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PositiveCannon (19390 points) (67312)

Member Since: 13 Apr 2020, 15:57
Last Activity: 04 Aug 2020, 12:44
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 3.47
Average Completion: 81.19%
Site Rank: 1329 / 76815 ranked users (Top 3%)
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The Factory (Zone F), 4 lives

Last 5 games played:

167% complete
Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers (NES)
Last played 2020-07-25 10:59:49
Earned 50 of 60 achievements, 440/750 points.
Rodent Philatelist J (The Post Office)
Rodent Philatelist D (The Toy Store)
The Adventures of Chip 'n' Doll 0 (The Lab)
The Adventures of Chip 'n' Doll A (The Tree)
The Adventures of Chip 'n' Doll B (The Diner)
Zipper's Challenge J (The Post Office)
Zipper's Challenge I (The Bureau)
Zipper's Challenge H (The Sewers)
Monty's Challenge F (The Facory)
Zipper's Challenge F (The Factory)
Monty's Challenge J (The Post Office)
Zipper's Challenge G (The Casino)
Zipper's Challenge D (The Toy Store)
Zipper's Challenge B (The Diner)
Zipper's Challenge A (The Tree)
Zipper's Challenge 0 (The Lab)
Rodent Philatelist E (The Park)
Monty's Challenge D (The Toy Store)
Zipper's Challenge C (The Library)
Monty's Challenge B (The Diner)
Rodent Philatelist B (The Diner)
Rescue Rangers J (The Post Office)
Rescue Rangers I (The Bureau)
Monty's Challenge I (The Bureau)
Rodent Philatelist I (The Bureau)
Three Star Squirrel
Rescue Rangers H (The Sewers)
Monty's Challenge H (The Sewers)
Rodent Philatelist H (Sewers)
Two Star Squirrel
Rescue Rangers G (The Casino)
Monty's Challenge G (The Casino)
Rodent Philatelist G (The Casino)
Rescue Rangers F (The Factory)
Rescue Rangers E (The Park)
Monty's Challenge E (The Park)
Zipper's Challenge E (The Park)
Rescue Rangers D (The Toy Store)
The Catmunk
Monty's Challenge C (The Library)
Rescue Rangers C (The Library)
Rodent Philatelist C (The Library)
Rescue Rangers B (The Diner)
Rescue Rangers A (The Tree)
Monty's Challenge A (The Tree)
Rodent Philatelist A (The Tree)
One Star Squirrel
Rescue Rangers 0 (The Lab)
Monty's Challenge 0 (The Lab)
Rodent Philatelist 0 (The Lab)
Rodent Philatelist F (The Factory)
Four Star Squirrel
Five Star Squirrel
The Adventures of Chip 'n' Doll C (The Library)
The Adventures of Chip 'n' Doll D (The Toy Store)
The Adventures of Chip 'n' Doll F (The Factory)
The Adventures of Chip 'n' Doll G (The Casino)
The Adventures of Chip 'n' Doll H (The Sewers)
The Adventures of Chip 'n' Doll I (The Bureau)
The Adventures of Chip 'n' Doll J (The Post Office)

84% complete
Darkwing Duck (NES)
Last played 2020-07-22 11:08:23
Earned 24 of 57 achievements, 215/800 points.
Let's Get Dangerous III
Suck gas, evildoer III (Liquidator)
Bonus The Sewers
Suck gas, evildoer II (Wolfduck)
Suck gas, evildoer I (Quackerjack)
Dodgy Drake 1 (Bridge)
Let's Get Dangerous II
Let's Get Dangerous I
F.O.W.L'S Floating Fortress
Bonus F.O.W.L'S Floating Fortress
What Lurks In The Woods
Stacked With Justice
Bonus The Warehouse
The Tower
Bonus The Tower
The Stinky Truth
The City Never Sleeps
Bonus The City
The New Bridge
I am Scrooge McDuck! I (The New Bridge)
Bonus The New Bridge
Suck gas, evildoer IV (Moliarty)
Suck gas, evildoer V (Megavolt)
Suck gas, evildoer VI (Bushroot)
Suck gas, evildoer VII (Steelbeak)
Bonus The Woods
Let's Get Dangerous IV
Let's Get Dangerous V
Let's Get Dangerous VI
Let's Get Dangerous VII
Dodgy Drake 2 (City)
Dodgy Drake 3 (Sewers)
Dodgy Drake 4 (Woods)
Dodgy Drake 5 (Warehouses)
Dodgy Drake 6 (Tower)
Dodgy Drake 7 (F.O.W.L'S Stage)
I am Scrooge McDuck! II (The City)
I am Scrooge McDuck! III (The Sewers)
I am Scrooge McDuck! IV (The Tower)
I am Scrooge McDuck! V (The Woods)
I am Scrooge McDuck! VI (The Warehouse)
I am Scrooge McDuck! VII (F.O.W.L. Fortress)
The itch you cannot reach I
The itch you cannot reach II
All Bonuses
Darkwing Drake
The Terror That Flaps in the Night
I am the winged scourge that pecks at your nightmares!
I Am Darkwing Duck!

200% complete
Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers 2 (NES)
Last played 2020-07-21 12:19:20
Earned 48 of 48 achievements, 386/386 points.
Chip and Dale's Euthanization Shelter
Chip and Dale's Time Squad
Chip and Dale's Crane Game Specialists
Magnet Mouse
Mechanized Monty
Chip and Dale's Special Investigators
Chip and Dale's Navy Seals
Chip and Dale's SWAT Team
Cork Popper
Chip and Dale's Robot Wreckers
Real Rescue Ranger
Chip and Dale's Control Freaks
Chip and Dale's Highlanders for Hire
Fatcat Filcher
Chip and Dale's Future Perfects
Chip and Dale's Geek Squad
Future Finder
Chip and Dale's Deputy Dangers
Chip and Dale's Maniac Miners
Chip and Dale's Magical Mavericks
Western Wayfarer
Chip and Dale's Cogworks Specialists
Chip and Dale's Horologistics
Clock Cleaner
Fat Cat's Fancy Feast
Heart Container
Chip and Dale's Security Guards
Chip and Dale's Nighttime Task Force
Poltergeist Packrat
Mansion Monty
Out of the Fridge and into the Freezer
Walking on Thin Ice
Fridge Forager
Heart Piece
Chip and Dale's Sailor Scouts
Chip and Dale's Coast Guard
Ship Scourer
Marooned Monty
Chip and Dale's Cleanup Detail
Chip and Dale's Janitorial Services
Chip and Dale's Sanitation Crew
Sewer Searcher
Squirrely Sharpshooter
Chip and Dale's Mad Bombers
Chip and Dale's Bomb Squad
Pint-Sized Pacifist
Kitchen Collector

126% complete
Taz-Mania (Mega Drive)
Last played 2020-07-13 11:58:41
Earned 24 of 38 achievements, 230/450 points.
UnFrozen Today
Sunny Side Up
Overconfidentii Vulgaris
See? More Jungle
Good Luck
Ele'lator Antics
Mein Carnage
River Rabid
Mowgli Masher
Beaten and Bushwhacked
Rat Pack Forest Frenzy
Veritable Smorgasbord
All-You-Can-Eat Buffet
Sea Soup
Iced ageS
Bricked Ballads
Trick Track Trek
Furnace A'Burn Us
Endangered Danger Danger
Poach the Poachers
Sand Hill Climbing
Appetizers First
Hit the Aquifer Running
Wicked Waterfall
Audrey's Almonds
Ripped Ruins
Mysterious Maze
Boulder Breakdown
Sunny Side DOWN!
A Polite Sandstorm
Don't Spin My Record-baby
Antegrade Retrograde
Bush Rat Bouncer
Dizzy Dark Don't
Little Stop of Spinning
Rock Stoppleganger
You're Gonna Need It

181% complete
Lost Vikings, The (Mega Drive)
Last played 2020-07-12 17:05:49
Earned 39 of 43 achievements, 433/608 points.
Prehistoria [LLM0] Challenge - Immortal (Single player)
Home, Sweet Home
Level 42 [MSTR] Challenge - Invincible (Single player)
Level 41 [4RN4] Challenge - Invincible (Single player)
Level 40 [FRGT] Challenge - Invincible (Single player)
Level 38 [TRPD] Challenge - Pacifist (Single player)
Level 37 [PDDY] Challenge - Pacifist (Single player)
Level 36 [WRLR] Challenge - Gatherer (Single player)
Level 35 [FNTM] Challenge - Invincible (Single player)
Level 34 [TRDR] Challenge - Invincible (Single player)
Level 33 [8BLL] Challenge - Invincible (Single player)
Level 32 [CMB0] Challenge - Gatherer (Single player)
Level 31 [WKYY] Challenge - Shields Ready (Single player)
Level 29 [V8TR] Challenge - Invincible (Single player)
Level 28 [SMRT] Challenge - Invincible (Single player)
Level 27 [H0PP] Challenge - Invincible (Single player)
Level 24 [JNKR] Challenge - Invincible (Single player)
Level 23 [BTRY] Challenge - Gatherer (Single player)
Level 20 [TTRS] Challenge - Tetris Master (Single player)
Level 19 [TMPL] Challenge - Invincible (Single player)
Level 18 [SNDS] Challenge - Pacifist (Single player)
Level 17 [JMNN] Challenge - Acrobat (Single player)
Level 16 [SPKS] Challenge - Gatherer (Single player)
Level 14 [PHR0] Challenge - Exterminator (Single player)
Level 12 [VLCN] Challenge - Exterminator (Single player)
Level 8 [PRHS] Challenge - Gatherer (Single player)
Level 3 [TLPT] Challenge - Smart Exterminator (Single player)
Level 6 [FL0T] Challenge - Gatherer (Single player)
Flaming Arrow
I Know How To Aim
A Good Start Challenge - Immortal (Single player)
Gravity Boots
First Exit
Egypt [QCKS] Challenge - Immortal (Single player)
Factory [JLLY] Challenge - Immortal (Single player)
Wacky [NFL8] Challenge - Immortal (Single player)
Starship [TFFF] Challenge - Immortal (Single player)

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Awarded on 19 Jun 2020, 15:31
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Awarded on 21 Jul 2020, 13:51

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