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153% complete
G.O.D.: Mezameyo to Yobu Koe ga Kikoe (SNES)
Last played 2021-09-29 01:02:43
Earned 89 of 116 achievements, 537/900 points.
Natural Habitat
C7  H5  O6  N3
Quicksand Jesus I'm So Far Away
The Grief Has Guided Me So Far
Don't Worry, Be Happy!
Growth Or Devolution
Be Quick ! It's Harvest Day
We Do Not Forgive You
You Mean Like The Bunny?
I Feel So ... Vulnerable - The Golden Village
Correspondence Training V - Last Consequences
Thwarted Cyber Attack
Mister Chatterbox
In Search For Perfect Taste
Varied Flavors
Just Another Sailor Story
Super Gifted Children
Let It Go, Let It Go, Can't Hold It Back Anymore
Hey Hey Hey! Do Not Drink So Quickly!
My Hour Of Need - Capitalizing On God's Name
S.S. Salvation
Secrets That Heaven Keeps
Created By ... Aliens?
Cataclysm - Apocalyptic Boogaloo
Coup D'etat
... Staff Number 4649 ...
The Phantom Of The Opera
Yeah, Happiness ... Even Salt Looks Like Sugar
Prohibited Content!
Err ... Thank You Ladies ...
Rain Man Is Here To Play
Ai ... You're Alive In All Of Us
The Monk's Transgressions
Hey Basil, Look, Is That Dinosaur Staring At Us?
All Together Again!
In Honor Of Master Lem - Monkey's Barrier
The Sacrifice For A Greater Good - Goodbye Master
Correspondence Training IV - Who Cares About Names
I'm Really Bad With Anagrams
The "Mother" Ship And The Children Of Destiny
Aaa-aaaah! Oo-ooh, Aa-aah!!
The Cradle Of Horus
Tell Me Why I Had To Be A Powerslave
The Last Warning
Correspondence Training III - Kill Or Be Killed
Robin Des Bois
The 7th Divine Smile
The Power Of Connection
Ai !!! This Is For You !!!
So ... Marvel Comics, Right?
Vatican Is Always Hiding The Important Things
Together We Are Stronger
It's Free, Why Not?
Lightened Heart
Please, Open The Gates Of Your Heart
Correspondence Training II - Adrenaline Rush
Use Your Brain Next Time!
How Can He Be So Powerful?
Everything Is Wrong In This World ...
Night Games On Den Of Sins
A Touch Of Wisdom And The Friendly Monk Basil
So, We Really Have Tiny Brains?
A Miracle Amid Chaos
I Have To Admit That You Really Have Style
You ... You're Both Disgusting, Typical Man!
Next Time, I'll Cast REM On Myself
Two For One Deal
Correspondence Training I - Bestial Roar
Mysterious Stranger
Goal - Wish - Purpose - Frustration
Luck Is Smiling
The Mikoto Desire
The Fearless Osore's Girl
Tale Of Two Islands
Ay Ay! Who Is The Captain Now?
The Angelic Avatar And Spiritual Growth
Fatimaria's Cult Is Not So Different From Others
Summer Breeze
Onsen Nightmare
A Brotherly Bond Across Countries
Link Between Pupil And Master
Animals Deserve Respect
The Biggest Prison May Be In Your Mind
Transcendental Knowledge
Post Traumatic Trauma
July 3, 1999 - The Date That All Reality Would Change
Who Dares Disturb My Slumber
Dancing On The Bullying's Face
Ice Station Zebra
I Choose To Change That Nation
Empathy ...
Intellectual battle
Priests And Witches All Agreed,They Must Die
My Mercy Prevails Over My Wrath
Save The Bones For The Manhattan Museum
The Arrival Of Alexander
Scourge Of Fire
Emotional Shock
Friends And Rivals To The End
King Or Not, You're Just Another Alien
Shared Pain
For Michael ... For Us
Almighty Selfish
All's Well That Ends Well
Purification Of Emotions
How Did You Find This?
Hail To The New King
G.O.D Airlines
Blood Diary
Stop Heath! We're Not Going To Angel Town
Why Do People Leave Their Things Lying Around?
Lets Sell Everything And Donate To Salvation House
I Just Wonder Who Left All This Behind
Firebrand's Inner Peace

0% complete
Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2021-09-12 00:30:47
Earned 0 of 94 achievements, 0/438 points.
Beat Classic World 1-1
Classic World 1-1 (A coins)
Beat Classic World 1-2
Classic World 1-2 (A coins)
Beat Classic World 1-3
Classic World 1-3 (A coins)
Beat Classic World 1-4
Classic World 1-4 (A coins)
Beat Classic World 2-2
Classic World 2-2 (A coins)
Beat Wild Ride in the Sky
Wild Ride in the Sky (A coins)
Beat Slidin' the Slopes
Slidin' the Slopes (A coins)
Beat Vegetable Volley
Vegetable Volley (A coins)
Super Mushroom e-Coin
Beat Doors o' Plenty
Doors o' Plenty (A coins)
Super Leaf e-Coin
Beat Bombarded by Bob-ombs
Bombarded by Bob-ombs (A coins)
Beat Magical Note Blocks
Magical Note Blocks (A coins)
Beat The ol' Switcheroo
The ol' Switcheroo (A coins)
Super Star e-Coin
Beat Piped Full of Plants
Piped Full of Plants (A coins)
Beat Swinging Bars of Doom
Swinging Bars of Doom (A coins)
Beat Para Beetle Challenge
Para Beetle Challenge (A coins)
Beat A Musical Trek
A Musical Trek (A coins)
Beat Armored Airship
Armored Airship (A coins)
Beat Ice Dungeon
Ice Dungeon (A coins)
Toad e-Coin
Beat A Sky-High Adventure
A Sky-High Adventure (A coins)
Beat Sea to Sky
Sea to Sky (A coins)
Beat It's a Shoe-In
It's a Shoe-In (A coins)
Beat Slip Slidin' Away
Slip Slidin' Away (A coins)
Beat Iced Cubed
Iced Cubed (A coins)
Beat Puzzling Pipe Maze
Puzzling Pipe Maze (A coins)
Super Flower e-Coin
Beat A Towering Tour
A Towering Tour (A coins)
Beat Castle Dash
Castle Dash (A coins)
Beat Rich with Ropes
Rich with Ropes (A coins)
Luigi e-Coin
Beat Vexing Doors
Vexing Doors (A coins)
Beat Caped Escape
Caped Escape (A coins)
Mario e-Coin
Beat Ground Work
Ground Work (A coins)
Beat An Aqueous Adventure
An Aqueous Adventure (A coins)
Beat Bowser's Last Stand
Bowser's Last Stand (A coins)
Beat Koopaling Confusion
Koopaling Confusion (A coins)
Princess e-Coin
Beat Bowser's Airship 1
Bowser's Airship 1 (A coins)
Beat Bowser's Airship 2
Bowser's Airship 2 (A coins)
Beat Airship's Revenge
Airship's Revenge (A coins)
Beat No Time to Dawdle
No Time to Dawdle (A coins)
Beat Treacherous Halls
Treacherous Halls (A coins)
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
I'm Super
Light My Fire
The Raccoons
Kero Kero Keroppi
Pom Poko
Can't Touch This
Gonna Fly Now
What Goes Around Comes Around
These Boots Aren't Made For Walking

200% complete
Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals (SNES)
Last played 2021-08-14 02:06:28
Earned 64 of 64 achievements, 550/550 points.
Final Countdown
Blade of the Gods
Dragon Slayer
The World's Most Difficult Trick
The Power of Love
The Cursed One
I Need More Wishes
Legendary Hero
Master Flash
Power House
Master Blaze
Master Darbi
Master Sully
Master Zeppy
The Wishmaker 2
The Wishmaker
Master Gusto
Capsule Monster Collector
20000 Leagues Under the Sea
Holy Whip
Dragon Sword
Bunny Sword
VIP Member
Preventing a War
The Priphea
The Useless Servant
The Mysterious Melody
R. A. Legend - Lufia II
Let's call Rafael!
Renowned Hero
Master Adventurer
Mighty Hero
Advanced Hunter
Beginner Explorer
The Phantom Tree
Child Abduction
Memory Games
Happy Ending...?
Master Jelze
The Prince's Ego
Hey Pretty Lady, I Got a Weird Thing to Show You
Beaten by Strangers [m]
For King and Country
I Am Immortal
Looking for Hilda
The Lost Key
A King Without a Crown
Fishing Time
Hero's Destiny
Training Day

123% complete
Lufia & The Fortress of Doom (SNES)
Last played 2021-07-26 05:29:56
Earned 29 of 47 achievements, 268/343 points.
One-Hundred Years
The Agent of Daos
Level 50!
World's Greatest
Treasure Hunter
Dragon's Wish
Heavy Pockets
Power the Falcon
Sin Slayer
For Freedom!
Level 25!
Treasure Seeker
Who You Gonna Call?
Amon's Follower
The Exorcist
Item Burden
Artea's Apprentice
Goblin Horde
Demon Horde
Imminent Defeat
Sheran Rescue
Level 5!
Better Than a Knife
And So It Begins...
First Encounter
Fairy Kiss
The Elven Village
Building Bridges
All Aboard!
Mighty Intelligence [m]
Escape Artist
Holes, Holes, and a Brant
We're Off to See the Wizard... Of Taste!
Riddle Me This...
Under the Sea, Under the Sea
Soaring the Skies
The Glasdar Key
I Feel Like Having Dragon Eggs for Breakfast
Stronger Than the Sword of Legends
Elven Warfare
A Hero's Mightiest Shield
Armor of Might
The Black Market

0% complete
Sonic Advance (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2021-07-26 00:58:49
Earned 0 of 58 achievements, 0/560 points.
Like Old Times
Like Old Times (Sonic)
Like Old Times (Tails)
Like Old Times (Knuckles)
Like Old Times (Amy)
Who Is Your Decorator? (Sonic)
Who Is Your Decorator? (Tails)
Who Is Your Decorator? (Knuckles)
Who Is Your Decorator? (Amy)
What Happens In Casinos... (Sonic)
What Happens In Casinos... (Tails)
What Happens In Casinos... (Knuckles)
What Happens In Casinos... (Amy)
A Hot Chocolate Please (Sonic)
A Hot Chocolate Please (Tails)
A Hot Chocolate Please (Knuckles)
A Hot Chocolate Please (Amy)
Are You...? (Sonic)
Are You...? (Tails)
Are You...?! (Knuckles)
Are You...? (Amy)
Houston, We have a Problem (Sonic)
Houston, We have a Problem (Tails)
Houston, We have a Problem (Knuckles)
Houston, We have a Problem (Amy)
Space Race (Sonic)
Space Race (Tails)
Space Race (Knuckles)
Space Race (Amy)
The End?
The Fastest Thing Alive
The Two Tailed Fox
The Master Emerald Guardian
The Hammer Girl
The Power of Chaos
Chaos Control!
This is not over!!!
Super Sonic Finish
Collector of Rings.
My precious!!!
Nine Hedgehogs
Prepared for the Worst.
Neo Green Hill Speedrun
Secret Base Speedrun
Casino Paradise Speedrun
Ice Mountain Speedrun
Angel Island Speedrun
Hammer Fight
Eggman Toy
Shield Paradise
Foxes Can Swim, but Hedgehogs Can't?
Unlike Sonic I Don't Chuckle
Comix Zone
Untouchable Hedgehog
25 More and I can go Super... Oh, wait...
The Classic Duo
Tails Just Don't Care
I'm not Blaze, I've only got ONE life!

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