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Dragon Force (Saturn)
Last played 2022-09-29 04:06:03
0 of 223 achievements, 0/1722 points
0% complete
[Highland] Lord of Highland
[Highland] High Lord of Highland
[Highland] Lead by Example
[Highland] Aggressive Fencing
[Highland] Mistaken Identity
[Highland] Purse Snatcher
[Highland] The Flash Knights
[Highland] A Knife in Borgon's Back [m]
[Highland] An Old Friend [m]
[Highland] Gaining Momentum
[Highland] Mystery of the Shadow Tower
[Highland] Clash of the Swords [m]
[Highland] Damsel In Distress [m]
[Highland] To Seal the Dark Sword
[Highland] High Command
[Highland] Sword of Swords
[Highland] Broken Machine
[Highland] The Kindness of the Heavens
[Highland] Thanks For Nothing [m]
[Highland] Highland's Round Table
[Highland] Strong Supporting Cast
[Highland] A Man's Job
[Highland] Field Marshal
[Fandaria] High Lord of Fandaria
[Fandaria] Defeat by Two Swords
[Fandaria] Direct Assault
[Fandaria] All In the Family
[Fandaria] Monster Party
[Fandaria] Filling the Dungeon
[Fandaria] Mysterious Stranger [m]
[Fandaria] Eclisis Interned
[Fandaria] Blinding Lights
[Fandaria] Brotherly Love
[Fandaria] Only One?
[Fandaria] Invalid Parameters
[Fandaria] The Strength of Light
[Fandaria] Shock And Awe [m]
[Fandaria] Family Strength
[Fandaria] Young Lion of Fandaria
[Fandaria] Sister of the Light
[Fandaria] The Dark Priest [m]
[Fandaria] Wicked Witch [m]
[Fandaria] Madruk's Wrath [m]
[Fandaria] The Spooky Boys [m]
[Palemoon] Lord of Palemoon?
[Palemoon] High Lord of Palemoon?
[Palemoon] Punching Above Your Weight
[Palemoon] Get 'Em Sparky!
[Palemoon] Once Rivals, Now Allies
[Palemoon] What's the History Here?
[Palemoon] I Know Your Secret [m]
[Palemoon] Growing Influence
[Palemoon] Ramda's Warning
[Palemoon] Backed Into a Corner [m]
[Palemoon] Love Connection [m]
[Palemoon] The Dark Sword Eclisis
[Palemoon] Wein Returns
[Palemoon] The Power of Love [m]
[Palemoon] The Blue Queen
[Palemoon] Heavenly Staff
[Palemoon] Short Circuit
[Palemoon] The Command of Water
[Palemoon] New Friends
[Palemoon/Tristan] Girl Power
[Palemoon] First Rate Guard
[Palemoon] Second Rate Guard
[Palemoon] She Wears the Pants
[Palemoon/Tristan] A Woman's Job
[Palemoon] Into the Abyss
[Izumo] Lord of Izumo
[Izumo] High Lord of Izumo
[Izumo] Traditional Tsujigiri
[Izumo] The Strength of a Typhoon
[Izumo] A Dish Best Served Cold [m]
[Izumo] Honor Among Warriors [m]
[Izumo] Chutohanpa
[Izumo] Madruk Looms
[Izumo] Goldark's Folly [m]
[Izumo] Daring Rescue [m]
[Izumo] To Silence Eclisis
[Izumo] The Shogun
[Izumo] Not a Masamune, But It Will Do
[Izumo] Does Not Compute
[Izumo] Free Like the Wind
[Izumo] Samurai Spirit
[Izumo] Strike Quickly
[Izumo] The Shogun And the Field Marshal
[Izumo] Warriors' Heiko [m]
[Izumo] To Slay a Dragon
[Izumo] What Kind of Samurai Are You?
[Izumo] Yon Shinobi
[Izumo] Rising Daimyo
[Tradnor] Lord of Tradnor
[Tradnor] High Lord of Tradnor
[Tradnor] The Kid Hits Back
[Tradnor] Fire In the Sky
[Tradnor] Unleashed For the Long Haul
[Tradnor] The Naked Truth
[Tradnor] She's Our Succubus!
[Tradnor] This Bodes Well [m]
[Tradnor] Living Up to Expectations [m]
[Tradnor] Thinking Alike [m]
[Tradnor] Lumpy Headed [m]
[Tradnor] The Samurai And the Knight [m]
[Tradnor] Free Ride [m]
[Tradnor] Disappearing Act
[Tradnor] Boy King
[Tradnor] Staff of Dragons
[Tradnor] Decompiled
[Tradnor] The Ferocity of Fire
[Tradnor] I Can Do This Forever
[Tradnor] Unrequited Love
[Tradnor] Veterans of Tradnor
[Tradnor] In Over Their Head
[Tradnor] Ten Times Removed
[Tradnor] Shockingly Brutal
[Topaz] Lord of Topaz
[Topaz] High Lord of Topaz
[Topaz] Don't Back Down
[Topaz] Reckless Abandon
[Topaz] Blitzkrieg [m]
[Topaz] A Brand New Dayn
[Topaz] Not Surrounded Anymore
[Topaz] Tonight I Dine on Dragon Soup
[Topaz] Straight Into the Ranks [m]
[Topaz] Atonement [m]
[Topaz] Eclisis' Last Drink
[Topaz] Warrior Monk
[Topaz] Draconic Bracer
[Topaz] Divided By Zero
[Topaz] The Strength of the Land
[Topaz] Throwing Hands
[Topaz] The Intimidator
[Topaz] Busy Week
[Topaz] Capable Apprentices
[Topaz] The Endless Hordes
[Topaz] Impervious Defense
[Bozack] Lord of Bozack
[Bozack] High Lord of Bozack
[Bozack] Survival of the Fittest
[Bozack] Death From Above
[Bozack] Pipe Dreams
[Bozack] The Pawn
[Bozack] Forest Samurai
[Bozack] Yes, That Evil Boy Magician...
[Bozack] Remnants of Highland
[Bozack] Love At First Sight
[Bozack] The Beast And the Dragon
[Bozack] Unexpected Assistance [m]
[Bozack] Escaped Eclisis' Control [m]
[Bozack] The Last To Know
[Bozack] Possessed
[Bozack] Gauntlet of the Dragon
[Bozack] BSOD
[Bozack] Guardian of the Forests
[Bozack] Wild Man
[Bozack] Tenuous Pair
[Bozack] Cat Scratch Fever
[Bozack] Absolute Savages
[Bozack] Forgot the Pale Horse?
[Tristan] Lord of Tristan?
[Tristan] High Lord of Tristan?
[Tristan] Death Incarnate
[Tristan] Sonic Tsunami
[Tristan] Flimsy Sellsword
[Tristan] Agent of Fandaria [m]
[Tristan] Birds of a Feather [m]
[Tristan] We Can Coexist... For Now
[Tristan] The Black Knight and the White Knight
[Tristan] The Long March South
[Tristan] Sword Beats Claw
[Tristan] Always Ready [m]
[Tristan] Unexpected Error
[Tristan] Into the Wrong Hands
[Tristan] Unmasked
[Tristan] Legendary Blade
[Tristan] Fatal Error
[Tristan] The Power of Thunder
[Tristan] Sonic Annihilation
[Tristan] Air Inferiority
[Tristan] Payback... sort of [m]
[Tristan] Peck Out Their Eyes
[Tristan] Brotherly Hatred [m]
[Tristan] Tough Guy With Few Tools
[Any] From the Heavens
[Any] Premiere Title
[Any] Flawless Victories [m]
[Any] Being of the Light
[Any except Fandaria] Being of the Dark
[Any except Fandaria] The Light Side of Dark [m]
[Any] Where There is a Student, There is a Master
[Any except Fandaria] A Noble Dragon
[Any] Ladies Man [m]
[Any] Every Little Thing She Does
[Any] An Eye for Treasure
[Any] An Eye for Talent
[Any] Masterful Fortifications
[Any] Your Very Own Versailles
[Any] The Conquest of Legendra
[Any] Versatile Commander
[Any except Fandaria] Naughty Little Children
[Any except Fandaria] Temporary Relief
[Any except Fandaria] The Dirty Duo [m]
[Any] Take That!
[Any] Sapped
[Any] Outnumbered But Not Out Matched
[Any] A Proper Blood Bath
[Any] Against All Odds
[Any] Royal Flush
[Any except Fandaria] The Odd Couple
[Any] Diametrically Opposed
[Any] Uphill Battle
[Any] No Rest For the Weary
[Any] Rank And File
[Any] Rough Riding
[Any] Banquet of Mages
[Any] Ashigaru
[Any] Blot Out the Sun
[Any] Straight Outta the Cenobium
[Any] Murder of Harpies
[Any] Pack Hunters
[Any] Good Thing They Didn't Have Any Plants
[Any] Weyr'd They Go?
Tetris DS (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2022-09-29 03:17:44
24 of 102 achievements, 95/810 points
23% complete
Perfect Clear
Bowser's Clear
Mushroom's Clear
Tanooki's Clear
Koopa Troopa's Clear
Super Mario's Clear
Jungle's Push
Kong's Push
A Link to the Tetris
Return of the Catch
Catch a' Metroid
T-Spin Single
Bowser Tetris
That Was Close
Triple Decker
Tanooki Tetris
10-Combo Breaker
Double Trouble
Underground Tetris
Tetris to the Power of Two
Yep, It Ain’t Moving
Triple Tetris
Back-To-Back Tetris
Tetris Time
T-Spin Double
T-Spin Triple
Infinite Rotating
S/Z Spin
Back-To-Back T-Spin Triple
DT Cannon
Look Ma', One Hand
Better Than Stacking
Tower of I Pieces
40 Line Sprint
Speedrun Lining
Hardcore Lining
Highscore Lining
Donkey Kong Tetris
Balloon Tetris
Climbing Tetris
Excite Tetris
Duck Tetris
Tetris Master
Tetris Elder Master
Going For More
Balloon's Clear
Excite's Clear
Tengen's Clear
VS Goomba
VS Koopa
VS Spiny
VS Lakitu
VS Bowser
Diddy's Push
Dixie's Push
Country's Push
Fight and Touch
Trip and Touch
Flight and Touch
Battle and Touch
Brawl and Touch
Air Tetris
Chaining Clouds
Blue Touch's Puzzles
Red Touch's Puzzles
Pink Touch's Puzzles
Green Touch's Puzzles
Yellow Touch's Puzzles
Black and White's Puzzles
Butter's Puzzles
Cake Mix's Puzzles
Chocolate Chip's Puzzles
Crinkle's Puzzles
Gingerbread's Puzzles
Gingersnaps' Puzzles
Icebox's Puzzles
Macarons' Puzzles
Meringue's Puzzles
Wedding's Puzzles
Oatmeal's Puzzles
Peanut Butter's Puzzles
Blossoms' Puzzles
Sandwich's Puzzles
Shortbread's Puzzles
Snickerdoodles' Puzzles
Spritz's Puzzles
Sugar's Puzzles
Cookie's Puzzles
Tetris' Awakening
Ocarina of Tetris
Majora's Tetris
Tetris Waker
The Minish Tetris
Twilight Tetris
A Link Between Tetris
Skyward Tetris
Breath of the Tetris
Super Catch
Catch Fusion
Catch Zero Mission
Catch Prime
Catch Dread
Armored Core (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-09-28 06:00:12
0 of 85 achievements, 0/460 points
0% complete
AC Raven Test
Flawless Test
Terrorism is Not Okay
Extra Credit
Not On My Watch!
Guns Denied
Leave Nothing Behind
Rescue Mission
Must...Destroy...Them All
Happy Little Bugs
Can't Get the Staff
Safety First
I Didn't Fail - I'm Preparing For Human PLUS
This Mission is Top Secret
Speedy Recon
WM-S60/4 Obtained
Pest Control
Organisms Exterminated I
QX-AF Obtained
Pest Control - The Sequel
Organisms Exterminated II
Choo Choo
Cat Scratch Fever
HD-X1487 Obtained
Fuel is Bad
WG-1-KARASAWA Obtained
Even More R&D
Guard Duty
Gas? But I'm in an AC
Fly Swatting
Should I Steal It?
RZT-333 Obtained
Eviction Notice
Leave No Base Occupants Alive
Catapults in Space?!
Swift Evacuation I
This Generator Seems Faulty
Swift Evacuation II
Chrome Hunt
Where Are the Chromes At?
"Justice" is Served
Peaceful Negotations
Escape Forbidden
GBG-XR Obtained
Get Out of My Yard!
WG-FG99 Obtained
Computers Not Allowed
Testing Your Mettle
Wildcat's Revenge
This Neighbourhood is Too Peaceful
Flight of the Valkyrie
Squatters Eliminated
Squatters Revenge
Who Are You?
Help Me I'm Stuck
Union Denied
WR-L24 Obtained
A Night Out on the Town
Dark Souls
This is Mine, okay?
What's in These Capsules?
A Quiet Night
B-T001 Obtained
All Your Base Belong to Us
The Ultimate AC
WX-S800-GF Obtained
"Struggle" as Much as You Want
LS-99-MOONLIGHT Obtained
This Area is Safe Enough
Wipe Them Out
What Did We Say About Computers?
Mines Can Float?
Destroy the Guardians
Full Garage
Terminator T-800 [m]
AC Master!
Perfectionist [m]
Shadow Tower (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-09-28 04:47:53
3 of 137 achievements, 7/678 points
2% complete
Brass key
Quilted Armor
Mind Amulet [m]
Magical Bastard Sword [m]
Silent Sword
Lethal Rapier [m]
Shadow Blade [m]
Shadow Wolf [m]
Shadow Tiger
Dragon Sword [m]
Dark Sword [m]
Righteous Sword [m]
Blood Sword [m]
Frosty Morning Star [m]
Living Axe [m]
Fiery Bow Gun [m]
Deadly Gauntlet
Deadly Arm Guard [m]
Master Arm Guard [m]
Spiked Leg Guard
White Steel Boots
Red Steel Boots
Holy Leg Guard [m]
Fiery Plate Mail
White Plate Mail
Eternal Plate Mail [m]
Devil Plate Mail [m]
Holy Plate Mail [m]
God Plate [m]
Plate Mail of Rage [m]
Knight Plate Mail [m]
Crown of Composure [m]
Wizard Crown [m]
Devil Crown [m]
Harden Great Helm [m]
Mystic Great Helm [m]
Holy Great Helm [m]
Deadly Great Shield [m]
Gothic Shield of Power [m]
Master Gothic Shield [m]
Gothic Shield of Rage [m]
Shining Gothic Shield [m]
Holy Gothic Shield [m]
Ring of Dark Souls [m]
Ring of Dead Spirit [m]
Ring of Rage [m]
Ring of Drain [m]
Priest Bracelet [m]
Moon Bracelet [m]
Endeless Amulet [m]
Star Amulet [m]
Pitcher of Nadya
Blue Crystal
Flaming Key
Spirit Key
Fiery Key
King's Key
Key of Knowledge
Beast Key
Floodgate Key
Mermaid Key
Key of Delusion
Iron key [m]
Sealed Sword Stone
Young Dragon Gem
Spirit Books
Dorado Ashes
Sumoner Ring of Fire
Gothic Shield of Balance
Dark Sorcerer Ring
Fiery Great Sword [m]
Harden Bracelet
Tower Shield of Balance
Harden Gothic Shield
Amulet of Recovery
Priest Ring of Fire
Deadly Amulet
Shield of Resist
Scale Mail
Plate Mail of Resist
Caustic Sorcerer Ring
Shining Great Shield
Plate Mail of Curing
Bracelet of Balance
Great Shield
Deadly Bastard Sword
Tower Shield of Honor
Large Shield
Guardian Great Sword
Fiery Full Hellm
Bracelet of Movement
Harden Gaunlet
Fortune Great Helm
Keenest Bastard Sword
Deadly Broad Sword
Dread Knight
Ebony Knight
Magi Magus
Hallow Mage
The Dark Soul
The Demon Soul
Solitary Region
Hidden Region
Cursed Region
Forgoten Region
Rotting Cavern [m]
Poisonous Cavern
Quaking Cavern
Stone Cavern
False Pit Cavern
Hostile Rock Cavern
Phoenix Cave
Burning Cavern
Molten Cavern
Ashen Cavern
Impure Pool Area
Sunken River Area
Watery Labyrinth Area
White Rain Area
Gloomy Domain
Bewilderment Domain
Worship Domain
Dream Domain
False Eye Area
Screeching Area
Dark Castle Layer
Undead Layer
Lingering Curse Layer
Gate of the Dead
Cunes Collector
Item Collector
Creature Hunter
King's Field III (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-09-28 04:03:22
1 of 216 achievements, 1/600 points
0% complete
Leather Helm
Ed Edmund
Leon Shore [m]
Jack Leininger
Christy Clements
Grave Pot
Statue of a Hero
Red Eye
Rene Thomas
Marilyn Miller
James Seward McCain V
Undead Born
Green Slime
Skull Soildiers
Robert Shreve
Two Head Grave Pot
John Creel
Jane Cowley
Michael Hansen
Jamie Porter
Janan Green
Airon Green
Mark Johnson
Head Eater
Para Stool
Poison Red Eye
Lyn Reinhardt [m]
Joe Santos
Crooked Demon
Zul Arifin [m]
Grave Shadow
Skull Trap
Tim Lindquist
Log Stalker
Priscilla Gomez
Toni Gomez
Jean Alfred Forester
Red Imperial Guard
Imperial Guard
Huge Blood Demon
Sal Estrada
Wall Ghost
Blood Demon
Death knight
Demon Lord
Death Fighter
Merrill Ur
The Skeleton of Light
Living Statue
Alexander Thornton Reggins
Yvette Bince
Skull Fighters
The tree of Dragon King Plant
Face Trap
Jens Stensland
Gullick Risty
Hell Worms
Marcus Peppers
Lua Stone
Krone Licht
Franz Stoppenbach
Skull Masters
The Skeleton of the Giant
Clay Golem
Promeus Golem
Shell Dragon
Garan Tess
Garan Lizard
Oliver Veyrac
Broken Moonlight Sword
Fairy Fossil
Orlandin's Pic
Lyn's Ring
Ichrius' wings
Ichrius' Crown
Ichrius' Key
Marilyn's Charm
Keys of the Corridor
Royal Key
Orlandin's Key
Copper Key
Silver Key
Magician's Key
Silviera's Key
Dwarve's Key
Demon's Key
Lyn's Key
The fifth Truth Glass
Leon's Note
Lyn's Note
Evil Ring
Silver Rings
Phantom Crown
Luster Wing
Black Jewel
Wind Neackle
Globe Amulet
Gold Ring
Ebony Bracelet
Ivory Bracelet
Flame Sword
Anorium Sword
Vaculacia Sword
Seath's Sword
Triple Fang
Moonlight Sword
Crescent Axe
Evil Crescent
Morguline Axe
Elchris Bow
Silence Rod
Blood Star
Orlandin's Hood
Groundal Crown
Iron Plate
Fire Mail
Orlandin's Mail
Groundal Mail
Leather Shield
High-Elves Guard
Orlandin's Guard
Ichrius' Gift
Royal Gifts
Groundal Boots
Aquarian Boots
Silver Boots
Iron Boots
Groundal Arrms
Fire Knuckles
Silver Arms
Dragon Head
Iron Gloves
Morning Star
Long Sword
Large Bow
Iron Shield
Iron Helm
Battle Axe
Broad Sword
Flame Rod
Map of Verdite
Jail Key
Varde's Key
High-Metal Armor
Earth Shield
Ichrius' Eye
Pixy's Map
Green Bracelet
Blood Herb
The sixth Truth Glass
Promeus [m]
Excellector Lv.2
Excellector Lv.3
Verdite Hoarder
Dragon Crystal Hoarder
Groundal Blade
True Orlandin's Guard
Groundal Shield
Fire to Wind
Guardian of the Shield Vol III
Guardian of the Shield Vol. I The Return
King nothing
The Golden Kings
The Swordmaster
Great Helm [m]
Lucky Crystallography [m]
The Cursed Armor
Fire Magic Aprentice
Wind Magic Aprentice
Earth Magic Aprentice
Water Magic Aprentice
Wind Magic Mastered
Water Magic Mastered
Earth Magic Mastered
Fire Magic Mastered
Light Magic Mastered
The God Slayer
Magefighter Lv.2
Magefighter Lv.1
World of knowledge
Lore seeker
Truth Seeker [m]

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Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball (Mega Drive)Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball
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Sega Bass Fishing (Dreamcast)Sega Bass Fishing
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Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six (NES)Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six
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Hexen (Nintendo 64)Hexen
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Super Castlevania IV (SNES)Super Castlevania IV
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Brave Fencer Musashi (PlayStation)Brave Fencer Musashi
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Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (Dreamcast)Marvel vs. Capcom 2
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Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (Nintendo DS)Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift
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Tenchu: Shadow Assassins (PlayStation Portable)Tenchu: Shadow Assassins
10 of 94
Silent Hill (PlayStation)Silent Hill
7 of 66
Mega Man: Powered Up [Subset - 468 Stages] (PlayStation Portable)Mega Man: Powered Up [Subset - 468 Stages]
51 of 481
Gitaroo-Man Lives! (PlayStation Portable)Gitaroo-Man Lives!
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Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)Super Mario Bros. 3
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New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo DS)New Super Mario Bros.
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~Hack~ Pokemon Fool's Gold (Game Boy Color)~Hack~ Pokemon Fool's Gold
6 of 124
Sonic Colors (Nintendo DS)Sonic Colors
2 of 42
Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (Game Boy Advance)Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
5 of 114
Mega Man: Powered Up (PlayStation Portable)Mega Man: Powered Up
6 of 143
RoboCop 2 (Game Boy)RoboCop 2
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Williams Pinball Classics | Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection (PlayStation Portable)Williams Pinball Classics | Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection
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Jackie Chan Stuntmaster (PlayStation)Jackie Chan Stuntmaster
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Twisted Metal 4 (PlayStation)Twisted Metal 4
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Alundra (PlayStation)Alundra
2 of 76
Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Protoman (Game Boy Advance)Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Protoman
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Shadow Tower (PlayStation)Shadow Tower
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Vagrant Story (PlayStation)Vagrant Story
3 of 200
Medal of Honor: Underground (PlayStation)Medal of Honor: Underground
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~Hack~ Paper Mario: Black Pit (Nintendo 64)~Hack~ Paper Mario: Black Pit
1 of 82
Valkyrie Profile (PlayStation)Valkyrie Profile
2 of 174
~Hack~ Legend of Zelda, The: Parallel Worlds (SNES)~Hack~ Legend of Zelda, The: Parallel Worlds
1 of 100
Suikoden II (PlayStation)Suikoden II
1 of 113
Sega GT (Dreamcast)Sega GT
1 of 118
King's Field III (PlayStation)King's Field III
1 of 216

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