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Renan007 31 Jul 2023 19:23
Obrigado pela mensagem e parabéns por platinar o Bonus de Ninja Gaiden :)
SegaMegaDed 30 Aug 2023 15:44
Thank you bro :)
Luissi 30 Aug 2023 17:58
Congrats on mastering the damageless Ninja Gaiden subset. It's impressive you managed to complete it very fast, since it's considered by many the hardest set until now. You're truly a NG legend!
SegaMegaDed 30 Aug 2023 21:14
Thank you for such kind words. It's nice to hear this from the same legendary ninja :) It's funny how things turned out with this ninja. I am not familiar with the library of games on nes. I don't have any special nostalgia for her like many retro players. But this ninja took my soul and now this is one of the best games for me. I have heard a lot about its complexity and also wanted to experience it for myself. Technically speaking, this is the first completed game on this system. In my youth, I had a new-generation Sega console. It was she who brought me a lot of pleasant memories. So many cool games have been played on it. I still have a lot to get acquainted with many games on the nes. Usually I just go through games without crazy challenges, but sometimes I want to do something really incredible and then I come back to this site :)
thatoneguy1851 4 Oct 2023 13:02
Greetings! You have some pretty cool masteries such as Revenge of Shinobi, Contra Hard Corps, Battletoads, and some bonus sets. Respect.
fianovale 21 Oct 2023 10:04
Amazing masteries! I was really bad at Contra Hard Corps and Comic Zone back then and even now. Maybe ill try them again some time.
AlbertAK 24 Oct 2023 19:33
Congrats on the goal! We are Legendary Ninjas!
Zalanar 2 Nov 2023 23:43
ГСроям Π‘Π»Π°Π²Π°! Π‘Π°Ρ‡Ρƒ ΠΌΠ°Ρ”Ρˆ хист Π΄ΠΎ Ρ–Π³ΠΎΡ€. XD
TindalosKeeper 9 Nov 2023 22:54
Thanks bro! Wooooah! You got the Gaiden Trilogy done? It's one set I truly fear to do, lmao. Really good job!