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    Sarconius 2 Apr 2022 00:25
    Thanks for all the kind words, everyone! Still so much to do, the RA grind continues.
    BananaBaller 14 Apr 2022 09:41
    I saw that you beat superboss collection and I just had to say congratulations! Starman must've been hell!
    Sarconius 14 Apr 2022 17:17
    Oh man, Starman was a grueling endurance match. I had to write down how many jumps he would do before attacking each time just to have a chance at that fight, only to realize afterwards that someone had already posted it in the achievement comments, haha.
    Suffa28 19 May 2022 19:00
    Pro gamer right here
    ToxicAntidote 4 Aug 2022 05:43
    100% on the same page of getting more pinball sets. =D
    OmegaVideoGameGod 15 Aug 2022 06:33
    What makes a very good pinball experience Sarc?
    Sarconius 16 Aug 2022 21:07
    There's a lot of different factors. Accurate physics is obviously important, but you also have to keep in mind sound design, both music and sound effects (is this something I want to listen to for potentially hours on end?) Are there multiple tables, and if not, does the single table have enough variety to keep it interesting (multiple sections, bonus games, bosses, etc.)? Is there a tilt feature, and if so, can you use it strategically to avoid losing a ball? The thing I like about video game pinball is that there's the potential for it to have design elements that wouldn't be possible with a real pinball table.
    miccmike 12 Sep 2022 22:10
    Pinball wizard, inspiration.
    OppaTOM 19 Oct 2022 08:59
    you finished battle pinball, Good work!
    HeavensFury 24 Dec 2022 04:15
    Muh boi. :) lol
    MushroomMcKenna 29 Dec 2022 05:39
    My man is a retro gaming machine
    jvredx 14 Jan 2023 18:29
    como você abaixo crash 1 mano
    TrashCity 2 Apr 2023 17:28
    Your Average Completion is absolutely impressive!
    AfroRyan 25 May 2023 04:41
    GO GO GO GO GO! Get that Metroid Prime Pinball Mastery! I believe in you!
    Infernostew 9 Aug 2023 15:19
    Holy Moly!
    ewancube 12 Aug 2023 01:25
    Well I’ll be damned…
    Triforce 26 Nov 2023 10:52
    Congratulations for finishing Pokemon Pinball Generations set! I made it with all my heart.
    Also, thank you for helping me test all the achievements and revisions of the patches :)
    SuperMeatBro 12 Jan 2024 23:15
    Cool guy and a god variety gamer
    OppaTOM 14 Jan 2024 02:14
    I enjoyed the 24 hour broadcast, you were excellent gamer and good chatter!!
    thegotoguyy 4 Feb 2024 15:39
    A master at his craft. One of the best gamers I’ve ever watched and also streams are very engaging and a lot of fun. Sarc is a 1 of a kind