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Evolution: The World of Sacred Device (Dreamcast)
Last played 2022-05-08 01:36:17
6 of 58 achievements, 14/455 points
10% complete
Sleep Staff
Grave Robber
True Dungeon-Diver I
Point of No Return I
Take The Initiative!
Dive Bar ASMR
Point of No Return II
Point of No Return III
Point of No Return IV
Point of No Return V
Star Crystal
Primary Rose
Cold Spiral
Earth Source
Panzerkampf Gaggin
Brings Gun To Cyframe Fight
The Final Appearance of Evolutia
Raiders of the Lost Tomb
Museum Returners
Ruins Ravager
Accomplished Explorer
Default The Bank
Blank Check
Mag Handful
Magnetic Lightning
Mag's Moving Hansel
Mag Gear Solid
Magnum Hammer
Take My Mag If You Want To Live
Mag Spray
Maggle Rock
Healing Rail Cannon
Impossible Spell Skills
Linear Status Report
Hey Guys, Linear Has A Gift For You
Evolutia of Time
A Tale of Horseshoes and Hand Gre
Spirit Grenade
Custom Nade
Gre's Kitchen
Mag Lad ReGREssion
Zenith Blade Chronicles
Jet X
Unidentified Flying Redhead
Flame of Passion
Bay Blade
Chain Combo Breaker
Pepper Spray
Pepper Peeper
Special Parts For Pepper's Gun Friends
Icy-Hot Frozen Peppers
Time To Pay The Pepper
The Sound Of Music From A Gun
True Dungeon-Diver II
True Dungeon-Diver III
True Dungeon-Diver IV
True Dungeon-Diver V
True Dungeon-Diver VI
Toy Commander (Dreamcast)
Last played 2022-04-25 05:15:35
95 of 95 achievements, 511/511 points
Toy Commander
Sir Aldarak XIII
Secret Garden
The Piano Predicament
The Exterminators
Crazy Train
Locomotion Explosion
Planet Invaders
Guardians of the Galaxy
Who Let the Dogs Out?
Into the Great Wide Open
Bunny Soup
Hare-brained Magic
Quiet Riots
Noise Complaints
The Heist
Ocean's Attic
Taking Over
All Your Base
Little Big Taxi
Crazy Taxi
Helichopter Hoo-ha
Speed Chopper
Earth Defense Force
Extraterrestrials Gone Bad
Louis the Lemur
Freed Thinkers
Drive-Ins and Dives
The Pirates Booty
The Evil Extraterrestrials
Dishing it Out
Ramping it Up
Up and Down
A Friend in Need
Convoy Captain
Sink and Destroy!
12 Mercenaries
Team Fortress 12
Only You Can Prevent Bedroom Fires
Putting Out Fires
Railroad Rabble
On the Right Track
Race to Win
Pest Control
Birds of a Feather
Fire Flighter
Emergency 911
Flying Circus
Aces High
Farm Fresh
Agent Green
Maze Motoring
Roly Poly
House Sitter
Sad Princess Clara
Rabbit Rampage
Chuck Amok
Stop, Drop, and Splash
Bombs Away!
Roundup Rally
Burning Rubber
Grand Prix
Seeing Red
Hunt and Seek
Fly Swatter
Air Raid
Weapons of Fast Destruction
Blow the Bridge Down
Deep Sea Trap
Hot Wings
Rings of Fire
Boiling Rage
Egg Timer
Sugar Rush
Silent Scope (Dreamcast)
Last played 2022-04-19 08:27:24
64 of 64 achievements, 493/493 points
Challenge100: Stages 11-20 Complete
Challenge100: Stages 91-100 Ultimate Sniper
Challenge100: Stages 91-100 Complete
Challenge100: Stages 81-90 Ultimate Sniper
Challenge100: Stages 81-90 Complete
Challenge100: Stages 71-80 Ultimate Sniper
Challenge100: Stages 71-80 Complete
Challenge100: Stages 61-70 Ultimate Sniper
Challenge100: Stages 61-70 Complete
Challenge100: Stages 51-60 Ultimate Sniper
Challenge100: Stages 51-60 Complete
Challenge100: Stages 41-50 Complete
Challenge100: Stages 41-50 Ultimate Sniper
Challenge100: Stages 31-40 Ultimate Sniper
Challenge100: Stages 31-40 Complete
Challenge100: Stages 21-30 Complete
Challenge100: Stages 21-30 Ultimate Sniper
Challenge100: Stages 11-20 Ultimate Sniper
Challenge100: Stages 1-10 Ultimate Sniper
Challenge100: Stages 1-10 Complete
Training: Ultimate Sniper (Cave Quick Shot)
Training: Ultimate Sniper (Cave Pop-up Targets)
Training: Ultimate Sniper (Cave Perfect Shot)
Training: Ultimate Sniper (Cave Time Attack)
Training: Ultimate Sniper (River Quick Shot)
Training: Ultimate Sniper (River Pop-up Targets)
Training: Ultimate Sniper (River Perfect Shot)
Sharpshooter Under Pressure
Training: Ultimate Sniper (River Time Attack)
Training: Ultimate Sniper (Farm Quick Shot)
Training: Ultimate Sniper (Farm Pop-up Targets)
Training: Ultimate Sniper (Farm Perfect Shot)
Training: Ultimate Sniper (Farm Time Attack)
Time Attack: Ultimate Sniper (Hard)
Time Attack: Ultimate Sniper (Medium)
Time Attack: Ultimate Sniper (Easy)
Too Distracted To Work
Big Puntos
Ace of Aces
50 Hit Streak (Arcade)
One Credit, One Clear
It's Hard To Miss When You're This Close
A Love Letter Between Snipers
Air Superiority
Mission Complete
The Men Who Should Have Found Some Cover
The Final Battle?
Scorpion Flattened
Bring The Hammer Down
And We'll Have Fun Fun Fun Till The Sniper Takes The T-Bird Away
A Pile of Points
15 Hit Streak (Arcade)
Double The Bosses, Double The Fun
Traffic Successfully Blocked
A Smattering of Points
Shot Through The Heart
Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Air to Air Battle
Scorpion Stung
Sniper Ace
5 Hit Streak (Arcade)
Ammunition Conservation
Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage (Dreamcast)
Last played 2022-04-15 02:20:53
34 of 34 achievements, 175/175 points
Battle Arena - Time attack C
The History They Hold
Battle Arena - Time attack B
Battle Arena - Time attack A
Battle Arena - Disciple-Balzac
Battle Arena - Great Tree-Casca
Battle Arena - Baron Balzac
Battle Arena - Zoddo battle
Battle Arena - Great Tree-Niko battle
Battle Arena - Job battle
Bridge QTE Fail
Mandragoran Dog QTE Fail
Wood Path QTE Fail
Puck's Game
Devil's Contract
Final Battle
The Idea of Evil
Giant Tentacle Corridor
Castle Engulfed in Chaos
Collapsing Bridge QTE Succeed
The Burning City
Mandragoran Dog QTE Succeed
Collapsing Bridge QTE Fail
The Immortal Zoddo
Under the Church
Wood Path QTE Succeed
The Village of the Mandragorans
Forest Grows to the Town's Edge
Bridge QTE Succeed
Resistance Hideout
The City at Night
The Underground Lab
Job's Rampage in Town
Sega GT (Dreamcast)
Last played 2022-04-11 01:30:52
118 of 118 achievements, 725/725 points
Born In A World Of Cars, TRUCK
SA-CLASS Pure Rice Tax
SA-CLASS Nippon Steel II
SA-CLASS Nippon Steel I
SA-CLASS Heavenly Stars of Shuba
SA-CLASS Mister Bitsy Strikes Thrice
SA-CLASS Dodge My River
SA-CLASS Rich Blessings of Honda
A-CLASS Lush Fields of Rice
A-CLASS Pleiades M45 Cluster
A-CLASS Japan Industries II
A-CLASS Japan Industries I
A-CLASS Kidou Tenshi-Go
A-CLASS Mister Bitsy
A-CLASS Hear My Soichiro
B-CLASS Tofu Insurance
B-CLASS Tofu Tax
B-CLASS Heavenly Bells of Industries
B-CLASS Triple Rhombus-Hand Slap
E-CLASS Angelic Seven Sisters Loom
E-CLASS Garage I
E-CLASS Big Osaka Engines
E-Class Soichiro
WSK Front Wheel Drive
WSK Rear Wheel Drive
WSK Four Wheel Drive
World Series King Acquired
Official Race SA-Class Special Race
Official Race SA-Class Cup
Official Race A-Class Special Race
Official Race A-Class Cup
Official Race B-Class Special Race
Official Race B-Class Cup
Official Race Extra Class Special Race
Official Race Extra Class Cup
Bridgestone Tire Burners
Pioneer Max Volume
Drag 1000
Drag 400
I Am Sportalcus
Airplanes On The Ground
One Make Large Car Race
NA Large Car Race Cup
Found On Road Driving
We're Going To Norm McDonald's...?
One Make Light Car Race
NA Light Car Race Cup
SNAP On To A Light Car
Get The Gum Out
One Make Small Car Race
NA Small Car Race Cup
Out of Laws
Hertz, Don't It
Pennsylvania Oil
Excite-ing Web Portals
We're Going To McDonald's!!
Factory License SA
Factory License A
Factory License B
RE Amemiya Matsumoto-Kiyoshi RX7
STI Impreza 22B-STi
RALLIART Lancer GSR Evolution VI
MazdaSpeed MX-5 Miata C-spec
Mugen Integra Type R
Momocorse APEX MR2
Impreza WRX type R Tuned by STi
RALLIART Mirage Cyborg ZR
MazdaSpeed MX-5 Miata Special Package
Mugen Civic Type R
Nismo Pulsar Serie VZ-R N1 version II
BP APEX Kraft Trueno
DRS storia X4
MazdaSpeed AZ-1
Mugen Z Turbo
Suzuki Sport Alto Works RSZ
SA-Class Ralliart
SA-Class License Passing Grade
SA-Class Mazda Speed
SA-Class Mugen
SA-Class Nismo
SA-Class TRD
SA-Class STI
SA-Class License Acquired
A-Class Ralliart
A-Class License Passing Grade
A-Class Mazda Speed
A-Class Mugen
A-Class Nismo
A-Class TRD
A-Class STI
A-Class License Acquired
B-Class License Passing Grade
B-Class Ralliart
B-Class Mazda Speed
B-Class Mugen
B-Class Nismo
B-Cllass TRD
B-Class DRS
B-Class License Acquired
E-Class Ralliart
E-Class License Passing Grade
E-Class Mazda Speed
E-Class Mugen
E-Class DRS
E-Class STI
E-Class Suzuki Sport
E-Class License Reacquired

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What would you do if you werent afraid? Steve Harvey
SteveHarvey 12 Feb 2022 20:00
I had, like, 11 jobs. Ive been fired 11 times! Cause Im not cut for that. You know, I was a great employee, man. Everybody loved me coming to work Im singing, tellin jokes on the assembly line. I was miserable, man. I was dying. I was dying. Steve Harvey
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Oh yeah you go Steve, 200% those games!
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You know I will, young blood! Steve Harvey.
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hi steve harvey
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Keep on rocking zacpilled, remember this: Your career is what youre paid for. Your calling is what youre made for. Steve Harvey
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Hey playa, thanks for all your enthusiasm and kindness on the internet
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Thank you yendihunt! I love the internet and all God's creatures within it. Always hold this with you: The more people you will help become successful the more successful you will become. Steve Harvey
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Thanks for the advice on using the tank in wacky races, it was very helpful.
Keep slaying those Dreamcast games Steve.
SteveHarvey 1 Apr 2022 04:18
So glad I could help, my brother! You know I will, Sega do what Nintendon't! Orph, remember, when you're happy at home, you can make a lot of things happen. Steve Harvey
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Steve is the god of Dreamcast.
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I appreciate that riesenreturn but remember Exodus 20:3, playa! God bless ya, and I wish you nothing but health and joy. Steve Harvey
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didnt remember proverbs 6:32 did you steve
TheJediSonic 15 May 2022 20:08
Lotta Dreamcast masters aye? It won't be so easy when Seaman gets the hardest set of them all