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Oxide (8140 points) (13958)
Per aspera ad achiwki

Member Since: 14 Jul 2020, 12:25
Last Activity: 16 Aug 2020, 06:37
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 1.71
Average Completion: 86.90%
Site Rank: 3485 / 80321 ranked users (Top 5%)
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Playing with Crash at Tournament

Last 5 games played:

75% complete
Crash Bash (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-08-16 06:33:11
Earned 18 of 48 achievements, 160/465 points.
Wait... Green?!
Aku N. Ding
Crystal Pink Persuasion
Chaos Emeralds
FICBA World Cup
Yang Dragon
Crystal Dynamics
War of the Gems
All Valley Championship
Teddy Bear
Crystal Snow
Gem Activated
NCBA Champion
The Crystal Method
This Is My Gem
Mr. Bad Belly
Yeah, Red
Pupa Pupa
Platinum Blonde
Grizzly Bear
Millenium Key
Blessed Ankh
Yin Dragon
Silver Key
Uka N. Ding
Special Cup
Gem Shrine
Crystal Clear
Big Key
Silver Arrow
Bash Party
Ice Pushers
Magical Hoppers
Bumper Air Hockey
Bash Alert Retaliation
Crash Team Dash
Crusher Bandicoot
Crash. Crash? Crash!
Eye of the Tiger
Dingodile Dundee
Koala Balboa

89% complete
MediEvil II (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-08-10 09:49:49
Earned 25 of 56 achievements, 155/445 points.
Boxing Time!
A new sword [m]
Bomberman [m]
Please accept my gift [m]
Sorry, I mistook you for a tree [m]
Can it be stronger than it looks? [m]
Eat THIS! [m]
I SHALL pass!
It's Pistol Time! [m]
Do you have an apple? [m]
A bullet-proof glass won't help
Your elephant, my key
That's it?
I want some pancakes [m]
Time to smash some enemies [m]
Who is this?!
Aristocrat [m]
Bones Vs. Bones : Perfect Result! [m]
A gentleman [m]
He wields a gun. [m]
You belong in a museum!
Weapons... what are those? [m]
Zombies are overrated [m]
Even hands need help [m]
You use your body parts, I shall do the same! [m]
Frankenstein [m]
Rocky, is that you? [m]
Burn baby, burn! [m]
Your blood, my bones
Hardest puzzle ever
Can you survive the fire? [m]
The hero
Oh no, a museum... again [m]
Kiya from the past
Shotty [m]
Soul King
Hocus Pocus
Back to the fut... past
I can finally enter the club... right?
Slaughterfest [m]
Thunderstorm [m]
Fresh Meat [m]
Please, dance [m]
Dumb and Dumber
Dan saved the world once again
Fortesque, use Lightning! [m]
Old school shotgun [m]
Come over here! [m]
Oh yeah! [m]
The strongest weapon ever! [m]
It's not a Longbow anymore [m]
Heal please! [m]
I won't die anymore [m]
MediEvil III when? [m]

200% complete
MediEvil (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-08-07 06:03:22
Earned 50 of 50 achievements, 400/400 points.
The world is saved?
The hero of Gallowmere [m]
The champion
Yep, they're all mine. [m]
Totally invincible [m]
Burn your enemies [m]
The Arm of power [m]
The captain is fishy
The best sword is the first one [m]
A useful crossbow. [m]
Fear my magic! [m]
Do you have some fire? [m]
A new armour!
Cave and dragon
Wait... Magic arrows?! [m]
Spear or not to spear [m]
Fortesque is going backwards [m]
The melee magician [m]
The brave soul [m]
It's pretty when it's dead
The demon slayer [m]
Well equipped skeleton [m]
The second dragon gem
Pods slayer [m]
The chalice is half-full! [m]
Come at me, monsters! [m]
The lumberjack [m]
The first dragon gem
Roast Chicken [m]
Truly an archer now [m]
Puzzle master
This may hurt [m]
A golden crucifix ?!
Jack the Ripper [m]
Murderer [m]
Finally out !
Sir Daniel Fortesque the savior [m]
A courageous skeleton... [m]
Finally a new sword! [m]
Just like Thor [m]
The guardian is no more.
The Gravekeeper [m]
This might be useful [m]
Not as powerful as Mjollnir [m]
Glass or flesh, what's the difference ?
An early secret [m]
A good taste [m]
Crossbow [m]
Well... It's a start [m]

200% complete
Spyro: Year of the Dragon (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-08-04 15:47:48
Earned 67 of 67 achievements, 574/574 points.
Master of Skill Points
100% Super Bonus Round
Bested Metapede
100% Bugbot Factory
100% Moneybags [m]
100% Sorceress's Lair
Bested Sorceress
100% Haunted Tomb
100% Harbor Speedway
100% Dino Mines
100% Desert Ruins
Open the next door! [m]
100% Crystal Islands
Go further! [m]
100% Midnight Mountain Home
100% Starfish Reef
Bested The Manta Ray
100% Honey Speedway
100% Fireworks Factory
100% Agent 9's Lab
You're free, Agent 9! [m]
100% Scorch's Pit
Bested Scorch
100% Charmed Ridge
Secret of Charmed Ridge
Step by step!
Bested Bad Dragons
100% Lost Fleet
100% Frozen Altars
Like Ice Hockey [m]
Bested Spider King
100% Spider Town
100% Bamboo Terrace
100% Bentley's Outpost
100% Evening Lake Home
You're free, Bentley!
100% Spike's Arena
Bested Spike
100% Country Speedway
Secret of Bamboo Terrace
100% Spooky Swamp
Bested Sleepy Head
Let me go!
100% Icy Peak
Yeah, I can go! [m]
100% Enchanted Towers
Tony Hawk, the second!
Bested Crawdad King
100% Crawdad Farm
100% Molten Crater
100% Sgt. Byrd's Base
100% Midday Garden Home
You're free, Sgt. Byrd!
100% Buzz's Dungeon
Bested Buzz
100% Mushroom Speedway
100% Seashell Shore
Bested Shark Sub
Thieves Race [m]
100% Cloud Spires
Let's continue!
Like Tony Hawk, isn't?
100% Sunny Villa
100% Sheila's Alp
You're free, Sheila!
100% Sunrise Spring Home

200% complete
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! | Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-07-30 17:17:23
Earned 54 of 54 achievements, 493/493 points.
100% Zephyr
I want to visit theatres!
Master of Skill Points
Bested Ripto, Metal Gulp and Pterodactyl
100% Canyon Speedway
100% Metro Speedway
100% Icy Speedway
100% Fracture Hills
100% Shady Oasis
100% Metropolis
Ox Bombing Challenge
100% Cloud Temples
100% Robotica Farms
100% Mystic Marsh
100% Ripto's Arena
100% Winter Tundra
Portal Canyon [m]
Best Groundpound ever!
100% Gulp's Overlook
Bested Gulp
100% Crystal Glacier
Snake Bridge
100% Magma Cone
Top or Bottom?!
Secret of Magma Cone
100% Scorch
100% Breeze Harbor
100% Skelos Badlands
100% Autumn Plains
Portal Zephyr
Portal Speedway [m]
Bridge to Castle
100% Sunny Beach
100% Glimmer
100% Summer Forest
Yeah, I can climb right now!
100% Crush's Dungeon
Bested Crush
100% Ocean Speedway
100% Aquaria Towers
I don't need to swim!
100% Hurricos
100% Colossus
Best Ice Hockey Match
Ice Hockey Match Time Attack
100% Idol Springs
It's freedom right now!
You're Basically Immortal Now!
Yeah, I can swim right now!
Journey will continue!

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