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Los Bandicoots son re lindos :3

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chocolatiel 7 Apr 2023 09:17
Yo TilinInsano! GL getting many cheevos! ps. I like your profile picture :D
TilinInsano 7 Apr 2023 22:01
Thank you, I also like your photo:D PS: I follow you on twitch even if it's Spanish, greetings, I like to see how you play and you were the reason I started retroarch, thank you very much
chocolatiel 7 Apr 2023 22:55
OMG TYSM!! Any help, hint, advice, clue, tip suggestion, pls let me know, I'd be more than glad to assist you with anything and everything n.n Let's Gooooo!!!!
TilinInsano 8 Apr 2023 00:14
Hello, good afternoon, since you mention that any help could you please give me a clue on how to get an achievement? It's in a Mario world creepypasta hack room. It's called MARIO. I only need one achievement called Bad At Following Instructions. Please, if you could help me, if not, nothing like that happens, thanks, I can't believe I'm talking to you :D
chocolatiel 8 Apr 2023 00:34
Once your clear all 6 stages, enter the stage called "never come back". New badge HYPE!!! Man, I'm truly honored to have a new RA friend! >.<
TilinInsano 8 Apr 2023 17:54
or really thank you very much bro I really did not know how to do it thank you very much it is already my 21st game mastered really thank you very much and a greeting: D to one more thing if it bothers you that I take your photo just tell me and I will change it without problem :D
chocolatiel 8 Apr 2023 22:40
Yay! 21 badges is a lot bro, and you got them in no time at all! Glad I could help :) and ohh no, pls feel free to use any avatar you feel like ^u^ btw, we got a channel in our discord server called free badges, so you are more than welcome to join us and have a look around
TilinInsano 11 Apr 2023 16:57
Thank you very much if I knew about the discord channel but I don't have a discord but hey I'll download it and see thanks anyway for the help
Shirokaze9 10 Jun 2024 01:10
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