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Ii tokoro ni, tsureteitte ageyou.

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voiceofautumn 22 Sep 2021 19:34
Nice japanese
cart 5 Nov 2021 17:26
holy shit dude... ur a machine.. surprised you weren't the 1st to get general in snatcher.... however that's done... do u play like modern games at all? anyways.. your dedicated. respect
Ghal416 20 Nov 2021 21:52
GG on getting General rank on Snatcher! Well done on finally opening the gates brother :)
Shmelyoff 21 Nov 2021 01:41
Thank you Ghal. That was really tough to figure out how to get it.
cart 27 Nov 2021 01:44
omg u got general.. holy fuck.. gratz.. is it action based? like perfect shooting.. minimal actions type of thing? i only knew it existed because someone got it on the actual hardware. either way gg
televandalist 27 Nov 2021 10:06
Kingsombra 3 Jan 2022 00:55
Thank you for working on all those great castlevania games sets. You are an inspiration for all of us and i am sure even the creatures of the night appreciate you. :)
DanielARP 3 Jan 2022 09:43
Agreed. When someone really likes the games they work on, it gets reflected on their sets. I've loved Castlevania since before RA and your achievements have been some of my favorite on the site. Each of them is a positive experience. It really shows the knowledge you have of the games, and the creativity in the concepts. Many examples exist, like [ach=82160] and all boss challenges, the list is long.
voiceofautumn 3 Jan 2022 10:13
You are the icon of Castlevania and motivated me to even enter the realm of the series, thanks a lot!
StingX2 3 Jan 2022 21:11
I hope you are feeling better these days, don't try and overdue it if not. your castlevania sets are amazing and someday I'll say I've played more than the 3 I have
Lanius 3 Jan 2022 21:40
Gotta say, many thanks for the CV SS sets, especially Rondo of Ruin and Dawn of Dissonance. Many of those boss condition cheevos seem daunting, but I'm definitely feeling enticed into practicing my skills with those!
JAM 3 Jan 2022 23:57
You're one my oldest comrades here on RA. We make through fire, water and copper tubes with you. Thank you for your support. Wish you always have 200% of health and motivation of making sets for Castlavania and hidden gems.
Mafioso07howard 20 Jan 2022 01:13
Parabens pelo seu trabalho de desenvolvedor, e apesar de eu nao ser bom em ter tantas platinas, admiro jogadores como vc.
NeonZERO 1 Oct 2022 17:09
Thank you kindly for the Curse of Darkness Achievements.
Denguinho1991 10 Jan 2023 16:47
Hello bro how are you? You already jumped for Castlevania PS2 games Dev? Congratz
wisigami 1 Feb 2023 00:18
Cool fellow
SlyKornell 10 Feb 2023 01:04
Hello! Please, check the message on Castlevania Bloodlines "The Best Whip Forward" achievement.
MGNS8M 14 Apr 2024 16:15
I really need to get to trying your Castlevania sets some time, never been good at any of them but I'd definitely like to learn...
RanceAttack 6 May 2024 11:18
Thank you for your great contribution to the Castlevania franchise, I've had lots of fun with your sets so far. They're fair and fun
Shmelyoff 7 May 2024 12:02
Glad that you enjoy them.