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    vannamilk 3 Apr 2023 01:56
    Poefred 4 Jun 2023 01:29
    Broke top 1000 with my 50th master, Donald Duck goin' quackers Dreamcast on June 2nd 2023!
    Poefred 27 Oct 2023 18:28
    1 Year on Retroachievements Stats
    40,330 (125,546) Points
    5,351 Achievements
    Rank 629/45,587 (Top 1.38%)
    Retro Ratio 3.11
    Average Completion 80.87%
    147 Games Started - 80 Mastered Games - 17 Unfinished Games Above 85%
    17 N64 games (4 Hacks, 1 glitch showcase subset)
    10 GBC games (2 Homebrew)
    9 GB games (1 Homebrew)
    6 GBA games
    6 SNES games (1 Homebrew, 1 hack)
    5 Dreamcast Games
    3 PS1, PS2, and DS Games (1 DS Hack)
    2 Atari 2600, Megadrive/Genesis (1 Hack), NES (2 Homebrew), Pokemon Mini (2 Homebrew)
    1 Neo Geo Pocket, WASM-4, Game Gear, Atari 7800, Colecovision, Arduboy, SG-1000, Fairchild Channel F, Virtual Boy, and 1 PSP hack.

    Super Mario Kart, Tobu Tobu Girl Deluxe, and Cardcaptor Sakura were some of my most challenging masteries. Shoutouts to Virtual Lab and Tetris Attack (GB)'s Under Pressure achievement for beating me up a bit.
    Some of my favorite sets have been the Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros. (Nes), DK64, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Conker's Bad Fur Day sets. They get a lot out of mileage out of their games. Also been enjoying going through AlmightyXor's Kingdom Hearts sets though I haven't mastered any yet. The Superman 64 set was good enough to make the game enjoyable so that's definitely something of note. But yeah haven't seen a set I actively disliked, everyone's done a great job, thanks to the whole community for making these 20-40 year old games feel fresh again~

    2 Tragedies: Halfway through both Glover and the Spongebob Movie game, the games decided my save file didn't get to exist anymore

    1'st Mastery - DK64
    Last Mastery as of 10/27/2023 - Nightmare Before Christmas the Pumpkin King

    All played almost exclusively on the Steam Deck
    BackseatGamerRain 12 May 2024 00:28
    Clean table of masteries, my friend!