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Neuro35 (13198 points) (29066)
It's all about the mind!

Member Since: 09 Jan 2020, 20:41
Last Activity: 27 Sep 2020, 04:12
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Retro Ratio: 2.20
Average Completion: 35.56%
Site Rank: 2182 / 80290 ranked users (Top 4%)
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65% complete
Pokemon - Yellow Version (Game Boy)
Last played 2020-09-27 04:12:18
Earned 25 of 77 achievements, 70/468 points.
Not the most appropriate arena...
High Five!
Gotta Catch em'
Electric Shock Showdown
Battle Aboard the St. Anne
Clefairy Used Attract [m]
Suprised Pikachu Face [m]
Happier Pikachu
Charmander - The Stray Pokemon
Gatekeeper of the Nugget Bridge
Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon
Fish Out Of Water
Just Give Me 5 More Minutes
Showdown in Pewter City
You're not getting away from me that easily
Jigglypuff Used Sing
Preparing to Be the Very Best
Friendly Pikachu
So Happy
Smell You Later! [m]
Look, I'm Dancing!
Ear Twitches
Not Mad, Just Dissapointed
Pokemon - I Choose You!
Look at me when I'm talking to you!
The Water Flower of Cerulean City
Pokemon Scent-sation
The Ninja Poke-Showdown
Psychic Showdown
Volcanic Panic
Team Rocket's Blasting Off Again!
Pokemon Master!
Do we REALLY have to do this now?
Gatekeeper of Victory Road
Prepare for Trouble! [m]
Make it Double! [m]
Protect the World From Devastation
Unite All Peoples Within Our Nation [m]
Denounce the Evils of Truth and Love [m]
Extend Our Reach to the Stars Above
Going All the Way
King of the Dojo
The Tower of Terror
The Sleeper Awakens
Uno, Dos, Tres
Creation Gone Wrong
Take care of Bulbasaur!
Here Comes the Squirtle Squad!
King of Fighters
It's Mr. Mime Time!
Can You Dig It?
The Problem with Parasect
Literal Pile of S***
Saved a Trip to the Islands!
The Real Number One
Gotta Catch 'em All - Yellow
Who Needs Flash?
Safari Perfectionist
The Long Way Gauntlet [m]
That's Shocking!
Smug Little Rat
You're lucky I'm feeling generous today
Angry Ear Twitches
Depressed Pikachu
Cheery Mood
Hug Me!
Pikachu Loves Me!
Really Loves Me!
Best Friends Forever
Just Like Ash
No need for the B Button
Signature Move [m]
Better Bring Full Heal
Scared of Ghosts

0% complete
Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Arcade)
Last played 2020-09-27 02:47:20
Earned 0 of 96 achievements, 0/830 points.
Bark of the Wolves
Spread the Wings
Sunrise on the Train
Loose Genius
Too Honest
Fullmoon - Heartful
Heartful - A Groan
From Brazil
Bad Girl?
Ninja? Or Monkey?
All Over With Blood
Invincible Mask
Wilderness Policeman
Destruction Maniac
Dignity Palace
Garou Mark of the Wolves 1CC
Hmph... Pathetic...
Good Going!
You're Tired of Losing, Huh?!
How's This!
I Must do My Best
You're an Uninteresting Person!
Non, non!
Don't Screw Around!
I Won!
Die Right Now...!
Look at These Abdominal Muscles!
Aim Correctly!
You Cannot Beat Me!
You Seemed to Have Dreamed Too Much...
Rasetsu Raging Knuckle Rage
MAX Power Wolf
Kaiten Super Dan
High-Angle Ten-Ou Kyaku
Sen-Kai Ten-Shou Ten-Ren-Ge
Mou-Ko Zero Tatsu Retsu-Kiba
Rolling Many Many Aurora
Zan-Retsu Kyokugen Shoukou Ken Ranbu
Nin-pou Chou Hissatsu Tatsumaki
Overkill Full Death
Gri-Dro Big Fall Attack
Blast Lucky Freezer
Majin Gan-Haten-Engetsu
Schwarzer Himmlischer Seele
I Guess I Was Just Born to Be Wild!
Let's Fight! Disappointment Sprung Me to True Mght!
A Tae Kwon Do God Stand Before You, Punk!
Glad to Meet You, Wimp!
Hee, Hee! Didja See That? I'm a Real Fighter, Aren't I?
That Was Scary. Not!
That Was Easy!
This is Kyokugen Karate! The Fists of the Invincible!
Heh, heh. Master'd Be Proud of me Today
Welcome... This Nightmare!
No 10 Count in Real Battle. No Choice Only to Give Up!
You Should Take Up Gardening, You Wimp!
Blame Your Impotence. Death is Your Punishment.
You'll Never Know the Truth of Victory
Sonnan ari kayooo!!
Aitsu wo taosu madewaaa!
Zen-in tetaiii!
Makechatta yooo!
Kodomo-tachi yo, sumanuuu!
Kain yoooooo!
Rush Hakkyokuseiken Hits
Rush Hakkyokuseiken Chi Hits
Rush Byeolag Taekwondo Hits
Rush Bulkkoch Taekwondo Hits
Rush Neibu Kung Fu Hits
Rush Quan Fa Hits
Rush LK Arts Hits
Rush Kyokugenryu Karate Hits
Rush Shiranui-ryuu Ninjutsu Hits
Rush Ga-ryuu Kakutoujustu Zanki Hits
Rush Pro Wrestling Hits
Rush SWAT Mercenary Techniques Hits
Rush Ankoku Karate Hits
Rush Ankoku Shinkuu-Ken Hits
Just Defending
Wild Thing!
Marque of the Wolves
Stark of the Wolves
Sympathy For The Wolves
Dark of the Wolves
Those Consumed with Vengeance
Those Blinded by Ambition

50% complete
Art of Fighting | Ryuuko no Ken (SNES)
Last played 2020-09-27 02:33:25
Earned 4 of 16 achievements, 20/90 points.
Win Todo
Win Lee Again
Win Jack Again
Win Todo Again
Win Jack
Win Lee
Win King
Win Micky
Win John
Win Mr. Big
Win Mr. Karate
Win King Again
Win Micky Again
Win John Again
Win Mr. Big Again
Win Mr. Karate Again

17% complete
Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2020-09-27 02:28:22
Earned 7 of 84 achievements, 35/441 points.
Slidin' Along
It Lives!
Nice Tome Meet You
Dear Journal...
Darkwing Bat
Frozen Read
Your Soul is Mine
Double Jump
Hi! Jump!
I'm Keeping Your Eye on Me
You've Stolen My Heart!
Rib of Adam
Nail Biter
Dentist Juste Belmont
A Proposal
Hot Read
Shocking Read
I Am The Wind
Friends Reading Together
Summon an Easter Egg
Membership Has its Privileges
Simon's Club Gold
This is Thriller, Thriller Night
With This Sword and Shield
Golem Go Break 'Em
The Devil is in the Details
Part Man, Part Giant
MAXIM! Slimer
Peeping Eye is Not a Boss!
You Ain't No Saint
The Darkness Within
In the Throne Room
Can I Axe You a Question?
You're A Ball
The Grim Reaper
Standing Tall
It's Hammer Time!
Ninja, Defeat!
You Don't Belong in this World!
Encyclopedia Maniac
Royal Light
Grandpa's Clock
Rockin' Shelf
Paradoxal Item
Elegant Dinner
A Millenium Old Tree, Lost
To Sit, or Not To Sit
Rock a Bye Juste
Behind Curtain #1
Should We Disturb This?
You Can't Harm Me in this Bottle
Water Not Included
Accent Furniture
Tea for One
Tea With Lydie
My Future Bust
Statue of a Goddess
Statue of an Old Man
Pocky and Rocky
Thomas Edison, Time Traveler
Stag Party
Bishop Myriel
Jack Be Nimble
Any Cooking Looks Edible
Lydie Loves Me More
My Wardrobe
Master Decorator
I Failed Them Both
A Friend Lost
Three Back Together
A Ninja's Victory
Juste's Strength
Maxim's Strength
Simon Belmont Forever
Maximum Maxim
Maximum Maxim Heart
Konami Loves Block Puzzles Too

84% complete
Magic Sword (SNES)
Last played 2020-09-27 01:31:24
Earned 24 of 57 achievements, 97/400 points.
Max Amazon
Lizard Man
Kite Shield
Slay the Skull Chimera
Tower Climber 2
Diamond Ring
Big Man
Slay the Gold Dragon
Tower Climber 1
Golden Pot
King's Crown
Slay the Quimyra
Crystal Ball
Magic Potion
Buckler Shield
Thunder Sword
Steel Tower Shield
Holy Shield
The Number of the Beast
Power Stone
Slay the Celestial Serpents
Slay the Hydra
Slay the Queen Chimera
Slay the Drokmar
The New Dark Lord
The Lonely Dark Lord
The Brave One
The Legendary One
Just Like the Cover
Secret Door 1
Secret Door 2
Secret Door 3
Secret Door 4
Secret Door 5
Secret Door 6
Top Score
Max Big Man
Max Wizard
Max Knight
Max Lizard Man
Max Ninja
Max Thief
Max Priest
Tower Climber 3
Tower Climber 4
Tower Climber 5
The Tough One

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MASTERED Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye (SNES)
Awarded on 21 Apr 2020, 19:54
MASTERED Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (NES)
Awarded on 01 May 2020, 21:36
MASTERED Taboo: The Sixth Sense (NES)
Awarded on 08 Jul 2020, 04:13
MASTERED Pinball: Revenge of the Gator (Game Boy)
Awarded on 18 Jul 2020, 22:40
MASTERED ~Homebrew~ Pocket Meat (Game Boy Advance)
Awarded on 19 Jul 2020, 01:48

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Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (NES)Star Trek: 25th Anniversary
34/34 won
Taboo: The Sixth Sense (NES)Taboo: The Sixth Sense
26/26 won
~Homebrew~ Pocket Meat (Game Boy Advance)~Homebrew~ Pocket Meat
13/13 won
Pinball: Revenge of the Gator (Game Boy)Pinball: Revenge of the Gator
6/6 won
Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye (SNES)Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye
26/26 won
Final Fight 2 (SNES)Final Fight 2
43/45 won
Live-A-Live (SNES)Live-A-Live
86/103 won
Final Fight 3 (SNES)Final Fight 3
44/59 won
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Arcade)Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
31/44 won
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (Game Boy Advance)Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
28/41 won
Streets of Rage 2 (Mega Drive)Streets of Rage 2
15/23 won
Sunset Riders (Arcade)Sunset Riders
12/20 won
Simpsons, The (Arcade)Simpsons, The
20/34 won
Dragster (Atari 2600)Dragster
7/12 won
Captain Commando (SNES)Captain Commando
10/20 won
Double Dragon (Game Boy)Double Dragon
5/10 won
Double Dragon (NES)Double Dragon
14/28 won
Castlevania (NES)Castlevania
20/40 won
~Unlicensed~ Bible Adventures (NES)~Unlicensed~ Bible Adventures
16/33 won
Mighty Final Fight (NES)Mighty Final Fight
21/45 won
Final Fight (Arcade)Final Fight
23/50 won
Streets of Rage (Master System)Streets of Rage
14/32 won
Magic Sword (SNES)Magic Sword
24/57 won
Summon Night Swordcraft Story (Game Boy Advance)Summon Night Swordcraft Story
15/37 won
Warriors of Fate (Arcade)Warriors of Fate
22/55 won
Super Mario Bros. (NES)Super Mario Bros.
28/72 won
BattleCity (NES)BattleCity
7/18 won
Double Dragon (Mega Drive)Double Dragon
6/16 won
Punisher, The (Mega Drive)Punisher, The
11/30 won
Captain Commando (Arcade)Captain Commando
19/54 won
Shadowrun (SNES)Shadowrun
26/75 won
Punisher, The (Arcade)Punisher, The
17/50 won
Alien vs. Predator (Arcade)Alien vs. Predator
16/48 won
Pokemon - Yellow Version (Game Boy)Pokemon - Yellow Version
25/77 won
Circus Charlie (NES)Circus Charlie
5/16 won
Wolfenstein 3-D (SNES)Wolfenstein 3-D
15/50 won
~Homebrew~ Gruniozerca (NES)~Homebrew~ Gruniozerca
6/22 won
Splatterhouse (PC Engine)Splatterhouse
12/46 won
Contra (NES)Contra
10/40 won
Splatterhouse 2 (Mega Drive)Splatterhouse 2
5/20 won
Art of Fighting | Ryuuko no Ken (SNES)Art of Fighting | Ryuuko no Ken
4/16 won
Bad Dudes (NES)Bad Dudes
7/30 won
Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade (Game Boy Advance)Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
20/87 won
Altered Beast (Mega Drive)Altered Beast
3/15 won
Knights of the Round (SNES)Knights of the Round
5/25 won
Mega Man Battle Network (Game Boy Advance)Mega Man Battle Network
10/50 won
Super Mario World (SNES)Super Mario World
12/67 won
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (NES)Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
3/17 won
Dig Dug (NES)Dig Dug
5/30 won
Iron Commando: Koutetsu no Senshi (SNES)Iron Commando: Koutetsu no Senshi
6/37 won
Mega Man (NES)Mega Man
8/50 won
Legend of Zelda, The (NES)Legend of Zelda, The
11/69 won
Ultima: Exodus (NES)Ultima: Exodus
11/70 won
Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos | Sonic & Tails (Game Gear)Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos | Sonic & Tails
5/34 won
Final Fight (SNES)Final Fight
6/42 won
Tetris (Nintendo) (NES)Tetris (Nintendo)
5/37 won
Harvest Moon (SNES)Harvest Moon
10/83 won
Joe and Mac (SNES)Joe and Mac
4/37 won
Final Fight One (Game Boy Advance)Final Fight One
3/28 won
Ghostbusters (NES)Ghostbusters
3/29 won
Saturday Night Slam Masters (SNES)Saturday Night Slam Masters
4/39 won
Robotrek (SNES)Robotrek
12/120 won
Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (Game Boy Advance)Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
7/84 won
SimCity (SNES)SimCity
2/34 won
Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Master System)Alex Kidd in Miracle World
5/88 won
Mario Bros. (NES)Mario Bros.
1/21 won
Blues Brothers, The (Game Boy)Blues Brothers, The
1/23 won
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil (Game Boy Color)Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
1/24 won
~Unlicensed~ Action 52 (NES)~Unlicensed~ Action 52
4/110 won
EarthBound (SNES)EarthBound
3/87 won
Double Dragon (Game Gear)Double Dragon
1/45 won

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