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Banjo-Kazooie (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2022-09-11 00:13:33
36 of 60 achievements, 213/486 points
60% complete
Pieces of a puzzle
Grunty's Lair
The Last Cheat
I'm the Egg Cheater
God Tier
Bubblegloop Swamp
Is It This, Now Let Me Think, What Is Grunty’s Favorite Drink?
Warping Around
The Quiz Master
Banjo wants honey
Welcome To The World's Greatest Game Show
The Rusty Bucket Is a Tanker
I just wanted to save...
Fine Feathered Cheat
Monster Mansion Gives You a Scare
Banjo the Pumpkin
In Spiral Mountain, Fields Are Green
Gobi’s Valley Is Easy for Sure
Move Master
Freezeezy’s Igloo Isn’t Square
Banjo the Cute Walrus
Banjo the Washer
Bubblegloop Turtle Choir Is Swelling
Banjo the Crocodile
Inside Clanker spinning fast
Steel Lungs [m]
Treasure Trove Cove’s Got a Treasure Hunt
Lives Collector
Surrounded by Sea
Banjo the Termite
Spiral Mountain
Mumbo's Mountain
To infinity and beyond!
Treasure Trove Cove
Clanker's Cavern
Freezeezy Peak
Gobi's Valley
Mad Monster Mansion
Rusty Bucket Bay
Click Clock Wood
Show me the honey!
Witch Exterminator [m]
What's a Hollow Honeycomb? [m]
Mystery Unsolved
Jigsaw Maker
Bright Skull [m]
Stoped and Swoped
Click Clock Wood’s Winter Is Dull
Big Head Banjo
Big Hands and Feets
Big Kazooie
Slim Banjo
Strange Banjo
Donkey Kong 64 (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2022-09-09 21:54:01
19 of 59 achievements, 133/550 points
32% complete
Life on the Nickel
Jewel in the Crown
In the Toymakers Workshop
Life in the Factory
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Der Flohwalzer
Expand Kong
The Flower Songs of Nezahualcoyotl
Ruff in the Jungle Bizness
Jump Up, Super Star! [m]
Rusty Cage
DK Rap
Folsom Prison Blues
Temblores de Tenochtitlan
Le Portrait de la Petite Cosette
Petite Ecolier
Welcome to the Jungle
Hey Armadillo
I Believe I Can Fly [m]
Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing! [m]
Where the Lights Are [m]
Maze in Ice [m]
The Tortoise and the Hare [m]
Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head [m]
Lay Down Your Arms [m]
Castle Island [m]
The Floor is Lava
This is the Savanna
Somewhere Beyond The Sea
It's on Like Donkey Kong
Kong the Destroyer
Rocket Man
Thirty Thousand Pounds of Bananas
Too Many Fish in the Sea
Sea Within a Sea
Sunleth Waterscape
No Quarter
Dragonfly's Outro
The Three Mushrooms
Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow
Burnt Ice
Victims of the Ice Brigade
A Hazy Shade of Winter
Upgrade U
My Favorite Things
Nickels and Dimes
Madman Across the Water
Protect Ya Neck
Spooky Scary Skeletons
The Secret Place
Penny Slots
Luck Be a Lady
Hacking to the Gate
Fairies' Lamentation And Dance
The Champ is Here
Returns a King
Don't Rain on My Parade
SimCity 2000 (SNES)
Last played 2022-08-19 01:17:45
6 of 23 achievements, 35/345 points
26% complete
Llama Dome!
Military Base!
City Hall!
Mayor's House!
New City Hall!
Prepared to Launch!
Ultimate City!
Relieving Scenery!
Sound of Stream!
Hilly Terrain!
Large Lake!
Scent of Sea!
Land of Freedom!
Rapid Growth!
Megalopolis Scenario!
Mayor Training Scenario!
Global Warming Scenario!
Entertainment City Scenario!
Go to the Space Scenario!
Good Politician!
Paper Mario (Nintendo 64)
Last played 2022-08-05 11:02:45
49 of 66 achievements, 358/728 points
74% complete
Parakarry Powered Up
The Book Worm
Life Scout
Watt Powered Up
Ultra Jumpman Mario!
Riding The Cool Breeze
Why Spike? [m]
Goombario Powered Up
Bow Powered Up
99.7 FM
Hard Shelled Bully
Kooper Powered Up
Little Miss Star
Rolling in the Deep
Bombette Powered Up
Ultra Hammer Bro
Sushie Powered Up
Not The Kind That's Food
Star Piece Collector
Time to Chill
Star Scout
My Little Sweet Night Light
Battle Hardened
The Life of a Scholar
Badge Points
Afraid of Ghosts
Frightful Woman
Super Jumpman Mario!
Power Bouncer
Coin Collector
Premptive Striker
Motherly Instinct
Super Hammer Bro
First Class Scout
Buzz Off!
Turtle Mail
Old Age Wisdom
A Blast With My Gal
Pop Quiz
Never Koop a Kooper
Ring Around the Rosie
Goomnutless [m]
First Friend
Boy Scout
First Time Strike
Hammer Bro
Lakilester Powered Up
To The Max!
Flower Power!
All Beefed Up
Max Power!
Stay Calm
Quiz Master
Star Man
End of Story
Eagle Scout
Full Energy Bowser
Encyclopedia [m]
Kitchen Nightmare
Dennis the Menace
Unwanted Mail
Santa Claus doesn't want any more letters
Mega Man 5 (NES)
Last played 2022-08-02 02:04:05
59 of 80 achievements, 397/662 points
73% complete
Driving a Train Is Harder Than It Steams
Rockman's B-Sides and Rarities
Light Our Darkest Hour
Earth at Sight
Mega Man is Too Slow!
Psycho Death Tank Destroyer 9000
Garbage Crusher
Crushin' It
Too Much to Drink on the Fifth Date
Walking In Circles
Circles are Pointless
Can I Stand On You?
Buster for a Spinner
Rock 'n Rolling
That Was Wily All along? What a Relief...
What Is a Dark Man?
Armcannon Fighter
It Was a Dark and Dreary Night
You Rolled When You Shoulda Rocked
Defense Over Offense
In Darkest Night
I Rock, You Roll
Dark Prototype
Before the Light Comes Dark Man
Fortune Teller
Mirror Mirror On My Balls, Who Is the Deadliest of Them All?
Ambush the Base!
Loyal Bird
I See Energy in Your Future
Napalm Bomber
Come to My Museum Afterwards!
The Smell of 1-Ups in the Morning
Ultra Quality Oil
Remember the Good Ol' Days, but Keep Plowing Ahead
Fallen Star
One Less Star Man in the City
The Stars are Falling
Big Propeller
This Is Not a Problem
Breakfast for Champions
Becoming a Cat
Wall of Bricks
I Got the Power!
Guts Man is Disappointed
Time to Party, Not-Guts Man
Mega Energy Drink
On the Same Wavelength
I'm Razor Sharp
Social Distancing
Buster Duel
Yet the Earth Does Move
Gravity Switcher
Mega Man Go Up, Mega Man Go Down
Living in Zero Gravity
Bubble Man 2.0
Wind Breeze
Shooting Star
Here Comes the Choo-Choo Train!
Weapon Enthusiast
Most Expensive Robot
Full M.Buster
Darkness and Despair
Hello Dark Man, My Old Friend
Not Today, Big Pets
Running in Circles
Rockman's Forgotten Classics
Stairway to Wily
I Got the Touch!
Under a Gyroscope
Tanks, but No Tanks
Of Quartz I Love Geology
Mt. Rockmore
Straight Forward
Go Jet!
Rockman's Greatest Hits Vol. 1

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