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Playing Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen

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Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen (Nintendo DS)
Last played 2021-11-22 22:12:36
Earned 0 of 80 achievements, 0/520 points.
And so, our tale begins...
I Wan'na Be Like You [m]
A Child Will Become the Hero
Ye Must Protect Our Kiddies, Ragnar
Bolshoe Spasibo!
Ambigiously Important Armlet
A Prophetic Dream
Dinnae Mind Me [m]
I Am Woman
Spirited Away
Anything for a Buck [m]
The Daily Grind [m]
Indiana Jones
Travellin' Aboot [m]
Mercenaries for Hire [m]
Graven Image [m]
Self-Made Man
The Merchant's Wife [m]
Arms Merchant [m]
In Search of a Sword
On a Mission of Revenge
Tragic Family [m]
Seeing the Dark Side of the Moon
Evolution Wizout Limitation
He'll Be Okay, Right? [m]
Find the Force of Light
Travelling Poet? [m]
Token Gesture
That's Killing, Sis!
You Gotta Believe
Menacin' Evil Flame
As Happy As Larry
The More People We Are, The Merrier We Are
Quel dommage!
The Fight Isnae Over Yet
Too Little, Too Late
Evolutionary Failure
We Are Not Amused
Hidden Weapon of Femiscyra
Fisticuffs Time [m]
Token of Sisterhood
Rowand the Wandering Wandsman
Staff of Incredible Magic
Ancestral Pirate Treasure
Dream of Rose [m]
Keeper of the Sphere of Silence [m]
Bladud's Armour
Clandestine Operation
Nun's the Word [m]
Prophecy Fulfilled
Nightmare of Psaro [m]
In the Hand of the Righteous
Horse Whisperer
The Dragon's Blessing
Defenders of the Barrier
The Divine Powers of an Ancient Sage
Master of Monsterkind
Bare Minimalist [m]
The Age-Old Dilemma
Unholy Alliance
Pinnacle of Evolution
Psaro's Vengeance
The Sultan of Pioniria
Macho Camp
It Came From the Well
It Came From the Well II
The Most Proud Student
The Man of the House
Watch out for that Psaro the Manslayer!
Ultimate Headwear
Rank C Treasure Hunter
Rank B Treasure Hunter
Rank A Treasure Hunter
Rank S Treasure Hunter [m]
Item Aficionado
Mini Medal Mania [m]
Extraordinary! [m]

100% complete
Dragon Quest III: Soshite Densetsu e... (SNES)
Last played 2021-11-22 04:20:45
Earned 100 of 100 achievements, 679/679 points.
Huggy Time!
Pa-Cheesy - Round 5
The Final Finale
Riddle Me This
Epic Finale
I Liked You Better with Skin
Are You Ready for This?
Master Sage
Master Jester
Apprentice Sage
Apprentice Jester
Awaken the Creator
Pa-Cheesy - Round 4
Great Hiding Spot
This is Not Over Yet
The Trouble Maker
The Legendary Phoenix
The Silver Orb
This One's for Pops
The Yellow Orb
Luzami Village
Pa-Cheesy - Round 3
Slightly Less Depressing
So That's What Memories Look Like
A Big Fat Phony
The Blue Orb
The Red Orb
The Green Orb
Master Collector
Soo Village
Expert Collector
Adept Collector
Apprentice Collector
Novice Collector
The Purple Orb
No Second Chances
New Town
Family Heirloom
Rock and Roll
In Mother Russia, Levels Grind You
Master Fighter
Master Thief
Master Dealer
Push it to the Limit!
Apprentice Thief
Apprentice Fighter
Apprentice Dealer
Puff Puff... Pass
Master Warrior
Master Cleric
Master Mage
Almost Respectable
Set Sail!
Muor Village
The Shrine of Dharma
Apprentice Cleric
Apprentice Warrior
Did Someone Order a Venti?
Kandar v2.0
Apprentice Mage
One Burly Dwarf
Two Out of Three Ain't Bad
Good at Pushing Buttons
Pa-Cheesy - Round 2
Best Alarm Clock Ever
Better Than Ambien
Hidden Village of the Elves
Noaniels Village
It's Good to be the King
Boss Time!
I'm Getting Better!
Kazave Village
Pa-Cheesy - Round 1
Oh, That Kind of Magic Ball
Five Finger Discount
Reeve Village
Officially Sexy
You Wouldn't...
Chip Off the Ol' Block
Wrong Game! ..or is it..?
No Pressure

100% complete
Mega Man 6 (NES)
Last played 2021-11-15 10:41:26
Earned 45 of 45 achievements, 408/408 points.
You Got To Balance Your Chi Man
Dr. Wily Arrested
Rock On Wily Take 6
Rock Em, Sock Em, Bop Em
The Fallen Return
Out of The Dragon Into The Bubble
Air Pressure
Mr. X is Dr Wily? HOW CAN THIS BE?
Mr. X Awaits You Mega Man!
The Metool Tank Awaits!
Enter The Wall Roomba
Secret Passage
I'm Into Voodoo!
Mr. X! We Must Get Him!
Drop Dead Into The Dimensions!!
Flash Eye
Buster of Centaur
Would You Care To Step Outside?!
Knight Crush
Fly Higher
Buster of Knight
Man's Best Jet Pack
This Flower Is So Beautiful
New Seed
Buster of Plant
Nippon Banzai!
Spear His Life
Buster of Yamato
Tomahawk Man Does Not Lie
Silver Tomahawk
Shield Penetrator
Buster of Tomahawk
Oops, Time To Refill the Oil
Burn The Oil
Buster of Flame
Saving the Resources
I Know Kung Fu
Quick Like A Wind
Buster of Wind
Quench Your Thirst
Blizzard Attack
It's Going To Snow Tomorrow
Buster of Blizzard

99% complete
Mega Man 5 (NES)
Last played 2021-11-14 12:19:04
Earned 79 of 80 achievements, 637/662 points.
Rockman's Greatest Hits Vol. 1
Mega Man is Too Slow!
Stairway to Wily
Rockman's B-Sides and Rarities
Psycho Death Tank Destroyer 9000
Garbage Crusher
Crushin' It
Rockman's Forgotten Classics
Too Much to Drink on the Fifth Date
Walking In Circles
Circles are Pointless
Running in Circles
Can I Stand On You?
Buster for a Spinner
Not Today, Big Pets
Rock 'n Rolling
That Was Wily All along? What a Relief...
What Is a Dark Man?
Hello Dark Man, My Old Friend
Armcannon Fighter
It Was a Dark and Dreary Night
Light Our Darkest Hour
You Rolled When You Shoulda Rocked
Defense Over Offense
In Darkest Night
I Rock, You Roll
Dark Prototype
Before the Light Comes Dark Man
Darkness and Despair
Mt. Rockmore
Full M.Buster
Fortune Teller
Mirror Mirror On My Balls, Who Is the Deadliest of Them All?
Most Expensive Robot
Ambush the Base!
Of Quartz I Love Geology
Loyal Bird
I See Energy in Your Future
Go Jet!
Napalm Bomber
Come to My Museum Afterwards!
Weapon Enthusiast
Tanks, but No Tanks
The Smell of 1-Ups in the Morning
Remember the Good Ol' Days, but Keep Plowing Ahead
Here Comes the Choo-Choo Train!
Driving a Train Is Harder Than It Steams
Straight Forward
Fallen Star
One Less Star Man in the City
Shooting Star
The Stars are Falling
Big Propeller
This Is Not a Problem
Wind Breeze
Under a Gyroscope
Breakfast for Champions
I Got the Power!
Guts Man is Disappointed
I Got the Touch!
Time to Party, Not-Guts Man
Becoming a Cat
Mega Energy Drink
I'm Razor Sharp
Social Distancing
Bubble Man 2.0
On the Same Wavelength
Buster Duel
Yet the Earth Does Move
Gravity Switcher
Mega Man Go Up, Mega Man Go Down
Living in Zero Gravity
Wall of Bricks
Ultra Quality Oil
Earth at Sight

85% complete
1942 (NES)
Last played 2021-11-14 10:42:14
Earned 23 of 27 achievements, 160/180 points.
Swat Kats
Lieutenant General
Major General
Brigadier General
Massacre 2
Lieutenant Colonel
Twin Fighters
First Lieutenant
Master Sergeant
Dogfighter 3
Dogfighter 2

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