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JUMP | Janked Up Mario Party Hack

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Small Mario is JUMPing in Vortexial Storage Base. 116/125 exits, 66/69 sets of dragon coins, Y▣G▣R▣B▣

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OppaTOM 14 Aug 2022 07:22
thats one of them, im happy it's not just me but sad because I can't play it properly.
MaddieKittyTV2 18 Aug 2022 04:40
Woah Dude, Just Saw You Mastered ~Hack~ Mario Mania (SNES). Congratz,, You're a Legend!
Bl4h8L4hBl4h 20 Aug 2022 13:33
i hope your enjoying the hack# series.
Skystarmania 20 Aug 2022 14:31
I didnt enjoy them that much the first time I was getting my hands on but now im looking forward to play them, they are really cool tho they have more of a puzzle-ish approach than gimmick levels in other hacks
MaddieKittyTV2 26 Aug 2022 16:00
Just YUMP Bro, It's Easy!
Skystarmania 3 Dec 2022 20:16
Average Completion 90% reached
SuperMeatBro 23 Dec 2022 13:06
Hey man i had been enjoying the ninja world trilogy lately thank you for making sets for so many great hacks you are a legend
Skystarmania 24 Dec 2022 22:43
glad you are liking them so much and I wholeheartly agree I should dev. more sets for hacks like those
OppaTOM 20 Feb 2023 11:26
I have mastered my first mario game, it was Super Mario World Bros on Snes. Im quite proud of myself!!
MaddieKittyTV 20 Feb 2023 11:34
I hope you get cured from inindo someday sky
Skystarmania 8 Apr 2023 14:09
Sunset riders is hell
MaddieKittyTV 12 Apr 2023 22:57
Look at that Sunset Riders badge
SuperMeatBro 10 Nov 2023 12:11
team shell
Schengo 7 Dec 2023 18:27
lol he has a softcore badge
Skystarmania 7 Dec 2023 18:27
oh no
Skystarmania 10 Dec 2023 15:18
well not anymore :sunglasses:
auty 14 Dec 2023 21:01
Not even 94%
viniciuskombat 16 Dec 2023 11:56
SuperMeatBro 22 Dec 2023 13:14
just a daily reminder that this guy is one of the coolest guy on RA and is an amazing kaizo player.
MrDynamite 9 Jan 2024 16:40
you're amazing wario's adventure player <3 I wish you good luck for the hardest challenge in your revision. You will did it bro <3 I believe on you