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mentifisto 27 Jun 2018 17:15
Can you make some for earlier Goemon games?
CassetteCobra 24 Nov 2023 19:05
Hello there! Since you've mastered all of Dual Strike, may I ask what's your CO Choices for all of the missions in hard mode are? Planning out which COs are going to be used to suit each mission and getting all the wallpapers sounds like a nightmare.
Nuno 29 Nov 2023 20:03
Yes, unlocking wallpapers is long and tedious. There are 27 characters, so you have to complete the campaign a minimum of 9 times.
To simplify the task, it is better to favor normal mode, as far as possible, to unlock the wallpapers of the 15 characters playable in this mode.

Otherwise I mainly play with Hachi, who due to his versatility is suitable for most situations.
Some missions require more specific choices. You have to adjust depending on the terrain and the opponents.
For example, Eagle can launch a lightning attack to destroy the black cannon in For The Future, Grit can prevent Zak from producing additional units in Ring of Fire by eliminating his only infantry, and Jess’s units can replenish easily in Pinch Strike.
Sasha is also very useful for the last missions, thanks to her power which allows you to reduce enemy gauges.
CassetteCobra 30 Nov 2023 03:15
Normal Mode sounds good but the problem is that the last main group of COs that you get, Eagle, Sonja, and Grit, come at the last stretch that lasts for like...only six missions total which forces you to juggle the earlier COs to only play 5 missions each and having to play as the late-game trio for all of the endgame. I wonder if you had to make a list on what missions to bring CO in and keep track on how many times you've played them.

Right now I only have Max, Kanbei, Hachi, Colin, Sasha, and Jess's wallpapers unlocks, and besides Max and Sasha all of these characters are high-tier. God I'm so glad Skills exist to break the game because Dual Strike has the worst balancing out of all the games. Jake, Rachael, Grimm, Koal, Jugger, and a few others are relatively terrible on their own.

The set for the game is great, but its this cheev and the 300 medals one REALLY bring down the experience and makes playing the game a chore. With the tedium only being lessened by save exploitation.
Nuno 4 Dec 2023 19:40
To unlock wallpapers, there are two things to know.
The first is that you can choose the characters you want, without worrying about the top 3. Indeed, if you already have the wallpapers of the 3 most played characters, the game will give you those of the following characters (provided you have played with them at least once).
The second is that you cannot fool the game by saving on different slots (contrary to what I read in the comments for the achievement in question). You therefore have to redo the campaign entirely each time!
CassetteCobra 11 Dec 2023 07:35
Didn't see the first thing to know until now but that is really useful! I can simply play as the good characters throughout the entire playthrough and only have to play as the characters I don't care for once? What a deal! That sounds worth it for Hard Campaign as most of the characters exclusive to it aren't that great to begin with. Now you can just play them once then storm the rest of the campaign with Kanbei and Hachi.

I was just discussing with the developer for the game to see if the Wallpaper achievement should be removed or not. I'm inclined to vote yes but that comment is making me think to reconsider.
Kayesay 11 Dec 2023 20:01
Thank you for the information Nuno! I had some misconceptions about how earning deployment wallpaper worked.