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Alex1331xela 24 Mar 2023 07:11
can confirm, you're dope!
AllKindsOfJames 30 Apr 2023 05:10
Hey SMB, It's fun being a neighbour of yours in the rankings. Keep up the great work and impressive masteries.
CassetteCobra 22 May 2023 09:59
Nicely done on the Spongebob Time Trials, They were a nightmare to complete. Especially the Weenie Parking one, that one the dev played it too perfectly -_-
adamc4x 15 Jun 2023 09:57
Thanks for leaving that comment, Always cool to meet another kaizo fanatic!
KnusperBKN 3 Jul 2023 09:56
Yooo :)
ConfluentOhm 18 Jul 2023 00:52
You come to my profile... To give ME praise one doing well in NINJA WORLD? HUH? YOU THINK THAT'S OKAY?
Because you're doin' way better than I am, tell you that. I can only dream of every reaching the skill level you're at. Keep kickin' ass.
soundogg 27 Jul 2023 20:02
congratulations on reaching rank top 100 GG
chocolatiel 17 Aug 2023 00:40
Top 100 HYPE
Mupen 25 Aug 2023 22:48
Thanks for the comment you left on my profile :D
Bushando64 26 Sep 2023 13:35
I'm seein' a LOT of my favorite games on here so it's cool to know that you've got good taste, thanks for the support pal! B)
Tvr77 4 Oct 2023 23:44
Thanks for the response SupermeatBro, much appreciated.
ManyHours 19 Oct 2023 16:05
eepkay upyay ethay oodgay RA orkway !
viniciuskombat 18 Nov 2023 19:42
bro is insane, S+ Rank cheevo hunter
Melodius 29 Nov 2023 04:42
adamjohnny5 1 Dec 2023 03:42
Every kaizo must bow and every hack confess that meatbro is superior.
Dominick 1 Dec 2023 11:46
Cool dude and an awesome kaizo player!
RicardoSilva 12 Dec 2023 17:34
Thank you for congratulating me on mastering Body Harvest. It's always good to be recognized by great players!
Skystarmania 23 Dec 2023 20:23
Amazing Kaizo Player one of the best RA, also super chill guy always been a vibe to hang out with him

Looking forward to your future sets!! :)
JRodslegend 22 Jan 2024 17:49
Thanks friend! I used to play kaizo hacks all the time, it’s awesome getting back into them with achievements now! Although nowadays I tend to gravitate more towards standard hard/very hard as my patience to spend hours on a single level has dwindled lol
thebolak 17 Feb 2024 15:19
Oh, quelqu'un qui est proche de st-jean ;) Mais tu as fini beaucoup plus de jeux que moi XD Tu es un sacré gamer