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Pedroves 30 Oct 2022 02:16
How did you defeat the clones without letting the family take damage? I've been trying for hours and it seems impossible.
Serophis 6 Nov 2022 17:36
Hello! Sorry for late answer, i am new and not yet accustomed of the website and didn't checked everywhere.

So here what i did!

At first i did this on a normal very hard run, with everything upgraded, mostly the Blades of Chaos, and the Rage of Poseidon, which was the most useful there.
You will need all of your magic when you starts the clones fight.

From the first phase i was trying to temporize by pushing the clones all the way out with the Might of Hercules combo (square square, then hold square), until the temple broke up, then i had to push them in the ravine.

From when the Zeus clone (lightning) appeared, i was starting using Rage of Poseidon three times, then using the Rage of the Gods (L3+R3) for infinite magic and then using Rage of Poseidon again until i am done with the infinite magic buff, and then until i am completly out of magic.

Normally at this part of the fight, it should be already well progressed, at the Artemis Blade Kratoses, so you will have to continue pushing them with Might of Hercules (square square, then hold square) and using the Rage of Poseidon when you can.

If i remember correctly it was what i did for succeeding in this part.

Tip about the Rage of Poseidon : you can spam it more quickly if you are in the air
And about Might of Hercules also : the finisher move is the one who pushes every clones in general, the later you hold it in the combo, the early that finisher happens, so it is always better to start using the hold square after two or three pressed square before!

I hope it will helps! :)
HanBunno 23 Nov 2022 02:17
hey hey , i saw u did the clones without upgrade which is really hard, i am stuck on that part and all the videos i saw has the same technique and its really hard to do it perfectly, you have any tips?
Serophis 25 Nov 2022 01:29
Hello! Actually yeah, this part is certainly the most hardest of the whole serie (that i know)
I used these tricks you could see in general like videos of shinobier, TazOne and some live restreams. They were all using the same strategy in general, meaning killing the clones one by one, while keeping the others busy by making them bounce, mostly with Plume of Prometheus (square square triangle) and Ascension (holding triangle) when they are well packed in a line.
After this is mostly a matter of luck in general since clones needs to be really obedient for that, meaning not having these habits of counterattacking and not being altered by hits also, which tends to happen pretty much often.

This is also important to know about the clones and their respective respawn if you kill them, this is why a video can only be helpful for this, to see which clones are generally focused. They always goes in a fixed list, meaning some precise can spawn two clones if killed (generally the first one popping in the start of the battle)
In general, you tends to focus the clones who are spawning only one another clone during the first phase of the fight.

If i have to give phases for them i can say :
1- the initial one when the temple is still here, you always goes in the same way, as seen in the videos, then keeping the pack to the right and busy bouncing, while killing the left ones one by one, after a moment the Artemis Clones of this list will pop at the upper right corner of the arena, which can be dangerous at first, so you will have to swap side, still taking care of the three other clones (at best) then killing the artemis clones one by one.
There are iirc, four artemis clones to kill in that way, after that, that list of clones stop to spawn. So remain the -normally- three remaining clones. There again depending of the family life, you will have to make them bounce some times while hugging them (one time pressed, not hold) for giving their energy back
Serophis 25 Nov 2022 01:30
and trying to manage your own life also, because having low life here can be more dangerous due to the Zeus Clones who can just cast thunders at you

and killing you in the process. The same for the others when they are not obedient. Talking of the Zeus Clone, he can be really a run killer even if you managed to do well; if you have low health either personally or your family, he can sadly finish you off that way. The same, be careful to not be near the ravine, because the thunder can also push you into it while you would not have the time to get back on the arena, and fall off. I cannot count the number of times it happened to me, especially on good tries, very frustrating!!

2- second phase then when you have healed your family enough, you can push the remaining clones with the square combos, with the finisher, it will make all the other popping generally to the right side of the arena, and one next to the family at bit at the center left, be careful!
On that phase, you will try to pack them again at the right side of the arena, generally the bottom right corner, so you can take care of them one by one, either by bouncing them and grabing one with Orion's Harpoon (three times at full health) or by grabbing him in the ravine for instant kill, depending of your choice. In my case if my health is low, i will try to kill them with the first option, hoping for a health orb to be drop by him, not always happening though, this was also why i said this is very luck dependant for that.
Placement wise, this is always good to not be completly next to them but having a certain distance, because clones tends to grab you if you are too close of them, and often this is difficult to counter since you cannot just block it, and your focus is generally elsewhere (difficult to focus on everything!), generally i prefer to stay behind the family on the left, since the angle of your attack is also very important.
Serophis 25 Nov 2022 01:31
That way you are in theory able to reach all the right side of the arena with the clones there. Don't worry too much if a clone respawn on the top right corner, this is generally the most stressful since he is often out of reach but if you place yourself behind the family, on the left, he should be reachable, but also will have to go closer of the center, or moving in the pack with some luck
again, on this phase, the goal will be to kill one clone at a time, if possible, because often the Orion's Harpoon will grab the one closer of you, so you will always prefer to focus on the one on the very edge of the pack, generally the left one, since you stay at center. There again, once some have been killed of the same list, the "slow popping" clones will starts to arrive from a different place than the quicker ones, depending of the one you focused on, and after a while the artemis will also arrives from a different location in the arena. The best here is to try to manage to focus on the leftest one, so you can always know and guess from where they will arrives. NB, the slower clones with blade of chaos and artemis ones will always comes from the ground, so you will have a bit more time to temporize the others clones, in theory.
Again when the last artemis has been killed, this list is also done, and you will have "only" 4 last clones list to manage. From here you can make them busy the same way again, then while they are bouncing you heal your family if needed, and can, if your health allows it of course
3- the same as the second one actually, but this time there will have always 4 clones to manage at a time, so keeping three busy while killing one, one by one, respecting the same process until the last artemis clones of the list has been killed. Again arrived there, you can keep the three remaining ones busy while healing your family, then pushing them in the ravine with the square combos when this is done
Serophis 25 Nov 2022 01:35
4- you have surely understood that part will be the same but with again one less clones to manage, three in total, two to make bounce while killing the third one by one. The same until the list is done, then you will have two to manage, a bit more easier than the whole fight in general, but due to how the fight length is at that moment, your brain tends to lose focus a bit, while stressing way more since you can feel being close to the end
The final part will be of course to take care of the remaining clones list the same way than you did for all the previous one! By of course taking care of your health and your family, being generally proactive and try to not forget that Zeus Clones randomly shooting thunders at you or at your family, thanksfully he can misses also.

When there are only two set of clones, you can push the first clone in the air with Ascension (holding triangle) that way you have time to go for killing the other one, since they can be at opposite sides of the arena, depending of the set you could beat until here.

Ultimately like i said of course all of this is the theory, the reality is generally less easy to manage, since like i said, the clones are generally as much obediant than the original one, meaning not so much :)
But with patience, time and dedication you can do it!

Don't despair if you are stuck in one particular phase, I was stuck on the second one for a lot of time, even the very first one also, since the trick here is to manage the pack of the initial three at the right, and trying to have them also well packed, which is easier said than done!
With training and luck, (well luck and training in that order :D) it can be done more and more consistently, and generally the fight has also different difficulty spikes, even IF the clones are obedient!

You generally don't really need to use magic here, since they are rarely useful
Serophis 25 Nov 2022 01:35
at worst it can harms you since they can kill the clones you don't wanted and making the spawns more worst to manage, and they are also not powerful enough to make them worth anyway.
The Zeus Clone is also respawning infinitely and quickly after being killed, so it not worth it either.
There i hope i didn't forgot anything, it took me nearly one month to beat with some hours of tries per day usually along with some break also, since the fight itself can be generally frustrating. So do not lose hope and take your time, if you don't want to give up on that one!

I wish you a good luck! :)
spyro96321 25 Nov 2022 20:45
and how to change the language of the game if it starts in Spanish pliz
Serophis 26 Nov 2022 14:45
For PS2 games, by going in the console BIOS of the emulator PCSX2 (System> Start BIOS), then changing it in the settings.
spyro96321 26 Nov 2022 17:09
spyro96321 26 Nov 2022 17:18
god of war 2 is missing
Serophis 26 Nov 2022 18:30
Yes, the developper is working on it, it will arrives soon!
spyro96321 28 Nov 2022 21:35
there is another problem in the poseidon statues when one grabs the gear the second retroash closes
Serophis 29 Nov 2022 23:08
Do you mean when the ground is electrified? Then yes, this is even a known bug with the emulator that i had too.
You will need to go in the Settings, System, then uncheck Fast Memory. Normally it should do the trick!
spyro96321 30 Nov 2022 02:23
if it worked for me thanks
Serophis 30 Nov 2022 13:06
Perfect! :)