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ShadwSonic 20 Jun 2017 03:02
Ah, that... well, I was in a more "modern" mood for a bit, you know, recording LPs for my channel, working on some games I never beat, all that jazz.
ShadwSonic 20 Jun 2017 03:04
However, I HAVE been keeping up with comments on various forums, game walls, and cheevs, so when I heard that N64 finally has support...
kdecks 1 Oct 2017 09:13
Now what do we do!?!
ShadwSonic 12 May 2019 14:58
Just updated my user pic, figured the last version was a bit... flat? What do you think?
OmegaVideoGameGod 13 Jul 2019 20:01
Awesome achievements. :D
ShadwSonic 24 Jul 2019 12:38
Well, I fear my controller may be nearing the end of its life... The intermittent reading of "Up+Right" as "Up+Left" is becoming more frequent, and starting to interfere with my gameplay. Maybe Directional Pad will save it, but I'm doubtful.
ShadwSonic 29 Aug 2019 08:16
Okay, that error is strong enough to start limiting my cheevo hunting range... I have a replacement, but the drivers necessary are only good for Windows 10.I have Windows 8.So I'll have to focus a little less on platformers until then.
ShadwSonic 11 Mar 2020 12:32
And now the D-Pad is screwy as well... That renders Mario 64 impossible, as I can't seem to easily perform a sideflip with WASD. Looks like it's 2D until I upgrade to the new laptop. Just need that Backup Drive for file transfer...
ShadwSonic 10 Apr 2020 14:47
Ah, I see there's more options to sort through the Leaderboards... HOW THE HECK AM I IN TOP 10 RETRO POINTS ALREADY?!
ShadwSonic 7 Jun 2020 15:56
So frustrating for my post-completion score recalculation to drop a few hundred each time... but at least the same eventually applies to everyone else...
ShadwSonic 10 Jul 2020 19:14
After so many times being snatched away by rescores, I'm finally OFFICIALLY in the Top 15!
ShadwSonic 10 Feb 2021 01:50
It's been a while, but I've finally, FINALLY started to get my emulator files onto the new laptop! Only the Libretro Roms and the PS2 Roms are left, and then I'll be back in business!
ShadwSonic 25 May 2021 13:06
Leaving a test comment here to see how much offset the site time is to my own. Currently 5/25/2021 at 3:06 AM my time.
deng 11 Nov 2021 01:23
i feel pretty comfortable in saying that you'll probably beat my streak. maybe someday i'll take it back
f3rns 25 Dec 2021 03:42
You can do day 11, feel the tetrominos guide your thumbs.
ParaParaKing 3 Jan 2022 13:03
I have been gone from RA for quite some time, but almost immediately went to check, if youre Peak Streak was still going. Keep it up. You can make #1!
ShadwSonic 15 Feb 2022 07:58
Top 10 baby, let's gooo!
Dimedime 18 Apr 2022 10:03
congrats on mastering Starfy, you legendary gamer
Retrokaiser 25 Apr 2022 01:44
Bleaaahhhhhh Spooky wishes from the Pumpkin King. A-rrrroooooooooo hhhhooooooowwwwwwlllll! Other ghostly sounds. lol
ShadwSonic 4 Oct 2022 09:49
After much thought, and a scare with a broken laptop screen, I've decided to cash in all the games I'd prepped for Mastery... EXCEPT for those where the last cheev is zero points and also available from a fresh save (such as the Code Monkey sets). Those will be reserved for future events checking for Masteries, like the next Daily Distractions. That'll have to wait until after I'm done with the PS2 launch event though.