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Last Blade 2, The | Bakumatsu Roman: Dai Ni Maku Gekka no Kenshi

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HolyShinx 22 Oct 2020 15:05
Dziekuje za prawdziwe osiagniecia, kolezanko
JMaio 13 Mar 2021 19:20
Miss your sets...keep safe and have yourself a good "retirement"! ;)
Alurith 19 Mar 2021 22:06
Did Salsa quietly return?
AlexGatao 19 Sep 2021 14:39
Come back to make the bonus for RE2 N64 <3
MagusPC 21 Dec 2021 20:51
Hoping to see you and kdecks back on RA one day.
Lunae 30 Dec 2021 11:07
so many achievements wow!!!!
FlamingDoom 3 Jan 2022 15:30
Salsa, I wanted to thank you for doing such great sets. I believe you must be the dev who worked on most of the games I liked the most back then: Contra, Animaniacs, Buster Hidden Treasure, Final Fight, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and many more that I have yet to try.
Apocalypse612 14 Mar 2022 21:09
You've created a ton of sets. Just wanna say thanks!
chnik 22 Mar 2022 11:26
Thank you for making the Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs' Big Break (Game Boy) set.
animexbox74 9 May 2022 03:47
please achivements gemini wing arcade
Riger 21 May 2022 07:55
SeredaVadim 21 May 2022 16:02
Salsa I respect you!Your achievements are the best!
JAM 24 May 2022 10:24
When you left RA, the big chapter has ended. One of our guys once said "If Salsa left RA, you can just close it. Nothing good will be here". Soon he left RA too. You were always putting a lot of efforts, love, creativity and attention to details into your sets. Every set you made have a piece of you. I miss you here but I'm thankful for your legacy. I still can play and enjoy it. There'll be no more new Salsa sets but I'll try to make mine sets to be as cool and advanced as your sets are.
DaniloZlatan 8 Jun 2022 00:13
Um dia volta?
Quore 4 Nov 2022 00:18
Hope you good
Quore 4 Nov 2022 00:18
Hope you good
Petenokor 8 Jan 2023 00:54
Maybe you'll return?
xtagnado 16 Jan 2023 04:50
It's a RADistraction Event Message i have to write. The Distraction says "Leave a kind comment on profile developer whose work you've enjoyed" and it's absolutly Salsa. Every game i play and think "that set has amazing logic and pretty fair" the set was made by Salsa, many games i love to play and love to master is by Salsa. I saw many people talking about the difficulties to mater the set, but i can't remember a cheevo who won't popp or popp wrongly. All Salsa's sets are challengeous, precise but absolutly well maded.
When i entered here and see "Last Activity: 18may22" i got sad to can't say how wonderful is play sets made by you. I hope to see you well and hope to master every game you did. Thanks a lot Salsa.
Btw, i have to write it to my distraction, but i really have to say what i did above, it's legit from the bottom of my heart.
MagusRE 12 Feb 2023 10:25
Hi Salsa, i just want to thank you for the time we had back in 2017 and early 2018 in the Chat, it was a pleasure to know a person with that much passion for Retro Games as you do.

Many see you as a huge Contributor to the Site but there was much more going on behind the scene during the time. You not only paid for the Servers but administrated the Community and fought against cheating to the very last day. Many of your good ideas have been used as a template to improve the Site. Sadly some are still not implemented yet.

I honestly think if it wasn't for you, the Site would have never been in the position it is right now. The creativity and quality you put into creating Sets during the time with the limited Toolkit features was unmatched and it still is even to this day, quality over quantity. I can only imagine what content you would create with all the Toolkit features the Site has to offer today.

If you are still creating content but want to share it somewhere else (private repo etc.) to be imported into local RAWeb installation then let me know.

We don't always agreed on all things and thats fine to have a different opinion. But we all do have our little haters, if we don't then we did something wrong. The few people in denial are proof you did something right.

The Site hasn't only lost a huge Contributor but the only Visionary it ever had.

I wish you all best in life.
Alena 11 Nov 2023 02:06