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TheMysticalOne (11328 points) (30234)
I like cheese.

Member Since: 18 Nov 2019, 16:37
Last Activity: 03 Aug 2020, 15:37
Account Type: [Developer]

Retro Ratio: 2.67
Average Completion: 92.36%
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Achievements won by others: 2571
Points awarded to others: 40714

Last 5 games played:

0% complete
Ultima VI - The False Prophet (SNES)
Last played 2020-08-03 01:07:20
Earned 0 of 0 achievements, 0/0 points.

32% complete
Section-Z (NES)
Last played 2020-07-31 12:05:56
Earned 7 of 44 achievements, 20/290 points.
Century Slayer
Degeneration 1-1
Breached the Entrance
Need for Speed
Smash It!
Ten-Pack Streak
Greased Lightning
The Depths of Area 1
Degeneration 1-2
Flawless Destruction of Power
Zamuza You Lose-a!
Zamuza Dodger
Area 1 Efficient Sabateur
Area 1 Highly Efficient Sabateur
Area 1 Explorer
Degeneration 2-1
Degeneration 2-2
Balba Buster
Area 2 Efficient Sabateur
Area 2 Explorer
Squid Squisher
Squid Perfection
Degeneration 3-1
Balba Breaker
Degeneration 3-2
Insane in the L-Brain
Area 3 Efficient Sabateur
Area 3 Explorer
Wheel of Doom
Paragon of Health
Space Marine
Mass Murderer
Bust a Move
All Power to the Forward Shields
Flasher Smasher
Ready for Anything
Deja Vu
Refuel Looper
Preparation is Key
Took Off That Red Shirt
Been Around the Loop a Few Times
Button Masher Supreme

200% complete
Ultima: Warriors of Destiny (NES)
Last played 2020-07-22 11:18:05
Earned 85 of 85 achievements, 740/740 points.
The World is Nearly Square
Seven Years Bad Luck
Doomed Collector
Doomed Entry
Shameful Collector
Shameful  Entry
Knight of Spirituality
Slayer of Cowardice
Worldy Collector
Knight of Valor
Knight of Honor
Knight of Compassion
Knight of Justice
Knight of Sacrifice
Knight of Honesty
Knight of Humility
Shard of Cowardice
Underworldy Collector
Hythloth Collector
Hythloth Entry
Black Badge
Dastardly Collector
Dastardly Entry
Mantra of Valor
Word of Power: Destard
Despise Collector
Despise Entry
Slayer of Hatred
Wrongful Collector
Shard of Hatred
Wrongful Entry
Slayer of Falsehood
Shard of Falsehood
Master Avatar
Deceitful Collector
Deceitful Entry
Covetous Collector
Master Monster Hunter
Mole Person
Veteran Monster Hunter
Most Improved
Arms of the Avatar
More Improved
Covetous Entry
Word of Power: Covetous
Mantra of Sacrifice
Get Iolo Back
Get Shamino Back
Glass Sword
Word of Power: Deceit
Mantra of Honesty
Mantra of Humility
Word of Power: Hythloth
Stealthy Infiltration [m]
Novice Monster Hunter
Mantra of Honor
Word of Power: Shame
You'll Be Safer Without Me
Mantra of Spirituality
Word of Power: Wrong
Don't Give Up
Mantra of Justice
Member of the Resistance
Mantra of Compassion
Sandalwood Box
Novice Mammonite
Magic Carpet
Word of Power: Despise
Novice Treasure Hunter

200% complete
~Hack~ Ultima: Exodus Remastered (NES)
Last played 2020-07-17 19:54:03
Earned 93 of 93 achievements, 692/692 points.
Get Equipped with the Sun Sword
Orcus Obliterator
Fit for a King
Teal-Coloured Cavern Collector
Did I Do That?
Green-Coloured Cavern Collector
Red-Coloured Cavern Collector
Oceans Four
I'm The Doctor
Blue-Coloured Cavern Collector
Deadly Treasure Hunter
Gray-Coloured Cavern Collector
Moongate Master
Be Ye Naughty
Moongate Traveller
Mimic Masher
Did Not Get Rock-Blocked
Armor of Legend
None Shall Pass!
Gold Gathers More Than a Shovel
Old-Fasioned Dungeon Crawl
Sunny Treasure Hunter
You're a Parseltongue!
Orange-Coloured Cavern Collector
Programmed for Love
Programmed for Mortality
Master Druid
Programmed for Light
Programmed for Night
Sore Feet
Outfought the Fighter
Sword of Legend
There's the Silver Lining I've Been Looking For
Obstacle Remover
Be Ye Nice
Sleight of Hand
Book Worm
Common Sense
Gold-Coloured Cavern Collector
He 'asn't got Crap All Over Him.
Get Equipped with the Bow!
No Longer Night
Cutpurse Cutter
Hot Treasure Hunter
For Knowledge and Defense. Never Attack.
Pincher Pincher
Light It Up Up Up!
Foe of Insects
Nessy Nemesis
The Pit of Despair
Hole-y Treasure Collector
Food of the Gods
Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum
Best Peasant Ever
Tomb Raider Extraordinaire
Get Equipped with the Silver Bow!
Learn of Ambrosia
Foe of the Abyss
Wizard's Bane
Get Equipped with the Spear!
There Sure are a Lot of These
Stylish Dragon Scales
Who Put These Here?
Get Equipped with the Iron Sword!
Foe of Brutes
It Opens!
You found a weapon!
You found armor!
Troll Troller
Battle Veteran
A Link to the Past
Your Friend Iolo
Get Equipped with the Blowgun!
Stylish Iron Armor
Battle Grunt
Foe of Goblinkin
Stylish Leather Duds
Zombie Survivor
First Action
Foe of the Undead

200% complete
Dragon Warrior II (NES)
Last played 2020-07-01 11:05:13
Earned 75 of 75 achievements, 500/500 points.
T's not flying! T's falling with style!
Thou hast found the last soldier!
Through Hell and Out
Thou hast hit the metallic jackpot!
Thou let the waters flow!
Ye Sacred Fragment
Thou hast opened the evil reefs!
Thou hast found the demonic icon!
T's was really well hidden...
Ye Enchanted Dress
Thou hast found the Sage Stick!
Ye king is naked!
Thou hast found the Hero Blade!
Thy Ancestor's Helmet
Cannock Heritage
Thou hast found the Rock Scales!
Ye Olde Yggdrasil
Thou hast found the Hero Armor!
Thou hast found the Blade of Storms!
Prithee, Magic Ring!
The Legendary Medal
A Damsel in Distress
Thou hast conquered the Eastern Tower!
Thou art looking good!
T's dangerous to venture alone!
Give credit where credit t's due!
T's-a me!
The Name of thy Ancestor
Thou art the Slime Rancher!
Ye power is over 9000!
Thou art bootleg Moses!
Thou hast finished the wrong quest!
Thou art a musician!
Thou hast thy power to open doors!
Thou hast thy power to open more doors!
Thou art the master of doors!
Thou hast found peace!
Thou shal not be selfish!
Thy quest t's over!
Ye Evil Priest
Thou hast leveled up!
Thou hast becometh swol!
Thou art a big boy!
Thou art a slayer!
Thou art ready for anything!
Thy enemy's armor is weak!
Ye Best Luck
Thou art now buddies!
T's now a full party!
Thou stays up too late at night!
Thou art as vast as the ocean!
Thou art as bright as the Sun!
Thou art a lover AND a fighter!
Thou shines like a star!
Thou art charming!
Thou art on fire!
Thou no longer needs a PokeCenter!
T's time to stop!
Phew, that twas closeth!
Thou no longer needth a rope!
Thou hast put on shoes!
Everything shall now burn!
Thou art now the Buff Bois!
Thou art death!
Thou art life!
Thou art kerboom!
T's no longer a battle scar!
T's bed time already?
T's hot or t's just me?
Thou hast thy best sound system!
Thou stinks!
We art not dead!
Thou possess quite a punch!
Thou art a burglar!
What couldeth go wrong?

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Recent comment(s):
29 Apr 17:51 2020
Sup heMysticalOne, I was looking for G.I Joe The Atlantis Factory. It would be nice to get that game with Achievements. Hope all is well on your side
29 Apr 17:54 2020
I only created the forum for it. I wasn't planning to create a set for it any time soon. It definitely needs a set though. It's not as good at the first game, but still decent.
29 Apr 17:59 2020
Understand ... It was one of my fav back in the days for me. If i did know how to do the development on it i would of helped. But i will wait till when ever you got the time to get it set. Thanks for the reply though, much respect.
1 Jun 23:17 2020
You, my man are a legend, keep up the good work

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