
[DXC]:Shades of Simon
[DXC]:Belmont Birthright
[RoB]:Village Ruins
[RoB]:Good Old Aljiba
[RoB]:Bark at the Moon
[RoB]:Dry Bones
[RoB]:The Minotaur's Song
[RoB]:Eye of the Zombie
[RoB]:Night of the Dullahan
[RoB]:Kiss the Skull
[RoB]:The Black Angel's Death
[RoB]:Beast of Burden
[RoB]:Monster Mash
[RoB]:The Spirit Carries on
[RoB]:The End
[RoB]:Famous Pose (Richter)
[RoB]:Famous Pose (Maria)
[RoB]:Vampire Huntress
[RoB]:Vampire Killer
[SotN]:What is a Man?
[SotN]:Demonic Duo
[SotN]:Shadow in the Mirror
[SotN]:Magical Key
[SotN]:Cavern Maiden
[SotN]:Royal Half-breed
[SotN]:Black Wings
[SotN]:A Thread and a Bullet
[SotN]:Fall of a Nosferatu
[SotN]:Gatekeeper of Hell
[SotN]:For I am Many
[SotN]:Iron Maiden Destroyer
[SotN]:Silver Key
[SotN]:Golden Key
[SotN]:Beyond Evil Illusions
[SotN]:Guardian of the Keep
[SotN]:Not All Yet lost
[SotN]:Weapon of Necromancy
[SotN]:Ring of Vlad
[SotN]:The Secret Knuckles
[SotN]:Tooth of Vlad
[SotN]:Unexpected Encounter
[SotN]:Heart of Vlad
[SotN]:Cycle of Life
[SotN]:Rib of Vlad
[SotN]:Eye of Vlad
[SotN]:Sword of Riches
[SotN]:Lord of the Flies
[SotN]:Gears go Awry
[SotN]:Echoes of the Past
[SotN]:Hmmm, the Switch...
[SotN]:Beyond the Mirror
[SotN]:Shake, Old One!
[SotN]:Lord of Space and Time
[SotN]:Family Heirloom
[SotN]:The End: Solitude
[SotN]:Master Shapeshifter
[SotN]:The End: Heroes Reunited
[SotN]:All Powerful Being
[SotN]:The End: Rendemption
[SotN]:Demon Master
[SotN]:Vampiric Knight
[SotN]:Seasoned Dhampir
[SotN]:Just like daddy
[SotN]:Warp Wide Web
[SotN]:Cube of Zoe
[SotN]:Sacred Body
[SotN]:Spirit Orb
[SotN]:Holy Heart
[SotN]:Faerie Scroll
[SotN]:Legendary Explorer
[SotN]:Space Jump
[SotN]:Transylvanian Hitman [m]
[SotN]:Faeire Card [m]
[SotN]:Don`t Stick Your Nose in Other People`s Business! [m]
[SotN]:No Time to Read [m]
[SotN]:Private Performance
[SotN]:Promising Beginning
[SotN]:Prove of Worthy
[SotN]:Reaper Knights
[SotN]:Spiritual Slayer
[SotN]:Daemonic Castaway
[SotN]:Illuminated Wings
[SotN]:Fly Like an Eagle
[SotN]:No Haven for Nosferatu
[SotN]:Deep Sea Huntress
[SotN]:Hell Hath No Fury
[SotN]:Maria Vs The Many
[SotN]:Chiroptera Occisor
[SotN]:Shelly's Descendant
[SotN]:Porous Maiden
[SotN]:Citizen of Karnak
[SotN]:Apparitional Exorcist
[SotN]:Netherworld's Bane
[SotN]:Distant Relatives
[SotN]:Crucible of Entopurification
[SotN]:Zealotry Excommunication
[SotN]:Belmont Revenge
[SotN]:Rondo of Blood Gaiden V.2
[SotN]:Charming But Deadly
[ADP]:Beat the game. (100)

38% complete
Sonic CD (Sega CD)
Last played 2022-06-20 19:40:00
Earned 39 of 102 achievements, 180/850 points.
Speed Up!! Lv 2
Speed Up!! Lv 1
Spooky Sonic
Kawaii Sonic
The fastest DJ
See You Next Game
Game Over
Metallic Madness Act 2
Metallic Madness Act 1
Little Planet
Stardust Speedway Act 2
Zone Clear
Stardust Speedway Act 1
Wacky Workbench Boss
Wacky Workbench Act 2
Wacky Workbench Act 1
Final Fever
Quartz Quadrant Boss
Quartz Quadrant Act 2
Red Time Stone
Cosmic Eternity
Quartz Quadrant Act 1
Tidal Tempest Boss
Purple Time Stone
Tidal Tempest Act 2
Emerald Time Stone
Tidal Tempest Act 1
Collision Chaos Boss
Blue Time Stone
Collision Chaos Act 2
Yellow Time Stone
Collision Chaos Act 1
Palmtree Panic Boss
OrangeTime Stone
Palmtree Panic Act 2
Green Time Stone
Palmtree Panic Act 1
Palmtree Panic "G"
Palmtree Panic "P"
Collision Chaos "G"
Collision Chaos "P"
Tidal Tempest "G"
Tidal Tempest "P"
Quartz Quadrant "G"
Quartz Quadrant "P"
Wacky Workbench "G"
Wacky Workbench "P"
Stardust Speedway "G"
Stardust Speedway "P"
Metallic Madness "G"
Metallic Madness "P"
Palmtree Panic "B"
Collision Chaos "B"
Tidal Tempest "B"
Quartz Quadrant "B"
Wacky Workbench "B"
Stardust Speedway "B"
Metallic Madness "B"
Dev Time Attack Stage 1-1
Dev Time Attack Stage 1-2
Dev Time Attack Stage 1-3
Dev Time Attack Stage 2-1
Dev Time Attack Stage 2-2
Dev Time Attack Stage 2-3
Dev Time Attack Stage 3-1
Dev Time Attack Stage 3-2
Dev Time Attack Stage 3-3
Dev Time Attack Stage 4-1
Dev Time Attack Stage 4-2
Dev Time Attack Stage 4-3
Dev Time Attack Stage 5-1
Dev Time Attack Stage 5-2
Dev Time Attack Stage 5-3
Dev Time Attack Stage 6-1
Dev Time Attack Stage 6-2
Dev Time Attack Stage 6-3
Dev Time Attack Stage 7-1
Dev Time Attack Stage 7-2
Dev Time Attack Stage 7-3
Speed Up!! Max
Dev Time Attack Special 1
Dev Time Attack Special 2
Dev Time Attack Special 3
Dev Time Attack Special 4
Dev Time Attack Special 5
Dev Time Attack Special 6
Dev Time Attack Special 7
Special Stage
Sonic Boom
Believe in Yourself
You Can Do Anything
Palmtree Panic annihilation
Colision Chaos annihilation
Tidal Tempest annihilation
Quartz Quadrant annihilation
Wacky Workbench annihilation
Stardust Speedway annihilation
Metallic Madness annihilation

89% complete
Knuckles Chaotix (32X)
Last played 2022-06-14 21:15:58
Earned 17 of 19 achievements, 235/270 points.
Metal Sonic
Rings Debt
Good Ending
Techno Tower
Techno Tower II
Amazing Arena
Amazing Arena II
Speed Slider
Speed Slider II
Marina Madness
Marina Madness II
Botanic Zone
Botanic Zone II
Easter Egg
Isolated Island
100 Rings
50 Rings
Bad Ending
255 Rings

0% complete
Sonic Advance 3 (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2022-06-14 02:27:23
Earned 0 of 94 achievements, 0/850 points.
Ring Holder
Ring Keeper
My Favorite Key
A New Style
Rad Red
Ready for the Piko Piko Hammer
Cream and Cheese
Route 99
Sunset Hill
Ocean Base
Toy Kingdom
Twinkle Snow
Cyber Track
Chaos Angel
Altar Emerald
Little Chao
Cityscape Chao
Nostalgia Chao
Crushing  Chao
Carnival Chao
Winter Aurora Chao
Techno Chao
Dark Chao
Red Emerald
Blue Emerald
Yellow Emerald
Green Emerald
Gray Emerald
Cyan Emerald
Purple Emerald
Near the City I
Near the City II
Near the City III
Blast from the past I
Blast from the past II
Blast from the past III
Underwater Waterfalls I
Underwater Waterfalls II
Underwater Waterfalls III
Toy's Soldiers I
Toy's Soldiers II
Toy's Soldiers III
Ice-themed I
Ice-themed II
Ice-themed III
Cyberspace I
Cyberspace II
Cyberspace III
Ancient Ruins I
Ancient Ruins II
Ancient Ruins III
Egghammer III
G-Wheel Rolling Machine
Contraption Robot
Eggman Cannon
Gravity Burst
Hyper Eggrobo
Ultimate Gemerl
Route 99 Playtime
Sunset Hill Playtime
Ocean Base Playtime
Toy Kingdom Playtime
Twinkle Snow Playtime
Cyber Track Playtime
Chaos Angel Playtime
Route 99 Act 1 Speedrun
Route 99 Act 2 Speedrun
Route 99 Act 3 Speedrun
Sunset Hill Act 1 Speedrun
Sunset Hill Act 2 Speedrun
Sunset Hill Act 3 Speedrun
Ocean Base Act 1 Speedrun
Ocean Base Act 2 Speedrun
Ocean Base Act 3 Speedrun
Toy Kingdom Act 1 Speedrun
Toy Kingdom Act 2 Speedrun
Toy Kingdom Act 3 Speedrun
Twinkle Snow Act 1 Speedrun
Twinkle Snow Act 2 Speedrun
Twinkle Snow Act 3 Speedrun
Cyber Track Act 1 Speedrun
Cyber Track Act 2 Speedrun
Cyber Track Act 3 Speedrun
Chaos Angel Act 1 Speedrun
Chaos Angel Act 2 Speedrun
Chaos Angel Act 3 Speedrun
Hammer Time
Fair Combat
More Invincible Than A Robot
I Don't Need That to Dodge

0% complete
Sonic Advance 2 (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2022-06-14 02:26:10
Earned 0 of 18 achievements, 0/380 points.
50 Rings
SP Rings
SP Rings Master
Stay Alive
Hot Crater
Music Plant
Ice Paradise
Sky Canyon
Techno Base
Egg Utopia
True Area 53
Now Everything is Fine Sonic
Now Everything is Fine Cream
Now Everything is Fine Tails
Now Everything is Fine Knuckles
Now Everything is Fine Amy
Saving the Day

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