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cicadahuman 8 Apr 2024 13:22
Thanks for claiming Nobunaga's Ambition. I really thought the KOEI historical titles would never get achievements. Do you plan on claiming anymore Nobunaga or Romance of the Three Kingdoms games?
Sigma501 8 Apr 2024 15:01
After this one I was planning something like PTO or Operation Europe after this one. But I'm certainly going to go through a good amount of strategy titles like the Koei games, Daisenryaku, Panzer/Allied General, etc. The Macross game I'm working on right now is in the same genre as well.

I'll go into RotK for sure, though I must say I'm less familiar with the setting.
cicadahuman 8 Apr 2024 19:38
That is music to my ears, thank ya. Do you know which RotKs you are interested in? It's a long franchise, so I haven't played them all, but if I have played one of the ones you are interested in, I might be able to suggest some stuff.
Sigma501 9 Apr 2024 13:18
I actually haven't played any of them, haha. I just like strategy/tactical games. So I'm really on a blank slate with most of these.
cicadahuman 15 Apr 2024 02:51
When I first started earning achievements here, I was surprised to see no one do the old Koei strategy games. Thought maybe they were to annoying to work on. Glad to see you trying to tackle them. For well liked RotK games 4 on the SNES is popular and 10 is the most popular on the PS2. Idk if anyone would wanna do RotK 10. There are over 600 playable characters. 9 is my all time fav, but fans really really hate that one lol.
Sigma501 19 Apr 2024 03:40
Yeah, only Aerobiz has a set, haha. I'll look into those!
GregHouse007 30 Apr 2024 16:02
Nice Av. I loved both Alice games. The atmosphere of Madness Returns was great. I wish we'd had a third game. I wish we'd had a way to get the first one in here too, but I think it was only released for Windows. That's too bad. We'll have to wait for a PS3 rollout to play both games!
Sigma501 2 May 2024 17:18
The dark aesthetics while still oozing with creativity is amazing. A very interesting take on the characters as well!

I think that Madness Returns actually does have a fairly decent achievement set where it's kinda difficult to think of what to add to it.