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AXanderOficial 3 Jul 2020 18:53
Platina de OURO pra tu seu James, kkk...
viniciuskombat 4 Aug 2020 18:52
caraca, parabens pelas platinas
dstroyer 20 Oct 2021 01:03
Sumiu brother, vc ta legal? e as lives?
PassolargoProds 8 Jun 2022 00:41
pra quem quiser acompanhar achievements , recorrentemente estou os fazendo em live,
MasterZ 14 Jun 2022 03:36
Chamando doutor james crudes
Chamando doutor james crudes
JasonFyre2k 27 Feb 2023 22:51
You're making great progress on the RE:CVX set. It's looks like you've already gotten all of the hardest achievements. Respect! ;)
PassolargoProds 2 Mar 2023 07:21
thx bro, the recvx its being pretty funny, except for the wesker´s cheevo xD. in the most, as far i see the RE ´s sets can take some time, but always its a new rote/run exploring and learning more ways to improve and enjoy the experience ;)
JasonFyre2k 3 Mar 2023 17:09
Oof yeah, Wesker's Battle mode cheevos are rough! Impressive you did it! I can't even reach Alexia so she can give me a hug. :D

I'm happy you're enjoying it though, that's the important thing; to have fun!

Sorry to hear about the problems with your PC, btw. I feel your pain; the motherboard on my good PC died a few months ago and I don't have any money to spare so I'm stuck using a 'backup' PC. It runs Gamecube/PS2/Dreamcast games without problems on x2 or x3 resolution but I can't emulate PS3 or Xbox games at playable speeds like I could on my old PC. Anyway, I hope you can get your PC fixed soon!
PassolargoProds 4 Mar 2023 10:24
ah thanks bro, the problem its someting with the power-shift, sometime it boot, and sometimes won't boot...The tecnical support is already doing tests. My setup is 'alright', it run the games, but i'm still using win 7 for some other reasons, i'm already decide to up to w10 either. So it will run any emulator. Some time ago i played in rpcs3 without problems, but is kinda sad you need to use a shared computer, cause make me think about money questions as you said.

btw, if you want a hint to recv, try TYPE C control option, it activate auto aim, i'm not sure if you already know.... And thanks for the strenght as well :)
WCopeland 18 Apr 2023 12:08
Thanks for your kind words on the AoE2 page. It will take quite some time, but I hope I can deliver a set that is fun and enjoyable ๐Ÿ™
PassolargoProds 22 Apr 2023 03:35
e eu que pensava que a ilusao so existia em relacionamentos :v hahahah