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RoyHawk (5094 points) (9078)

Member Since: 03 Feb 2020, 03:02
Last Activity: 09 Apr 2020, 02:58
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Retro Ratio: 1.78
Average Completion: 19.17%
Site Rank: 4416 / 67685 ranked users (Top 8%)

Last 5 games played:

148% complete
Mega Man X4 (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-04-09 00:16:09
Earned 43 of 58 achievements, 226/410 points.
Size Is Not Document
Bested the Beast
Spiders Don
Nova Strike!
AH! My back!
This Mushroom For Sure Makes Me Small
Omega Zero
S Class Attention
Capcom VS Capcom
Z Saber VS C Saber
"Vai No Curucucu"
No Special Moves Allowed!
Is Your Destiny To Fight
Prepare For Trouble!
The Last Colonel Confront
Well... That Was Fast
Memory Expansion
[Elevator Music Starts Playing]
Twin Mushrooms
Stop Destroying Your Own Lair!!
Aerial Fighter
Call Storm Eagle to Help You Next Time...
Two Upgrades, One Buster
Crazy Biker
X Buster VS C Saber
Does Whatever A Spider Can
Not To Hot
Nothing Lasts Forever...
Follow The Train, X!
Slash Man
Academy Man
I Will Crush You!
I Need A Coat
Mecha Dragon X
Is Not Your Time To Shine Yet!
When Will This War Ends?
The Ultimate Maverick Hunter
Edgy The Hunter
Xtremely Resistant
Impressive... [m]
I Already Have What I Need, Light! [m]
In Honour Of The Green Biker Dude
Unbeatable at the Space Port [m]
Unbeatable at the Final Weapon [m]
The Only Survivor
More Than Ready For Round 2
I Will Not Let Anything Behind Me! [m]
Not The Strongest, but The Most Agile

9% complete
Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-04-06 00:07:13
Earned 10 of 229 achievements, 50/1150 points.
[1 Min Battle vs. Enemy - FA-MAS]
[1 Min. Battle vs. Target - FA-MAS]
[Weapon Mode - Stinger - Practice]
[Advanced FA-MAS - Practice]
[Weapon Mode - FA-MAS - Time Attack]
Alas, FA-MAS
Very Impressive CQC, Snake
Have At You, Snake!
Snake, Try to Remember the Basic of CQC
[Sneaking - No Weapon - Time Attack]
[Sneaking - Socom - Practice]
[Sneaking - Socom - Time Attack]
So I Got a Leftover, Huh?
[Weapon Mode - Socom - Time Attack]
Gotcha This Time!
I Love Pineapples
[Weapon Mode - Grenades - Time Attack]
Hey, That
Mine Your Own Business
[Weapon Mode - Nikita - Practice]
[Weapon Mode - Nikita - Time Attack]
[Advanced Socom - Practice]
[Advanced Socom - Time Attack]
I C5
I C4...3...2...OH SHIT!
[Advanced FA-MAS - Time Attack]
[Advanced Grenades - Practice]
[Advanced Grenades - Time Attack]
Be Mine, Valentine
La Femme Nikita, Bitch!
[Advanced Nikita - Time Attack]
Woo Loo Loo, Woo Loo Loo
[Advanced PSG1 - Time Attack]
[Advanced Stinger - Practice]
[Advanced Stinger - Time Attack]
[1 Min. Battle vs. Target - Socom]
Ready or Not, Here I Socom!
[1 Min. Battle vs. Target - C4]
[1 Min Battle vs. Enemy - C4]
[1 Min. Battle vs. Target - Grenade]
[1 Min. Battle vs. Target - Claymore]
[1 Min Battle vs. Enemy - Claymore]
[1 Min. Battle vs. Target - Nikita]
[1 Min Battle vs. Enemy - Nikita]
[1 Min. Battle vs. Target - PSG1
Son of Modern Sniping
[1 Min. Battle vs. Target - Stinger]
A Final Present from Deepthroat
[Special Mode - Vs. 12 Battle]
Adventures of Inspector Snake
Tactical Problem Solver
Swiss Army Snake
Some Kind of Legendary Mercenary
Make Me Feel Alive Again!
NG Selection
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon I]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon II]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon III]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon IV]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon V]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon VI]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon VII]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon VIII]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon IX]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon X]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon XI]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon XII]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon XIII]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon XIV]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - No Weapon XV]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM I]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM II]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM III]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM IV]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM V]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM VI]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM VII]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM VIII]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM IX]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM X]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM XI]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM XII]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM XIII]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM XIV]
[Best Time - Sneaking Mode - SOCOM XV]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - SOCOM I]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - SOCOM II]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - SOCOM III]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - SOCOM IV]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - SOCOM V]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - C4 I]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - C4 II]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - C4 III]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - C4 IV]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - C4 V]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - FA-MAS I]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - FA-MAS II]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - FA-MAS III]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - FA-MAS IV]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - FA-MAS V]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Grenade I]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Grenade II]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Grenade III]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Grenade IV]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Grenade V]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Claymore I]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Claymore II]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Claymore III]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Claymore IV]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Claymore V]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Nikita I]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Nikita II]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Nikita III]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Nikita IV]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Nikita V]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode PSG1 I]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode PSG1 II]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode PSG1 III]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode PSG1 IV]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode PSG1 V]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Stinger I]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Stinger II]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Stinger III]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Stinger IV]
[Best Time - Weapon Mode - Stinger V]
[Best Time - Advanced SOCOM I]
[Best Time - Advanced SOCOM II]
[Best Time - Advanced SOCOM III]
[Best Time - Advanced SOCOM IV]
[Best Time - Advanced SOCOM V]
[Best Time - Advanced C4 I]
[Best Time - Advanced C4 II]
[Best Time - Advanced C4 III]
[Best Time - Advanced C4 IV]
[Best Time - Advanced C4 V]
[Best Time - Advanced FA-MAS I]
[Best Time - Advanced FA-MAS II]
[Best Time - Advanced FA-MAS III]
[Best Time - Advanced FA-MAS IV]
[Best Time - Advanced FA-MAS V]
[Best Time - Advanced Grenade I]
[Best Time - Advanced Grenade II]
[Best Time - Advanced Grenade III]
[Best Time - Advanced Grenade IV]
[Best Time - Advanced Grenade V]
[Best Time - Advanced Claymore I]
[Best Time - Advanced Claymore II]
[Best Time - Advanced Claymore III]
[Best Time - Advanced Claymore IV]
[Best Time - Advanced Claymore V]
[Best Time - Advanced Nikita I]
[Best Time - Advanced Nikita II]
[Best Time - Advanced Nikita III]
[Best Time - Advanced Nikita IV]
[Best Time - Advanced Nikita V]
[Best Time - Advanced PSG1 I]
[Best Time - Advanced PSG1 II]
[Best Time - Advanced PSG1 III]
[Best Time - Advanced PSG1 IV]
[Best Time - Advanced PSG1 V]
[Best Time - Advanced Stinger I]
[Best Time - Advanced Stinger II]
[Best Time - Advanced Stinger III]
[Best Time - Advanced Stinger IV]
[Best Time - Advanced Stinger V]
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Target I
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Target II
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Target III
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Target IV
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Target V
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Target VI
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Target VII
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Target VIII
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Target IX
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Enemy I
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Enemy II
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Enemy III
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Enemy IV
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Enemy V
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Enemy VI
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Enemy VII
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Enemy VIII
Best Score - 1 Min. Battle vs Enemy IX
Best Time - Vs. 12 Battle I
Best Time - Vs. 12 Battle II
Best Time - Vs. 12 Battle III
Best Time - Vs. 12 Battle IV
Best Time - Vs. 12 Battle V
Best Time - Vs. 12 Battle VI
Best Time - Vs. 12 Battle VII
Best Time - Vs. 12 Battle VIII
Best Time - Puzzle I
Best Time - Puzzle II
Best Time - Puzzle III
Best Time - Puzzle IV
Best Time - Puzzle V
Best Time - Puzzle VI
Best Time - Puzzle VII
Best Time - Puzzle VIII
Best Time - Puzzle IX
Best Time - Puzzle X
Best Time - Variety I
Best Time - Variety II
Best Time - Variety III
Best Time - Variety IV
Best Time - Variety V
Best Time - Variety VI
Best Time - Variety VII
Best Time - Variety VIII
Best Time - Variety IX
Best Time - Variety X
Best Time - Variety XI
Some Kind of Really Fast Mercenary
Best Time - Ninja Mode I
Best Time - Ninja Mode II
Best Time - Ninja Mode III
Best Time NG Selection I
Best Time NG Selection II
Best Time NG Selection III
Best Time NG Selection IV
Best Time NG Selection V
Best Time NG Selection VI
Best Time NG Selection VII

30% complete
Vigilante 8 (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-04-05 17:07:52
Earned 6 of 40 achievements, 30/300 points.
John Torque Quest
Slick Clyde Quest
Houston Quest
Loki Quest
Boogie Quest
Beezwax Quest
Chassey Blue Quest
Sheila Quest
Dave Quest
Convoy Quest
Molo Quest
Sid Burn Quest
Chassey Blue Hard Quest
Slick Clyde Hard Quest
Sheila Hard Quest
John Torque Hard Quest
Loki Hard Quest
Houston Hard Quest
Boogie Hard Quest
Dave Hard Quest
Convoy Hard Quest
Beezwax Hard Quest
Molo Hard Quest
Sid Burn Hard Quest
Oil Fields Arcade
Aircraft Graveyard Arcade
Ghost Town Arcade
Hoover Dam Arcade
Valley Farm Arcade
Casino City Arcade
Cannyonlands Arcade
Sky Resort Arcade
Secret Base Arcade
Sand Factory Arcade
Arcade Challenge
Arcade Ultimate Quest
Arcade Easy Challenge
No Repair Challenge
Low Gravity Challenge
No Damage Hard Challenge

21% complete
Driver 2 (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-04-02 03:39:08
Earned 6 of 58 achievements, 40/400 points.
Chicago Checkpoints 1
Chicago Getaway 1
Chicago Quick Chase
Havana Survival
Chicago Survival
Train Pursuit
Caines Compound
Escape to Safe House
Leaving Out Chicago
Find the Clue
Pursue Jericho
Escape to Ferry
Escape the Brazilians
Car Bomb Getaway
Bank Job
C4 Deal
Destroy the Yard
Save Jones
Boat Jump
Lenny Escape
Lenny Gets Caught
Havana Quick Chase
Vegas Quick Chase
Rio Quick Chase
Chicago Getaway 2
Havana Getaway 1
Havana Getaway 2
Vegas Getaway 1
Vegas Getaway 2
Rio Getaway 1
Rio Getaway 2
Chicago Race 1
Chicago Race 2
Havana Race 1
Havana Race 2
Vegas Race 1
Vegas Race 2
Rio Race 1
Rio Race 2
Chicago Trailblazer 1
Chicago Trailblazer 2
Havana Trailblazer 1
Havana Trailblazer 2
Vegas Trailblazer 1
Vegas Trailblazer 2
Rio Trailblazer 1
Rio Trailblazer 2
Chicago Checkpoints 2
Havana Checkpoints 1
Havana Checkpoints 2
Vegas Checkpoints 1
Vegas Checkpoints 2
Rio Checkpoints 1
Rio Checkpoints 2
Vegas Survival
Rio Survival
Mountain Pass Track
Secret Race Track

0% complete
Driver (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-04-01 01:44:30
Earned 0 of 50 achievements, 0/380 points.
Pursuit: Miami 1
Pursuit: Miami 2
Pursuit: San Fransisco 1
Pursuit: San Fransisco 2
Miami Getaway
San Fransisco Getaway
Checkpoints: Miami 1
Checkpoints: Miami 2
Checkpoints: San Fransisco 1
Checkpoints: San Fransisco 2
Trialblazer: Maimi 1
Trialblazer: Maimi 2
Trialblazer: San Fransisco 1
Trialblazer: San Fransisco 2
Car Park Job
Bust Out Jean Paul
The Informant
Cosy to the Choper
Tanner and Slater
Test Drive
Grangers Wheels
President Run
Pursuit: Los Angeles 1
Pursuit: New York 1
Los Angeles Getaway
New York Getaway
Checkpoints: Los Angeles
Checkpoints: New York
Trialblazer: Los Angeles 1
Trialblazer: New York 1
Dirt Track 1
Dirt Track 2
Dirt Track 3
Dirt Track 4
Survival: Miami
Survival: San Francisco
Survival: Los Angeles
Survival: New York
Superfly Drive
Dianginos Car
Guns in the Trunk
The Chase
The Rescue
Take out Grangers Boys
Trialblazer: Los Angeles 2
Trialblazer: New York 2
Pursuit: Los Angeles 2
Pursuit: New York 2

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