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OmegaVideoGameGod 23 Oct 2021 16:20
congratz man, looks like you're gonna have a good time.
MauricioReis 25 Oct 2021 20:43
Glad to hear the video helped! ^^ Congratulations on your time!! 5 seconds of difference requires a lot of skill!
Bakujirou 11 Dec 2021 06:38
DUT 29 Jan 2022 21:09
Obrigado pela ajuda ^_^
slashfour21 5 Nov 2022 15:25
Parabéns pela platina do minish cap, com aquele maldito cheevo do vaati lol.
Caauuaann 26 Jan 2023 11:19
obrigado pelos seus comentarios nos desafios de aria, me ajudou bastante :)
Ness64 31 Mar 2023 18:30
I rechecked my early progress on the site and I found and remembered some things I don't like. I'm resetting 3 of my early masteries due to some odd unlocks. These are consequences of using my saves from before I joined RA, which I had already completed the game before. I just never deleted them and started new files in-game to play the sets. To explain:

F-Zero (SNES) - To unlock Master difficulty, you need to beat the game on Expert first. My save had Master already done, so I just replayed the cups on Master right away.

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow - I started a new game on Hard Mode and did all of its related achievements on my "1st" playthrough. You need to beat the game once to unlock Hard, so you'd only do the Hard achievements on a replay. Looking through my progress in this set after its latest revision is what made me rethink about this.

Metroid Zero Mission - IMO the worst case, because here, I actually used one of my previous in-game files.
IIRC, I did most of the set normally from a New Game or two. But I unlocked the Hard 15% run achievement ~1 hour after my first clear, despite my leaderboard time confirming it took 2 hours. This was my in-game file of a completed run (again, done a few months before RA), I loaded it and beat the game from there.
In my defense, this was my first/second day on the site and I mastered the set around 2 weeks later. This was before I read all the rules properly. I thought this was okay to do back then, any cheating was unintentional on my part.

Not as bad as ZM, but some time ago I already reset my very first mastery (F-Zero Maximum Velocity) and progress on the other GBA F-Zero games over a similar situation, I just didn't stop to check for other similar issues until recently.
But this should be everything. I WILL redo these sets from scratch and eventually get all the masteries back. Some of it sucked, but I did all the hard shit once, I can and will do it again.
Ness64 31 Mar 2023 19:00
Quanto ao resto dos comentários antes desse meu último, eu nunca respondi, mas eu li e gostei, obrigado pela consideração. Eu também já vi o que todos vocês fizeram aqui no site e todos tiveram um progresso bacana, incluindo algumas platinas/masteries que eu ainda quero ter mesmo depois de 1 ano e meio por aqui. Parabéns por isso
Bakujirou 11 Aug 2023 10:49
voltou por aqui? o Super Mario RPG remake me fez vir até aqui apenas pra tentar platinar ele. ahishaihias
OceanManow 8 Jan 2024 03:03
Let's go essa platina de F-Zero X, até o fim do ano sai (ate o fim do ano eu duvido terminar o de SNES tbm🥸).
MauricioReis 19 Jan 2024 14:53
parabéns pelas platinas mano! to tomando coragem pra encarar o Castle 3 JP kkkkk aquela conquista de zerar sem morrer é nervosa
hell 27 Jan 2024 15:11
Just saw you beat F-Zero X. Grats man i knew you could do it :D
Sitkaah 3 Mar 2024 13:41
Mural lindo mano, parabéns 👌