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SynbiosRex 1 Jul 2022 12:48
Got my first master. Was initially thinking of just doing softcore, I think I'll add hardcore into the mix from now on. It might seem like I'm talking to myself, but I like to put in timestamps and milestones, haha. :)
Bryan1150 31 Aug 2022 16:36
Good luck on Harvest Moon DS!
SynbiosRex 5 Sep 2022 00:10
Thanks, mate. I'll get there eventually. I didn't see your message until now, I never got a notification, heh. :)
SynbiosRex 24 Sep 2022 15:07
Exactly rank 2000, another 1000 ranks before my next comment. If you think I'm somewhat odd for commenting on my own wall, I don't blame you, hehe. <3
jNastyWSA 5 Oct 2022 22:10
Damn man ur ripping thru dq8
suspect15 8 Oct 2022 02:00
Congratulations on being the first to master DQ8! Very impressive accomplishment!
valts 7 Nov 2022 16:10
Congratulations on being first to master Silent Hill 2 (PS2)!
SynbiosRex 13 Nov 2022 22:57
@suspect15: Thanks mate, sorry for the late reply. I'll master DF one day even if it takes me more than a year, haha. @valts: Thank you, I wasn't expecting or planning on getting first, it 's just a nice and unexpected happenstance. :)
bryandelmond 23 Jan 2023 02:36
Dude how the hell were you able to score 100000+ points in the Tales of Destiny Naval Game? The most I've been able to score was about 20000.
SynbiosRex 23 Jan 2023 03:41
@Bryandelmond Shear utter obstinance, my dude. Also I kept 1 Gargoyle and 1 gun boat alive on the 1st wave and just shoot the bonus ships whenever they pop up. It takes soooooooo much longer than a normal game, but lower risk and less of a headache. Even though it's a lot easier it is still challenging because timing is key and you might destory the last gargoyle or gunboat. I hope that helps.
bryandelmond 23 Jan 2023 10:18
Yeah i knew that strategy. The problem with that is that it takes forever to get to that score. I swear the minigames in this game just have the most ridiculous requirements to gain the best rewards.
SynbiosRex 23 Jan 2023 11:00
That's the only way it was possible for me to do it, just normally was impossible. I would split it up, pause it and take microbreaks.
dragonskull1057 11 Feb 2023 22:53
Sounds like the Breath of Fire 4 minigames. Those sandflier races and that fairy village minigame require such near perfection to get the best scores in order to get the most game points out of them.
bjoehanna 11 Mar 2023 23:28
GG being the first to master any of my sets. Have fun on your next one
SynbiosRex 12 Mar 2023 00:43
Thanks mate. It was my first time playing DO2, it's definitely a fun game. I appreciate your help. <3