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SteveHarvey 12 Feb 2022 20:00
I had, like, 11 jobs. Ive been fired 11 times! Cause Im not cut for that. You know, I was a great employee, man. Everybody loved me coming to work Im singing, tellin jokes on the assembly line. I was miserable, man. I was dying. I was dying. Steve Harvey
LimeJinjo 14 Feb 2022 16:09
Oh yeah you go Steve, 200% those games!
SteveHarvey 14 Feb 2022 19:11
You know I will, young blood! Steve Harvey.
zacpilled 11 Mar 2022 22:14
hi steve harvey
SteveHarvey 11 Mar 2022 22:45
Keep on rocking zacpilled, remember this: Your career is what youre paid for. Your calling is what youre made for. Steve Harvey
yendihunt 25 Mar 2022 15:35
Hey playa, thanks for all your enthusiasm and kindness on the internet
SteveHarvey 25 Mar 2022 17:47
Thank you yendihunt! I love the internet and all God's creatures within it. Always hold this with you: The more people you will help become successful the more successful you will become. Steve Harvey
Orph 1 Apr 2022 03:48
Thanks for the advice on using the tank in wacky races, it was very helpful.
Keep slaying those Dreamcast games Steve.
SteveHarvey 1 Apr 2022 04:18
So glad I could help, my brother! You know I will, Sega do what Nintendon't! Orph, remember, when you're happy at home, you can make a lot of things happen. Steve Harvey
riesenreturn 8 Apr 2022 01:51
Steve is the god of Dreamcast.
SteveHarvey 8 Apr 2022 04:29
I appreciate that riesenreturn but remember Exodus 20:3, playa! God bless ya, and I wish you nothing but health and joy. Steve Harvey
tinycyan 20 Apr 2022 19:59
didnt remember proverbs 6:32 did you steve
TheJediSonic 15 May 2022 20:08
Lotta Dreamcast masters aye? It won't be so easy when Seaman gets the hardest set of them all
ClockKing1986 4 Nov 2022 07:31
Where did you go Steve Harvey? Come back to us. Keep mastering those Dreamcast games.
TrashCity 5 Nov 2022 04:16
Steve Harvey you are a legend in the making my friend! You are killing it!
SuperMeatBro 7 Nov 2022 12:39
Hi Steve HArvey! How is the Dreamcast journey going?
TheRealBillHicks 27 Nov 2022 01:16
Yo Steve!!
AfroRyan 13 Mar 2023 01:44
Steve, did you forget to leave a mastery comment on Toy Commander? I gotta hear your wisdom concerning it.
garyzdragon 23 Sep 2023 21:09
Keep bussin' it down sexual style, Stevie
GregHouse007 2 Oct 2023 13:53
Steve... it's almost time.