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Member Since: 29 Jun 2021, 23:03
Last Activity: 19 May 2022, 20:44
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Retro Ratio: 2.68
Average Completion: 77.88%
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Playing as Chris and has equipped the Rocket Launcher - Advanced Mode

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200% complete
Resident Evil: Director's Cut (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-04-25 19:52:45
Earned 113 of 113 achievements, 1065/1065 points.
I need more muscle for this [m]
You don't hafta get a gun [m]
I guess you want S.T.A.R.S, but I can't give you S.T.A.R.S [m]
This is all your fault [m]
No time to spare [m]
Why would I save? [m]
I love that! [m]
I can do it too! [m]
I want them!!! [m]
Your new wife [m]
Time to shut down Umbrella [m]
Left 4 Dead [m]
Sorry, I need to go! [m]
Nice looking spider [m]
Go eat something else [m]
The Night of the Living Dead [m]
Drawer-O-Mania [m]
You should use a box next time, to hide [m]
You... again?
This is gonna hurt [m]
Nice view [m]
What would have happened if I was a girl? [m]
This won't bother Rebecca-chan anymore
I'm so clever! [m]
Sharks, here?! But... Why? [m]
Oh no... [m]
Waste of time 2 [m]
It was a nice pool
Waste of time [m]
This may be helpful for Rebecca-chan [m]
I can't use my brain to skip them [m]
Puppy [m]
Time to get out of here... Or?
Don't bite me please [m]
It's finally over [m]
The true survivor [m]
Jill's Diary
Now it's Raccoon City time! [m]
Who cares about Chris anyway [m]
Snake.... SNAAAAAKE! [m]
The clock
Chris the botanist [m]
Sorry, I skipped music class
Rest in pepperonis [m]
I hope this one can shoot! [m]
Why I had to do all that? [m]
Something is wrong with this weapon, I can't shoot! [m]
Just. Kill. Everyone. [m]
I like to waste ammo! [m]
What is a man... without his pistol? [m]
Where's my knife?! [m]
Come on, you're a man or not? [m]
Barry... Why... [m]
What have you done? [m]
Get away from me!!!
The truth [m]
The secret entrance
Carousel [m]
My hero... again? [m]
Disgusting [m]
Oh no, Barry! [m]
Breakfast [m]
Even more Hunters [m]
Oh please, Barry! [m]
This might be helpful
A new shortcut [m]
You're too slow! Wait what? [m]
Coward [m]
Yawn the mighty second
The Master of unlocking [m]
I am the most beautiful... Hunter! [m]
Dog evolved into... a spider ! [m]
The Hunters are hunted [m]
Hunterino [m]
Too fast to be fun [m]
Yamete Kudasai!!! [m]
No more Hentai [m]
Chemistry [m]
Jaws [m]
This is so hard alone!
It's time to take a bath
No Hentai today [m]
Piece of cake [m]
Who let the dogs out [m]
Jill the Ecologist [m]
Time to get out
Quick off the mark [m]
Snakozor [m]
Run, Jill, Run! [m]
What is this wizardry?!
Jill the Pianist
Armor key Master [m]
Better safe than sorry [m]
I'm sorry... [m]
Very, very clever girl
Your Aim is Impeckable [m]
Two statues, one girl [m]
Bad tentacles
Jill Sandwich [m]
I love secrets! [m]
Wow, you really did it! [m]
Tiny Tiger
Statue destroyer
Time to destroy them! [m]
Let me out!!! [m]
Barry, your gun is so b... strong!
It is a corpse, what is the problem? [m]
Di... Die! [m]

193% complete
Tomb Raider (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-04-20 16:16:16
Earned 83 of 86 achievements, 475/600 points.
Jacqueline Secrets
Handstand III
The Great Pyramid
The Ruler of Atlantis
Legless Mutant
Atlanteans Secrets
Natla's Guys Secrets
Swan Dive VII
Natla's Mines
Pyramid Key
Swan Dive II
Sanctuary of the Scion
Extreme Raider - Sanctuary of the Scion
Larson Conway
Swan Dive IV
Swan Dive V
Swan Dive VI
Handstand IV
Extreme Raider - Obelisk of Khamoon
Obelisk of Khamoon
Mummy Secrets
Eye of Horus
Seal of Anubis
City of Khamoon
Extreme Raider - City of Khamoon
Saphire Keys
Black Panthers Secrets
Extreme Raider - Tomb of Tihocan
Centaurs Secrets
Tomb of Tihocan
Second Piece of the Scion
Pierre Dupont
Swan Dive III
Extreme Raider - Palace Midas
Extreme Raider - Cistern
Cistern Keys
Rats Secrets
Palace Midas
Gold Bars
Lead Bars
Gorillas Secrets
Aureum Lara
Extreme Raider - Colosseum
Lions Secrets
Rusty Key
Handstand II
St. Francis' Folly
Extreme Raider - St. Francis' Folly
Crocodiles Secrets
The Gods keys
Handstand I
Pacifist Lara
Extreme Raider - Tomb of Qualopec
Tomb of Qualopec
Raptors Secrets
First Piece of the Scion
Swan Dive I
Extreme Raider - The Lost Valley
Rex Raider
Extreme Raider - City of Vilacabamba
Extreme Raider - Caves
Lara's Home
The Lost Valley
Rex Secrets
Machine Cogs
City of Vilcabamba
Bears Secrets
Gold Idol & Silver Key
Wolves Secrets
Extreme Raider - Natla's Mines
Extreme Raider - Atlantis
Extreme Raider - The Great Pyramid

157% complete
Legend of Zelda, The (NES)
Last played 2022-04-12 00:34:06
Earned 54 of 69 achievements, 452/800 points.
So Many Bombs
Bested Digdogger
Blue Darknut Expert
Bested Gleeok
Bested Manhandla
Boy, This is Really Expensive!
Lizard Expert
Snake Expert
Moon Expert
Manji Expert
Eagle Expert
Darknut Bombing Expert
Swordless Level 2
Optimal Level 1 Explorer
Did I Unlock That Door?
The Quest is Over
Ready to Face the Beast
Red Hype
Dungeon Cartographer
Lion Novice
Heart Master
Locked Doors Master
Level 8 Secret Room
Wizard Link
Dragon Novice
Bested Gohma
Stronger Than Ever
Complete Upgrade
Magician Link
Demon Novice
Pyromaniac Link
More Bombs
Level 7 Secret Room
Lizard Novice
Musician Link
Snake Novice
Level 4 Secret Room
One Step Across the River
Magical Upgrade
Good Sense of Direction
Manji Novice
Ready to Sail
Magical Protection
Moon Novice
Bested Dodongo
Boomerang Pro
Rupee Hoarder
Recommendation for the Old Woman
Rupee Bounty
Eagle Novice
Bested Aquamentus
Archer Link
Boomerang Amateur
It's Dangerous to Go Alone!
Bested Patra
Bounty Hunter
It's Not Easy Being Green
Swordless Adventurer
Boy, This is Really Expensive! Too
Heart Master 2
Dungeon Explorer
Fully Loaded and Upgraded
Dragon Expert
Demon Expert
Lion Expert
Quest Master
Get to D Level-4 Secret
Swordless Master
8-Bit Master

0% complete
Final Fantasy (PlayStation Portable)
Last played 2022-04-08 20:49:49
Earned 0 of 58 achievements, 0/576 points.
Sailing Away
All Seeing Eye
Jolted Awake
Blood Sucker
Power of Earth
Row, Row, Row!
Burn in Hellfire
We're Going Under
Tomb in the Depths
War Machine
Breathe Easy
Dwarven Made
Hound of Hades
Hanging Out
Man of Many Talents
Black Hole
Dragon Lord
Hard Shell
Tornado Alley
Crucible of Flames
He's Armed!
Traveling Light
Chaotic No More
Chronodia I
Chronodia II
Chronodia III
Chronodia IV
Chronodia V
Chronodia VI
Chronodia VII
Chronodia VIII
Bestiary I
Bestiary II
Bestiary III
Bestiary IV
Treasure Hunter
Lock Pick
Finders Keepers
Empty Boxes
Going in Circles
Time Crunch
Over Time
Dead Line

189% complete
Streets of Rage (Mega Drive)
Last played 2022-04-08 00:28:58
Earned 50 of 53 achievements, 615/740 points.
Mr. X
Freight Elevator
Zamza Again??
Police Break
Adam Hunter
Jab Specialist
Flying Kick
Mona and Lisa
Big Ben
Streets of Cats!
Axel Stone
Aboard Ship
The Evil Twins
Inner City
Flying Knee
Pro Gold Score
Don't Need No Police
Save The City!
Blaze Fielding
Elevator Action
Flying By Accident
Factory Fight
Across the Sea
Good Silver Score
Crossing the Bridge
Black Hole
Battle at the Beach
Weapons of Rage
Nice Bronze Score
Backstreet Brawler
Bare Knuckle
Life UP!
Hitting the Streets
City Street
Street Vandal
Just Getting Started...
False Alarm
Syndicate Headquarters
The Crimelord
Streets Legend

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MASTERED Wild Arms (PlayStation)
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MASTERED Legend of Zelda, The: Link's Awakening DX (Game Boy Color)
Awarded on 06 Apr 2022, 15:22
MASTERED Legend of Zelda, The: Link's Awakening (Game Boy)
Awarded on 24 Sep 2021, 22:28
MASTERED Aladdin (Mega Drive)
Awarded on 07 Apr 2022, 14:16
MASTERED Resident Evil: Director's Cut (PlayStation)
Awarded on 26 Apr 2022, 03:07

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