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SilveR10 (41440 points) (148224)

Member Since: 13 Jan 2020, 04:55
Last Activity: 12 Apr 2021, 20:46
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 3.58
Average Completion: 94.94%
Site Rank: 672 / 94622 ranked users (Top 2%)
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0% complete
Legend of Zelda, The: Spirit Tracks (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2021-03-19 22:07:47
Earned 0 of 70 achievements, 0/565 points.
Extra Credit [m]
Fresh from the Academy
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Up-and-Coming Musician
Syrinx Sage
Forest Mapper
Snow Mapper
Ocean Mapper
Fire Mapper
The Tunnel at the End of the Light
Whispers from the Forest
Howls from the Tundra
Roars from the Sea
Rumbles from the Volcano
Echoes from the Desert
The Beginning of a Pastime
A Sheet Filled
Stamp Hobbyist
First-Class Collector
Philately Phanatic
Rookie Rabbit Rescuer
Trainee Rabbit Rescuer
Regular Rabbit Rescuer
Veteran Rabbit Rescuer
Legendary Rabbit Rescuer
Forest Cuniculture
Snow Cuniculture
Ocean Cuniculture
Fire Cuniculture
Sand Cuniculture
Duet with the Cellist
Duet with the Lutenist
Duet with the Flautist
Duet with the Timpanist
Duet with the Shawmist
Duet with the Divine
The Price of Loyalty
Buy Nine, Get One Free
Persistent Patron
Top Investor
Chairman of the Board
Help Wanted
The Gift of Charity
Premier Engineer
Third Intention
Whip It Good
Fourteen High Tons
Keep Both Eyes Open
Blitz upon the Few
Blitz upon the Many
Blitz upon All
Walk It Off
Treasure Hunter
Engineering in Style
Where We're Going, We Don't Need Tracks
The Art of War
Armed to the Teeth
Plus Shipping and Handling [m]
Kiss and Cry
Crabshell Cracker
Shoo, Fly, Shoo
Quick Draw
Guide My Hand
Be Efficient
A Swift Dispatching [m]
Enemy Without
By Steam Alone
The Tracks Go On

177% complete
Legend of Zelda, The: A Link to the Past & Four Swords (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2021-03-13 11:50:21
Earned 55 of 62 achievements, 475/555 points.
Master of Past Temples
Bested Ganon
The Golden Age
True Culprit
Love the Past, Again
Bested Trinexx
Crystal In the Rock
Golden Wish
Crystal In the Mire
Bested Vitreous
Crystal In the Ice
Bested Kholdstare
Crystal In the Woods
Bested Mothula
I want to carry more!
Crystal In the Swamp
Bested Arrghus
Crystal In the Statue
Bested Blind
You Can't See Me
Sorcerer's Protection
Ring of Fire
Cursed Magic
Maple Powder
All Your Bottles Belong to Us
Surfing with the Trashmen
The Swordsmith's Brother
Magical Shield
The Magic of the Boom
Overpriced Merchandise
Fault Line
Bested Helmasaur King
Crystal In the Dark
Rupee Hoarder
Bested Agahnim
The Sword of Masters
Pendant of Wisdom
Bested Moldorm
Mirror World
Pendant of Power
Bested Lanmolas
Rupee Collector
The Toughest Shall Now Tremble
What's Inside?
Book of Prayer
Rupee Hunter
Pendant of Courage
Bested Armos Knights
I Have Fire
Riddle of Life
Eye of the Zombie
Moth to a Flame
Green Eyed Monster Girl
Dark Side of Me
Four Sword Acquisition

0% complete
Plants vs. Zombies (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2021-03-12 11:55:13
Earned 0 of 60 achievements, 0/550 points.
Brains For Breakfest
Shrooms 'n Tombs
Dead Vacation
Night Guardian
Resolute Homeowner
You Zombies Get Off My Lawn!
Defend Yourself from Shots
Do you Like Bowling? Right?
Slots Booked
Without Being able to See what has the Front
The invisible Zombie
Filling in the Blanks
Memory game ! Right?
Food for your fish, I mean ... Zombies?
Rotating to the Same Place
Crawling for Defense
Holding on
Passage, be Careful...
One Click to Save
Defense Planned
The Way is to Slide on The Ice
War of Peas
Even Bigger Potatoes
Uncontrollable Jumper
Time to blow some things up
Now he's back Worse, will you Face it?
The Big Tree of Tips
Look at the size of This! Congratulations
Plenty of Plant Spaces
Spending until the Last Coin
Money Magnet
Fully Equipped and Ready
Candy? Who would Say...
King of Broken Jugs
Wake Up, Sunshine!
Don't Drink The Water
Unsiege Mentality
ZomBotany Challenge
Mother of Plants
ZomBotany 2 Challenge
Pogo Party Challenge
Perfect Defense
Apocalipse Day
Tonight You Don't Sleep
Surfing Against Hordes
Preparations for the End
The Large Slab Repair
The PvZ Walk
Dead Leaving the Tombs
Dead Waters of The Dead
Take Your Glasses, Cause Tonight Will Be A Nightmare
Beautiful View For A Battle
Botanic Strategist
And They Don't Stop Coming
A World Made Of Vases
Me, Zombie, Brain

170% complete
Final Fantasy IX (PlayStation)
Last played 2021-03-07 19:55:58
Earned 85 of 100 achievements, 745/982 points.
Better Than Tetra Master [m]
The End
The Will to Live
So Long, Kuja
Experienced Fighter
Maxed Out [m]
Ultimate Summoner
You've Got Mail, Kupo!
I'm Sharpening my Knife, Kupo!
Good Samaritan
Our Little Circle of Friends
Blacksmith God
No More Barriers
Chaos of Earth
Friendly Fire
Hecto Master [m]
Chaos of Water
The Nero Family [m]
Chaos of Wind
Black Cat
Serious Fairy
Chaos of Fire
Beginning of the End
Broke the Gumball
Not Hard Enough [m]
Vacation Trip
Not Actually Ultima
Chocobo Diver
The Perfect Genome [m]
Gaia Historian
Culinary Master
Gateway to Terra
Around the Clock
The Guard of Mirrors
I'm Blue
Miniature Collector [m]
Burmecian Queen
Stone Cracker
Feathered Airship
Summoner's Path
The Deep Zone
My Bloodstone is Augmented [m]
Moving Statue [m]
Noah's Ark 3D
Limit Breaker
Quit While You're Winning!
Coffee Addict [m]
Bookworm [m]
You Don't Need a Reason to Help [m]
Kinghts of Pluto Fanatic [m]
It's All in the Cards [m]
Snappy Eyes [m]
Training Montage [m]
Mountain Blockade
Expert Miner [m]
Defosilization [m]
Hunted Huntress
Agile Escapist [m]
Are We Good Now? [m]
Minor Turbulence Expected
Not my Kind of Joker
Swift Rescue [m]
The Jewel Thief [m]
Cleyra Tour Guide [m]
You Got Sand in Your Eye
I'd be Scared Too
Bragging Rights [m]
Getting Your Feet Wet
Master of the Grotto
Who Needs a Cook? [m]
And so it begins...
Disproportionate Reward [m]
The Third Waltz
The Second Waltz
The First Waltz
Realization [m]
Strict Captain [m]
The King of Jump Rope
Cat Lover [m]
A Grumpy Mule? [m]
Souless Thief [m]
You Pervert! [m]
En Garde! [m]
Lord of the Forest
Aiming at the Top [m]
Breaking the Fourth Waltz [m]
Fundraiser [m]
Monster Hunter [m]
Every Nook and Cranny [m]
Choco & Me
Something to Prove
That Familiar Tune... [m]
Part-Time Job [m]
The Ultimate Weapon [m]

200% complete
Pac-Man World (PlayStation)
Last played 2021-03-07 13:26:58
Earned 50 of 50 achievements, 650/650 points.
Mr. Pac-Man's Maze Madness [m]
The Real Pac-Man
Party Crasher
Grave Danger High Score
Happy Wife, Happy Life
Spooky Alphabet
Crypt Explorer
Ghostly Garden High Score
Creepy Catacombs High Score
Going on Strike
Down the Tubes High Score
Say No to Child Labor
The Daily Grind
Don't Let HR Find Out About This
Under Pressure High Score
Perilous Pipes High Score
Clown Prix High Score
No Need to File an Insurance Claim
Came Here to Win
Spin Dizzy High Score
No Child of Mine is Going to Clown School
Even Clowns Can Spell
Circus Act
Barrel Blast High Score
Clowning Around High Score
King Galaxian High Score
Galaga Wizard
This Looks Familiar!
Gimme Space High Score
Who Needs Space Helmets Anyway?
Doesn't Take Rocket Science to Spell PACMAN
Far Out High Score
He Took a Wrong Turn at Albuquerque
Space Race High Score
An00bis Rex
Heart Breaker
Manic Mines High Score
Ancient Alphabet
Crisis Cavern High Score
His Majesty's Sunken Ship
The Pirate Life is Not for Me
HMS Windbag High Score
Crazy Cannonade High Score
Dug Out of Trouble
Land Lover Alphabet
Hidden Treasures
Corsair's Cove High Score
Buccaneer Beach High Score

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Awarded on 07 Mar 2021, 18:40

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