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Mortal Kombat Trilogy

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Mortal Kombat Trilogy (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-05-14 18:03:52
Earned 0 of 129 achievements, 0/831 points.
Johnny Cage, Finish Him!
Noob Saibot, Finish Him!
Fear the Shadows!
Baraka, Finish Him!
Chop Chop!
Cyrax, Finish Him!
Caught in the Net!
Sonya, Finish Him!
Special Agent
Rayden, Finish Him!
God of Thunder!
Rain, Finish Him!
Let it Rain!
Master of Morphing
Khameleon Wins
See You Next Time, Slave
Shang Tsung, Finish Him!
Master of Souls
Kitana, Finish Him!
For the Fans
Kano, Finish Him!
Black Dragon
Scorpion, Finish Him!
Vengeance is Mine!
Sub-Zero, Finish Him!
Alec Baldwin?
Ninja Smoke, Finish Him!
Got a Smoke?
Reptile, Finish Him!
Like a Lizard
Jax, Finish Him!
Arms of Steel
Mileena, Finish Him!
Devourer of Men
Sektor, Finish Him!
Target Acquired!
Liu Kang, Finish Him!
Chosen one!
Jade, Finish Him!
Sheeva, Finish Him!
Woman with Four Arms
Kung Lao, Finish Him!
Hat Tricks
Smoke, Finish Him!
Got a Vape?
Nightwolf, Finish Him!
Mark of the Wolf
Sindel, Finish Him!
Scream Queen
Ermac, Finish Him!
We are Many You are but One!
Masked Sub-Zero, Finish Him!
Cold as Ice
Stryker, Finish Him!
Stay Down!
Kabal, Finish Him!
Everything is a Blur
Going Old School!
MK1 Rayden, Finish Him!
Fear the Old Gods!
MK1 Kano, Finish Him!
Kano Old School
MK2 Jax, Finish Him!
Before the Metal
MK2 Kung Lao, Finish Him!
Old Hat Tricks
One Assassin Many Faces
Anyone but not Chameleon
Mystery Man
Goro Lives!
Fear the Power of Shao Kahn!
Pride of the Centaurs!
Tiger Blood!
Novice 1
Novice 2
Novice 3
Novice 4
Novice 5
Novice 6
Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Warrior 3
Warrior 4
Warrior 5
Warrior 6
Master 1
Master 2
Master 3
Master 4
Master 5
Master 6
Champion 1
Champion 2
Champion 3
Champion 4
Champion 5
Champion 6
Novice - Very Hard
Warrior - Very Hard
Master - Very Hard
Champion - Very Hard
Kick Fighter
Punch Master
Blocking is for Cowards
Speed Limit
One Hit at a Time
Endurant Fighter
Finish Him Kaleidoscope
Battle with Chameleon
MK1 Classic Endurance Kombat
MK2 Classic Endurance Kombat
Super Endurance Kombat
Mega Endurance Kombat
Double Flawless Victory
E - Flawless Victory
Goro - Flawless Victory
Kintaro - Flawless Victory
Motaro - Flawless Victory
Shao Kahn - Flawless Victory
Time Trial
Stage Fatality Galore
First Win
Black and Blue All Over
Wait! I Know a Better Place!
Now I'll Decide Where to Beat You!

0% complete
Silent Hill (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-05-14 06:56:01
Earned 0 of 66 achievements, 0/666 points.
What a Nightmare...
Keys for Eclipse
Old Man's Hand
Broken Notes
Who's Afraid of a Reptile?
Harry in Wonderland
Sand Castles
I'll Kill You
Eww Eww Eww
Paging Dr. Kaufmann
Our Little Secret
Pour Some Sugar On Me, Baby
Grim Reaper's List
The Stone of Time
Wounds That Won't Heal
Illuminating the Darkness
What is keeping that child alive?
What's Going On With That Refrigerator?
My Heaven
The Archer and the Beast
The Pit of Calamity
Thank You...
Target Practice
Gun Control: Alessa's New Nightmare
Knife to Meet You
Not Another Axe Pun
Hammerin' Harry
Doomsday Prepper
Drillin' Like a Villain
Harry the Weeb
Silent Hill Chainsaw Massacre
A Gift from Outer Space
Like the Back of My Hand I
Like the Back of My Hand II
Like the Back of My Hand III
Like the Back of My Hand IV
Like the Back of My Hand V
Scary Harry I
Scary Harry II
Scary Harry III
Scary Harry IV
Scary Harry V
Scary Harry VI
Harry the Swift
Daring Harry
Harry the Okay
Harry the Good
Harry the Great
Harry the Best
That Light...
UFO Sighting I
UFO Sighting II
UFO Sighting III
UFO Sighting IV
UFO Sighting V
Tears of...
Killing Time

0% complete
Quake II (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-05-14 06:55:51
Earned 0 of 50 achievements, 0/405 points.
Strogg Outpost
Strogg Outpost 100% [m]
Outer Base
Blaster Deja Vu [m]
Outer Base 100% [m]
Installation 100% [m]
Comm Center
Comm Center 100% [m]
Detention Center
Detention Center 100% [m]
Security Complex
Security Complex 99% [m]
Torture Chambers
Torture Chambers 100% [m]
Guard House
Guard House 100% [m]
Grid Control
Grid Control 100% [m]
Powerplant 99% [m]
The Reactor
The Reactor 100% [m]
Toxic Waste Dump
Toxic Waste Dump 100% [m]
Pumping Station 1
Pumping Station 1 100% [m]
Pumping Station 2
Pumping Station 2 99% [m]
Waste Disposal Area
Waste Disposal Area 99% [m]
Defence Command
Defence Command 100% [m]
Research Lab
Research Lab 99% [m]
Gravity Booster
Gravity Booster 100% [m]
Inner Chamber
Inner Chamber 100% [m]
Final Showdown
Final Showdown Hard
Super Shotgun
Grenade Launcher
Rocket Launcher
Hyper Blaster
BFG [m]

0% complete
Mortal Kombat 4 (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-05-14 06:55:38
Earned 0 of 131 achievements, 0/730 points.
First Victory
Flawless Victory
Double Flawless
Double Flawless (2 on 2)
Flawless Victory (VS. Goro)
Excellent Combo
Superb Combo
Outstanding Combo
Maximum Damage
In Your Face!
They Work In Melee Too!
What Are You Waiting For?
Relentless Assault
Spike Fatality
Spike Fatality (Director's Cut??)
Fan Fatality
Kai's Moves
One into Two
Kai's Outfit
Raiden's Moves
Staff Shock
Raiden's Outfit
Shinnok's Imitations
Weapon Imitation
The Hand From Hell
Two Hand Clap
Liu Kang's Moves
Dragon Bite
Fire Shot
Liu Kang's Outfit
Liu Kang
Reptile's Moves
Face Chew
Acid Puke
Invisible Terror
Reptile's Outfit
Scorpion's Moves
Scorpion Sting
Scorpion's Outfit
Jax's Moves
Arm Rip
Head Clap
Jax's Outfit
Reiko's Moves
Thrust Kick
Shuriken Barrage
Johnny Cage's Moves
Sunglasses Have Been Avenged!
Torso Rip
Head Pop
Johnny Cage's Outfit
Johnny Cage
Jarek's Moves
Heart Rip
Eye Laser
Tanya's Moves
Kiss of Deceit
Neck Screw
Tanya's Outfit
Fujin's Moves
Crossbow Kill
Sub-Zero's Moves
Spine Rip
Ice Shatter
Frozen Handicap
Sub-Zero's Outfit
Quan Chi's Moves
I'll Beat You With Your Own Weapon!
Leg Beatdown
Fatality Steal
Quan Chi
Sonya's Moves
These Legs Aren't Just For Show!
Slice Kiss
Scissor Split
Sonya's Outfit
Noob Saibot's Moves
Noob Saibot's Outfit
Noob Saibot
Goro's Moves
Novice 1
Novice 2
Novice 3
Novice 4
Beginner 1
Beginner 2
Beginner 3
Beginner 4
Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Warrior 3
Warrior 4
Master 1
Master 2
Master 3
Master 4
Master II 1
Master II 2
Master II 3
Master II 4
Immortal Champion of MK4
Ultimate Master
Excellent Winning Streak
Superb Winning Streak
Outstanding Winning Streak
Enduring Champion of MK4
The Earth's Warriors
Shinnok's Army of Darkness
Kombat Theater

0% complete
Crash Bandicoot (PlayStation)
Last played 2022-05-14 06:55:10
Earned 0 of 46 achievements, 0/460 points.
Wait... but weren't you kidnapped?
What are you doing in my secret mine?
Papu Popped
Ripper Ruined
Koala Konked
Pinstripe Patooey
Nitrus Broken
Cortex N. Capacitated
An Easy Start for a not so Friendly Adventure
Jungle Japes
Shield Attacker
Indiana Bandicoot
I'm not Blue, but I can't swim either
Paper Crash
I don't like how this is going...
I'm out of here
Gulp, Hulp
Escape from the Temple
The Lost Ruins
That sign won't stop me, because I can't read
AHHHHHH I thought I got rid of you!
The Gem of the Middle
Meavy Hachinery
Cortex Got The Power!
I am watching everything that you are doing
Donkey Kong 3D
Javali's Revenge
Rainy Towers
I Can't See Anything!
So Close... but yet so far...
Tawna! Wait for me!
Here We Go Again...
Aku Aku Light's Battery is not that high
Cortex's Crazed Contest
Cortex's Terrifying Trial
A Shining Ending
Iron Boots
Putting Papu Papu to sleep
Jack the Ripper
Never Skip Leg Day
No guns in my E Rated game
Crashed and Smashed
Darn you, Crash Bandicoot!
Bandicoot Abuse [m]

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