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Member Since: 14 May 2020, 04:43
Last Activity: 27 Sep 2020, 21:56
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Retro Ratio: 2.96
Average Completion: 64.29%
Site Rank: 1200 / 80326 ranked users (Top 2%)
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Last 5 games played:

75% complete
Tetris Plus (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-09-27 21:27:48
Earned 12 of 32 achievements, 79/450 points.
Are You Trying To Die?
Trap Star
Trap Exorcist
Any Treasure Will Do
Any Line Will Do 2
Any Stage Will Do
Stil Single?
Single and Ready to Mingle
Any Line Will Do
Tetris Builder
The One To Rule Them All
Double Trouble
It's Dangerous To Go Alone
Take Two
Triple Threat
This is Triple-E
Four Times the Fun
Double Date
Easy as 1, 2 and 3
Master Egyptologist
Master Mayanist
Master Knossosist
Master Angkorologist
Master Atlantian

47% complete
Digimon World 2 (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-09-26 23:54:14
Earned 26 of 111 achievements, 93/991 points.
Errand Boy
Never Show Your Back to the Enemy
Who Are You Calling Little?
Nice Threat
Pegasus Engine [m]
Turtle Battery
Spider RAM
Cyborg Dark Dragon [m]
Crane Box
Titanium Core
Caught the Thief
Long Way to Go, Rookie
Weakling Boss Digimon
Putting Out the Fire
Amateur Tamer
Master of Sorcery [m]
Greenhorn Boss
MetalGreymon [m]
Angemon's Gift [m]
Wash Your Hands
Feathers Plucked
So Many Different Agumon [m]
Official Guard Tamer
Training Complete
Digi COVID-01 Cure
Down with the Blood Knights!
Keep on Dreaming
Spare Parts
Trap Card Failure
Get Off My Lawn!
Another Tactical Retreat
The Leader Himself
Legendary Island
Taken Down a Notch
Jurassic Park [m]
He Was Just Like the Other Ones
Spilled the Beans
I'm Famous!
Power Radar Equipped
All My Homies Hate Dark Dungeons
Jijimon Rescued
ChaosWarGreymon Slayed
Wiped Out ChaosMetalSeadramon
Clowned ChaosPierrotmon
The Dark Prince
Same Old Com. Damien
Can't Run Away From All of These "Ls"
I Spy
Power Hungry
Kernel Zone
Eyes Up
Proven Your Worth [m]
Ultimate Organism
Spoils of Victory
Tera Domain Conquered
Archangel [m]
90% Machine [m]
Undead King [m]
Great Dragon [m]
Cyborg Werewolf [m]
The Third Dark Master
Just a Normal Tamer
Pro Tamer Strats
Trust Me, I'm an Expert
Is There an Elite Four in This Game?
Almost Near the Top!
This is It, Chief
Adamantium Core
Dragon Engine
Mammoth Engine
Shark Battery
Orca Battery
Mantis RAM
Hornet RAM
Stork Box
Hawk Box
No More Mines
Bomb Squad
Nice Treads
Maximum Ray Cannon
Maximum Z-Cannon
Dramon Killers Wielder
Legendary Phoenix
Seraph Digimon
Reanimated Mammoth
Jijimon Joins the Fight!
Sea Angel
Hercules Beetle
The Fire of Courage
The Storm of Friendship
Dragon Mode
Mythical Gryphon
Prince of All Mamemons
Ancient Beast
Tomahawk Chop
Queen of Flowers
The First Dark Master
The Second Dark Master
The Final Dark Master
The Hour of the Beast
Self Proclaimed King
British Punk Digimon
Demon of the Deep Forest
Holy Knight Fusion
Sovereign of the West
Y2K Bug

0% complete
Marvel Trading Card Game (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2020-09-22 03:17:10
Earned 0 of 119 achievements, 0/482 points.
Hero Chapter 1 - Night Patrol
Hero Chapter 1 - High Tech Heist
Hero Chapter 1 - Microchip Mayhem
Hero Chapter 1 - Spidey to the Rescue
Hero Chapter 1 - Weird Science
Hero Chapter 1 - Enter the Octopus
Hero Chapter 1 - Goblin (Complete Spare Parts)
Hero Chapter 2 - Deadly Danger Room
Hero Chapter 2 - Deathstrike
Hero Chapter 2 - Muir Island
Hero Chapter 2 - Lethal Gambit
Hero Chapter 2 - Mutant Menace
Hero Chapter 2 - Tooth and Nail
Hero Chapter 2 - Mind Over Magnetism (Complete Old Enemies)
Hero Chapter 3 - Unpleasant Distraction
Hero Chapter 3 - Negative Attitude
Hero Chapter 3 - The Not-So-Fantastic Four
Hero Chapter 3 - Crackin' Some Skrulls
Hero Chapter 3 - Latverian Hospitality
Hero Chapter 3 - Army of DOOM
Hero Chapter 3 - No Bots About It (Complete Impending Doom)
Hero Chapter 4 - Hunted Heroes
Hero Chapter 4 - Unfinished Business
Hero Chapter 4 - Undead Interlude
Hero Chapter 4 - Crime and Punishment
Hero Chapter 4 - Maximum Carnage
Hero Chapter 4 - Heroes United
Hero Chapter 4 - A Sinister Syndicate (Complete Vendetta)
Hero Chapter 5 - Heroes for Hire
Hero Chapter 5 - Breaking and Entering
Hero Chapter 5 -  A Not-So-Clean Getaway
Hero Chapter 5 - X-Static Rescue
Hero Chapter 5 - Into the Underworld
Hero Chapter 5 - Howling Mad
Hero Chapter 5 - Strange Nightmare
Hero Chapter 5 - Hand to Hand Combat
Hero Chapter 5 - I've Got Your Back (Complete Knight Moves)
Hero Chapter 6 - Enter the Kangs
Hero Chapter 6 - Big Trouble
Hero Chapter 6 - Mistaken Identity
Hero Chapter 6 - The trask at Hand
Hero Chapter 6 - Reinforcements
Hero Chapter 6 - Hammer Time
Hero Chapter 6 - Menace Out of Time
Hero Chapter 6 - Supreme Effort
Hero Chapter 6 - Kang Redux
Hero Chapter 6 - More Kang for the Buck
Hero Chapter 6 - Kang and Kang Again
Hero Chapter 6 - Ultimate Evil
Hero Chapter 6 - Kang Immortus (Complete Sinister Vengeance)
Hero Chapter 7 - Sinister Sentinels
Hero Chapter 7 - Unlikely Allies
Hero Chapter 7 - Common Enemy
Hero Chapter 7 - Final Showdown?
Hero Chapter 7 - Master Plan (Complete Operation: Annihilate!)
Villain Chapter 1 - Reprisals
Villain Chapter 1 - Chips
Villain Chapter 1 - Cloak and Dagger
Villain Chapter 1 - Inside Job
Villain Chapter 1 - The Goblin and the Octopus
Villain Chapter 1 - Who's the Boss?
Villain Chapter 1 - Spider Trouble (Complete Spare Parts)
Villain Chapter 2 - Breakout!
Villain Chapter 2 - Roadblock
Villain Chapter 2 - Barroom Blitz
Villain Chapter 2 - Trading Faces
Villain Chapter 2 - Springing the Trap
Villain Chapter 2 - De-Clawed
Villain Chapter 2 - Master of Magnetism (Complete Old Enemies)
Villain Chapter 3 - The Siege of Atlantis
Villain Chapter 3 - The Natives are Restless
Villain Chapter 3 - Nasty Surprise
Villain Chapter 3 - Invasion!
Villain Chapter 3 - Namor
Villain Chapter 3 - Uninvited Guests
Villain Chapter 3 - DOOM Triumphant (Complete Impending Doom)
Villain Chapter 4 - Open Season
Villain Chapter 4 - Hunted
Villain Chapter 4 - Kraven Punishment
Villain Chapter 4 - Random Carnage
Villain Chapter 4 - Clash of the Spiders
Villain Chapter 4 - A Bridge Too Far
Villain Chapter 4 - Showdown (Complete Vendetta)
Villain Chapter 5 - Late Night Visitor
Villain Chapter 5 - Cage Match
Villain Chapter 5 - X-Static Ambush
Villain Chapter 5 - One Hell of a Fight
Villain Chapter 5 - Bad Voodoo
Villain Chapter 5 - Children of the Night
Villain Chapter 5 - Diversionary Tactics
Villain Chapter 5 - Hand it Over
Villain Chapter 5 - Mind if We Cut In? (Complete Knight Moves)
Villain Chapter 6 - Dark Disguise
Villain Chapter 6 - Trask
Villain Chapter 6 - Thunderbolts No More!
Villain Chapter 6 - Masters of Evil
Villain Chapter 6 - Thunderstorm
Villain Chapter 6 - Kang Rising
Villain Chapter 6 - Wrecked
Villain Chapter 6 - Dark Pharaoh
Villain Chapter 6 - The Growing Menace
Villain Chapter 6 - Supreme Sacrifice
Villain Chapter 6 - God of Thunder (Complete Sinister)
Villain Chapter 7 - Sinister Sentinels
Villain Chapter 7 - Unlikely Allies
Villain Chapter 7 - Common Enemy
Villain Chapter 7 - Final Showdown?
Villain Chapter 7 - Master Plan (Complete Operation)
My first playmat
Playmats collector
Puzzles - Basic
Puzzles - Loyalty
Puzzles - Boost
Puzzles - Evasion
Puzzles - Reservist
Puzzles - Concealed
Puzzles - Leader
Puzzles Professor
Marvel Trading Card Game

110% complete
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S: Fuwa Fuwa Panic (SNES)
Last played 2020-09-22 00:17:32
Earned 16 of 29 achievements, 135/400 points.
Stardust Meditation
Oak Evolution
Jupiter Victory
Clone Victory
Pluto Victory
Uranus Victory
Neptune Victory
Moon Victory
Chibi Victory
Too Many Balloons!!!
Mercury Victory
Mars Victory
Lotta Balloons!
Venus Victory
Plenty of Balloons
Tons of Balloons
Aqua Rhapsody
Twinkle Yell
Flame Sniper
Love and Beauty Shock
Aqua Rhapsody Master
Stardust Meditation Master
Twinkle Yell Master
Flame Sniper Master
Oak Evolution Master
Love and Beauty Shock Master
Puzzle Master
Absolute Victory

85% complete
Magical Pop'n (SNES)
Last played 2020-09-21 05:51:00
Earned 30 of 71 achievements, 186/565 points.
Lurking Evil IV (Eartheye)
Lurking Evil III (Skully)
Towards the Demon II (Prickly Fruitcopter)
Magical Prop'n II
Magical Drop'n II
Heartier Mood II
Lurking Evil II (Super Piranha Seedspitter)
Towards the Demon I (Bluegoyle)
Magical Prop'n I
Magical Drop'n I
Lurking Evil I (Furniture Mage)
Theme of Minions VI - Sir Frosty
Gift of Magic IV
Magical Drop'n IV
Heartier Mood IV
Theme of Minions V - Greengoyle
Demon's Voice III - ElementOre
Magical Drop'n III
Heartier Mood III
Gift of Magic III
Theme of Minions IV - Eartheye
Theme of Minions III - Skully
Demon's Voice II - Prickly Fruitcopter
Gift of Magic II
Theme of Minions II - Super Piranha Seedspitter
Demon's Voice I - Bluegoyle
Magical Top'n I
Gift of Magic I
Theme of Minions I - Furniture Mage
Heartier Mood I
Theme of Minions VII - RhinOgre
Theme of Minions VIII - Rocket Knight
Theme of Minions IX - YellOgre
Theme of Minions X - Classic Vampire Boss
Theme of Minions XI - Purple Wizard
Theme of Minions XII - Blue Mage
Theme of Minions XIII - Platinum Knight
Theme of Minions XIV - Demon King
Towards the Demon III (ElementOre)
Towards the Demon IV (Waterwocky)
Towards the Demon V (Automatavian)
Towards the Demon VI (Princess Slayer)
Demon's Voice IV - Waterwocky
Demon's Voice V - Automatavian
Magical Pop'n
Heartier Mood V
Gift of Magic V
Magical Prop'n III
Magical Prop'n IV
Magical Prop'n V
Magical Prop'n VI
Lurking Evil V (Greengoyle)
Lurking Evil VI (Sir Frosty)
Lurking Evil VII (RhinOgre)
Lurking Evil VIII (Rocket Knight)
Lurking Evil IX (YellOgre)
Lurking Evil X (Classic Vampire Boss)
Lurking Evil XI (Purple Wizard)
Lurking Evil XII (Blue Mage)
Lurking Evil XIII (Platinum Knight)
Lurking Evil XIV (Demon King)
Magical Bop'n
Princess Kitty
Peaceful To'ahl Kingdom
Magical Drop'n V
Magical Drop'n VI
Magical Top'n II
Magical Top'n III
Magical Top'n IV
Magical Top'n V
Magical Top'n VI

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