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Member Since: 21 May 2019, 00:06
Last Activity: 16 Sep 2019, 20:10
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Retro Ratio: 1.87
Average Completion: 73.02%
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190% complete
Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories (PlayStation)
Last played 2019-09-15 21:21:57
Earned 191 of 201 achievements, 903/1043 points.
Sebek the Impotent
The Greatest of the Pharaohs
Fusion is Overrated
Revival of Sennen Genjin
Curse of Tri-Horned Dragon
Zera Ritual
Revival of Serpent Night Dragon
The New Guardian of the Plains
The New Protector of the Mountains
The New Warden of the Seas
The New Lord of the Desert
The New Ruler of the Forest
Apprentice Forest Mage
Apprentice Desert Mage
Still the King of Games
Quelling Insurrection
Turtle Oath
Garma Sword Oath
War-Lion Ritual
Puppet Ritual
Beastly Mirror Ritual
Hamburger Recipe
Revival of Skeleton Rider
Yamadron Ritual
Curse of Millennium Shield
Apprentice Ocean Mage
Apprentice Mountain Mage
Commencement Dance
Cosmo Queen\
Spirit of Roses
An Amazing Sense of Direction
Is That It?
A Long-Awaited Rematch [m]
Song of Death
Black Sheep
Evolved Insect
Fiery Ink
Guitar Solo
Alpha Beetle
Judge, Jury, and Executioner
Birth of a Bird
Brave Bird
Construct of Mask
Fortress Whale\
Black Luster Ritual
Impregnable Defense
Wicked Dragon Knight
One Final Duel
Sweet Revenge
Sworn Protectors
The End of the Maze
Combination Artist
Ready for Marik
Ransacking the Meadow Shrine
Split Personality
Ransacking the Mountain Shrine
Ransacking the Forest Shrine
Ransacking the Desert Shrine
Ransacking the Sea Shrine
King of the Ocean
Dragon Shell
River Avenger
Elf of Darkness
Darkness Gargoyle
Mystical Djinn
Mind Games
Tailwhip from the Air
Zombie Mammoth
The Most Faithful of Servants
Cheaters Never Prosper
Apprentice Meadow Mage
Nothing But a Spirit
The Better Duelist
Better, But Not Good Enough
A Comfortable Sum
Budding Collector
Bone Dragon
Shocking Lizard
Spiky Mermaid
World of Mirror
Raining Fire
Volcano Plants
Undying Thunder
Vengeful Sorcerer
Time Magic
Vicious Rainbow
From the Ashes
Winged Turtle
Lord of Thunder
Jurassic Juggernaut
Beast in a Shell
Clipping Wings
You Still Have A Long Way to Go
Commanding Respect
Returning Home
Reuniting With Friends
Squashing Bugs
The Pharaoh\
The Card Professor
Ancient Rivalry
Square Armadillo
Terror Clown
Prayers of God
Geriatric Care
Flames Eater
Hell Flame
Disk Magic
Bull in a Lamp
Wild Bird Attacks
My name is...
Avian Assault
Wise Spirit
Another Sealion
Baby of Thunder
Mechanical Upgrade
Underwater Sentinel
An Army of Insects
Keep Trying, Jono!
Dark Witch of Lightning
Soul Destroyer
With Age Comes Wisdom
Winged Lion
Plants in Darkland
Jurassic Showdown
All Is Lost
Justice for Jono
Friendly Competition [m]
A Slow Study
Teaching the Teacher
Weighing Your Options
Burning Executioner
Dragon-Like Human
Missle-Launching Fish
River Monster
Elven Warrior
Brutal Bug
Beautiful Seahorse
Dwelling in the Darkness
Beast with Axe
Wild Palm
Rock-Solid Shell
Spiky Seasnake
Iron Wolf
Pumpkin Ruler
Living Dragon Statue
ReDead of Hell
King of Thunder
Deadly Seed
Terror Spellcaster
Daily Training
Overwhelming Offense
Giant Metallic Snake
Machine Master\
Zombie Shark
Herbivorous Dragon
Burning Arrow
Mutated Fish
Wood Corpse
Overgrown Beast
Lava Monster
Rock Warrior
Witch of Sand
Revived Dragon
Unfazed by Death
Queen of the Emerald Forest
Stone Hail
Flaming Sword of Battle
Fighting with Fire
Skeletal Soldier
Getting to Know Your Subjects [m]
The Bare Minimum
A Practice Duel [m]
Pressing Your Advantage
Brute Force
The Student Has Surpassed the Teacher [m]
Neku the Inept
Ousting the Usurper
The Final Showdown
Suppressing Evil
Overcoming the Nightmare
Your Own Solar System
Ardent Collector
Committed Collector
Gate Guardian Ritual
Ultimate Dragon Ritual

0% complete
Crash Bandicoot (PlayStation)
Last played 2019-09-07 19:58:06
Earned 0 of 44 achievements, 0/450 points.
Wait... but weren\
What are you doing in my secret mine?
Papu Popped
Ripper Ruined
Koala Konked
Pinstripe Patooey
Nitrus Broken
Cortex N. Capacitated
An Easy Start for a not so Friendly Adventure
Jungle Japes
Shield Attacker
Indiana Bandicoot
Paper Crash
I don\
Gulp, Hulp
Escape from the Temple
The Lost Ruins
That sign won\
AHHHHHH I thought I got rid of you!
The Gem of the Middle
Meavy Hachinery
Cortex Got The Power!
I am watching everything that you are doing
Donkey Kong 3D
Rainy Towers
I Can\
So Close... but yet so far...
Tawna! Wait for me!
Here We Go Again...
Aku Aku Light\
A Shining Ending
Iron Boots
Putting Papu Papu to sleep
No guns in my E Rated game
Crashed and Smashed
Darn you, Crash Bandicoot!
*Bandicoot Abuse

99% complete
Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2019-09-07 18:43:33
Earned 48 of 97 achievements, 216/564 points.
The Flaming Arrow
Bride to Be
Day of the Tentacles
My Broken Heart
Walking On a Tightrope
Eternal Brothers
Hot Hot Hot
Kiss that Frog
A Breath of Fresh Air
Bring Me to the Bottom of the Oceans
Take Me Away
Seeing is Believing
A Woman\
Happy Mask Salesman
The Great Escape
Drunkey Master
Heat Resistant Tunic
Hook Me Away
Hero of Time
Secrets Detector
Damsel in Distress
Wedding Band
Mouse Ka-Boom
Sniper Fury
On Fire
The Way the World Learns to Dive
Magic Beans
You Spin Me Round
Soul Brothers
Fishing Lessons
A Man\
Dance Into the Fire
You Can Be A Star
Bulls Eye!!
Money Solves Everything
You Makes Me Feel So Good
Super Cucco Catching
Catch Me If You Can
Cuccos Revenge
A Royal Autograph
Rise and Shine!!
Entrusted Mission
Spider Net
Rolling Thunder
Invisible One
The Shadow of the Hylians
Infamous Silver Gauntlets
Twins of Evil
To the Rescue
Home Sweet Home
King of Thieves
My Last Breath
President Link-Oln
Who Let the Dogs Out
Bunches of Twigs
Shield Raider
Roll Roll and Away
Bombchu Bowling Star
Stocking Nuts
A Pretty Face
Last Breath
Lifestyle and Stones
Ghost Chaser
Jump Over
Pierre the Wanderer
Poe Collector
Sniper Elite
The Fabulous Froggish Tenors
Biggorons Sword
Ultimate Horse Master
Graduate of Gerudos Training Grounds
Plenty of Hearts
Wind Runner
The Rock
Family Reunion
Expert Angler
Mischievous Hero
Accomplished Angler
Dangerously Delicious (3 Hearts Run Only)
Race Against the Clock (3 Hearts Run Only)
Dodgeball (3 Hearts Run Only)
Whac-A-Mole (3 Hearts Run Only)
Tentacles of the Deep (3 Hearts Run Only)
Invisible Stalker (3 Hearts only)
Double Trouble (3 Hearts Run Only)
Dark Lord (3 Hearts Run)
Blind Explorer (3 Hearts Run Only)

3% complete
Conkers Bad Fur Day (E) (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2019-09-06 22:30:39
Earned 1 of 64 achievements, 1/400 points.
Welcome to the warzone
See ya
Animal control
Just tell me where to shot
What a world
Come on, ladies
Balls of brass
Getting a bit noisy
A little bit tenderizing
More sponduli
I think you drink too much too
Rock n\
Not really messy at all
Long live the king
Stop the tickles please
The bluff
Wasps Revenge
Mr. Death
Count batula
How bad a handful of dead people can be?
Sole survivor
Casualty department
You and how many more?!
Little girl
Enter the vertex
We had to save budget
Too cool to be stopped
To soon to be dead
Buff you, not me
Actually not cabiat at all
My Ass!
Good bye, little baby
Yeh! Cash Prizes
A squirrel has 10 lives
Reviving classics
I hate butterflies
That wasn\
Let the matches begin
This is why I was born
Just you and me
Piece of cake
Torpedo shotgun
Look mama, matrix!
Ready to get the mushroom cup
Iimmediately evaporated
Great guys
Enemy demoralized
Good bye, Chicho
I think the chick is already full
Goodbye Paris
Hello Paris

0% complete
Shadow Man (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2019-09-06 21:49:01
Earned 0 of 74 achievements, 0/400 points.
Shadow Walker
Les Cartes
A Book Full of Cheats
The Asylum
Key to Madness
Temple of Fire
Burning Touch
Key to Hell
Temple of Prophecy
Burning Steps
The Bringer of Night
Prison Break
Prison Key Card
Repo Man
The Mist
Video Nasty Killer
Because One is not Enough
Lizard King
Temple of Blood
Hot Shower
Lava Ducts
Jack the Ripper
Case Closed
New York
Bring the Light
Home Improvement Killer
Dealer of Death
Lord of Deadside
Immortal Voodoo Warrior
End of Days
Jaunty 1 - Its Just the End of the World
Nettie 1 - Hidden Souls
Jaunty 2 - St. James Legacy
Nettie 2 - Path of Shadows
Jaunty 3 - Long Time No See
Nettie 3 - Respect for the Souls
Jaunty 4 - A Mathematical Genius
Nettie 4 - Hunger for Power
Jaunty 5 - Looking for a corpse...or five
Nettie 5 - The Five Immortals
Jaunty 6 - Voices in my Head
Nettie 6 - Little Brother
Jaunty 7 - Sleeping Beauty
Shadow Secrets I
Shadow Secrets II
Shadow Secrets III
Shadow Secrets IV
Shadow Secrets V
Shadow Secrets VI
Shadow Secrets VII
Shadow Secrets VIII
Shadow Secrets IX
Shadow Secrets X
Shadow Secrets XI
A Spiritual Trade for Life Beyond
Servant of Loa
You Should Probably Just Keep for Yourself

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