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RedGuy0028 7 Mar 2024 08:40
Oh boy, real fun haha. Best of luck to ya!
AManNamedQuest 9 Mar 2024 03:57
Are you ever gonna 100% beat Mario and Luigi superstar saga on hardcore or do I have to look at that disgusting borderless photo every time I visit?
(Please know I'm just joking)
RedGuy0028 9 Mar 2024 04:28
Hahaha! No problem, love me some jokes. Yeah I'm planning to remedy that eventually. Even I'll admit, definitely sticks out like a sore thumb. (Yeah I completed that before I knew hard-core was a thing lol)
AManNamedQuest 10 Mar 2024 05:00
Good god damn man, you've been putting in WORK
RedGuy0028 10 Mar 2024 06:48
Thank you. My thumbs be tired, but it was worth it.
AManNamedQuest 12 Mar 2024 00:31
Holy SHIT my man, I wasn't expecting a two day mastery on superstar saga.
RedGuy0028 12 Mar 2024 01:38
Been playing this game since it came out, know this one like the back of me hand. Although yesterday was a battle considering my save data was i had to start a new game and go ALLLLLL the way to the final boss in one sitting. Ive got no life haha
AManNamedQuest 17 Mar 2024 04:11
What game are you thinking of mastering next my man? ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰
RedGuy0028 17 Mar 2024 05:09
Been going back and forth between a few, getting the feel for what makes me more...confident I suppose? I might jump back into mario world eventually, but those mini challenges are gonna be something.
AManNamedQuest 18 Mar 2024 15:34
Fuck SML2 bro, beating Wario flawlessly is giving me such a bullshit time. I must've practiced for an hour and a half yesterday, lost all 34 of my lives and I'm gonna have to grind out more today ๐Ÿ˜‚
AManNamedQuest 18 Mar 2024 15:35
But hey, congrats on the StH2 GG mastery!
RedGuy0028 18 Mar 2024 17:50
Thank ya, twas quite the challenge for me too. I've been thinking of getting into the Mario Land games eventually....but hearing it from you sounds like I'm in for quite the "bull shit" time. I'll....I'll try em later. ๐Ÿ˜„
AManNamedQuest 18 Mar 2024 20:19
1 was really fun and my second mastery on this site. The speed runs were a little tough but it was an earned mastery I felt without being insanely hard. I'm sure once I get more familiar with the fight of 2 I'll be fine, but it's frustrating to do a bunch a set up for one run
RedGuy0028 18 Mar 2024 20:31
Basically this for sonic chaos. Gotta grab all 4 emeralds, 100 rings each to get em.....then the fifth one. Ohhh the fifth one. I KNOW the path to get to it, but when I try to do the speedrun method for the cheevo...Mr sonic don't like turning when I want him to. Then again them tunes are so goddamn fast lol
RedGuy0028 18 Mar 2024 20:31
RedGuy0028 18 Mar 2024 20:49
Nevermind, I fuckin did it.
AManNamedQuest 18 Mar 2024 22:33
I'm gonna have to go beat more sonic so you don't catch up to me in Masteries
RedGuy0028 19 Mar 2024 00:13
Haha well lucky for you I'll be taking a Lil break from sonic. Working on Mario World for a bit now.
AManNamedQuest 19 Mar 2024 23:54
Should I grind out more Mario tonight (beat Wario without worrying about the speed run) or just start up a new Sonic game? And if so, which one (has to be Genesis, game gear, or master system)
RedGuy0028 20 Mar 2024 00:25
My opinion, if a game is getting a Lil too frustrating at the time, take a break and start a new one. If anything, sonic is more your "speed" so I'd say jump on one of those. You've mastered 1 and 2, how are you with 3 and knuckles?