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GramarN 7 Jul 2023 17:52
How did you do "Full Inventory" in Cave Story?
PenguGG 10 Jul 2023 14:37
By beating the sacred grounds and getting the best ending with every space in the inventory full (excluding weapons), including the medals, the items important to access the sacred grounds (iron bond and booster 2.0), and not ever using the life bottle.
GramarN 10 Jul 2023 18:45
Weird, I think I found all the items. Could you check if anything is missing?

- Map system, Silver Locket, Arthur's key, ID Card, Santa's Key, Rusty Key, Gum Key, Jellyfish Juice, Chaco's lipstick, Life Pot, Clinic Key, Tow Rope, Curly's Air Tank, Curly's Underwear, Whimsical Star, Arms Barrier, Alien Medal, Nikumaru Counter, Teleporter Room Key, Sue's Letter, Booster v2.0, Little Man, Mushroom Badge, Iron Bond, Clay Figure Medal.
PenguGG 10 Jul 2023 19:05
Are you sure that you have Santa's Key? You're supposed to hand it over for the Fireball.
Usually changing emulator or core also works in case an achievement isn't unlocking.
GramarN 10 Jul 2023 23:12
Damn, you're right. Guess I have to redo the whole game now to get it back
PenguGG 11 Jul 2023 11:32
I meant to say you're not supposed to have the key still in your inventory after you give it back to the mimiga in Grasslands.
If you still have it in your inventory then that's the issue (strangely enough). Otherwise, use another emulator/core.
If you can, dm either here or on discord if needed.
thatoneguy1851 11 Dec 2023 14:41
Hey there! Masteries of Sonic R and Lego Racers, congratulations! Followed. Hydro Thunder was also another personal favorite of mine.