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televandalist 21 Nov 2020 20:18
You may be in the lead of #shitloadofnotesgang for a single game (3799, christ...), but I will pass you one day.
TheMysticalOne 1 Dec 2020 13:28
Don't worry. I still have more to figure out about that game. :X
Rohsiph 3 Jan 2022 16:34
Looking forward to trying your Ultima lists soon. Pretty new here, but was great to find someone had done sets for this stuff! Cheers!
Glendaal 31 Mar 2022 11:49
Thanks for the Astyanax set! High quality work
Enagonius 24 May 2022 23:25
Just passing by to leave some well-wishing: thanks for the Gabrielle set because it introduced me to the amazing world of Amstrad and I'd also would like to praise your for your down-to-earth behaviour, engaging in conversations about the sets you dev and gaming in general. Be safe!
TheMysticalOne 25 May 2022 01:44
Thanks! I hope more people get to experience and appreciate Gabrielle. I like talking about sets and games I enjoy. I like seeing people be able to accomplish things I made.
seraphine1 9 Nov 2022 19:49
Thaks for that set
suspect15 26 Dec 2022 19:57
Congrats on winning the Devember 2022 event! Incredible work maintaining so many of the sets that no longer have active devs. We all owe you and the other participants a big thanks.
TheMysticalOne 26 Dec 2022 19:59
I like to think everyone has won because of December. Thanks for the kind words. :)
Akai 16 Jan 2023 20:06
Been meaning to stop by and thank you for your work on both the NES Ultima Quest of the Avatar and the massive DQ VIII set. Especially the latter, that was one of the best sets I've played on this website. Slightly less thanks for that subset though, it's pretty evil lol :P
Enagonius 16 Jan 2023 22:18
Just some more kudos: thanks for the Ultima - Quest of the Avatar (NES) set, which was really well-made, even taking in consideration hidden in-game counters and it encompassed all nuances and minutiae for the game, which is full of them. Also, thanks for all the nice chats about the game, since that helped me get into it – and now I've become a fan of this series; I can also affirm that I'm a fan of your work here!
genesislover 16 Jan 2023 23:02
Look at that average completion percent! You have enough willpower to not postpone things for later.
I absolutely love your choices of games to develop - from amazing RPG titles to crappy ports of Gradius πŸ˜„
When it comes to developing sets, you are an absolute beast - you blew my mind with the progress you made in WOTES development in such a short time.
Keep being awesome!
TheMysticalOne 17 Jan 2023 02:07
Thanks guys. Gonna keep trying to make fun sets :)
WCopeland 17 Feb 2023 21:28
I have waited so long for a FF2 PSP set, best of luck making it, I am rooting for you!
groff16 17 Feb 2023 21:50
The Best developer indeed. If you need any assistance in G.I.Joe I will be sure to help
ScruteyBaybeh 21 Feb 2023 23:29
Hey there. I saw you've been working on a set for Ultima I and I just wanted to stop by and say thank you in advance. I love the game and I'm eager to sit down n' play it again. Best of luck, and peace be with you!
TheMysticalOne 22 Feb 2023 22:23
Feel free to drop into the Ultima set forum page of you have any ideas for the set toom still mostly just digging RAM.
ScruteyBaybeh 22 Feb 2023 23:42
Sounds good, I'll keep notepad handy and think over some ideas. Anything comes to mind, I'll post it in the forum.
Scott 27 Feb 2023 09:53
Congrats on Set Of The Year 2022! Well deserved :)
Ronald203 20 Jun 2023 00:20
cual parche en español es compaible con zelda a link to the pash?