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ribb2112 7 Nov 2022 07:02
I love X4, nice job ๐Ÿ˜Ž
NeoZeroDestiny 21 Nov 2022 02:12
Thank you rib2112, is an awesome game, i am practicing to do speedrun for X4 :D
Nullticulous 14 Apr 2023 01:45
I saw you were having issues with some of the Spyro 1 achievements not triggering. The one's you were having isuues with seem to work fine for me and a friend when we use RetroArch with the SwanStation core. Hope this helps.
NeoZeroDestiny 18 Apr 2023 02:01
Nullticulous, i got an error when i try to use the swanstation core, and the game doesn't start when i select it :c, you know what could it be ?
Nullticulous 18 Apr 2023 03:37
Ah sorry I totally forgot to mention that you need to put your PS1 BIOS file(s) in the "system" folder of the directory where RetroArch is installed. If it still doesn't work, let me know what error message you are getting.
Nullticulous 18 Apr 2023 03:41
*"system" folder in the directory where RetroArch is installed
NeoZeroDestiny 18 May 2023 21:52
i finally got it Nullticulous :)