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Hardcore / No Fast Forward

Member Since: 21 Jul 2020, 21:41
Last Activity: 13 Aug 2020, 00:19
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Average Completion: 96.59%
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104% complete
Spyro: Year of the Dragon (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-08-12 20:46:02
Earned 35 of 67 achievements, 224/574 points.
Bested Sleepy Head
100% Frozen Altars
Like Ice Hockey [m]
100% Honey Speedway
100% Bamboo Terrace
100% Bentley's Outpost
100% Country Speedway
100% Evening Lake Home
You're free, Bentley!
100% Spike's Arena
Bested Spike
Secret of Bamboo Terrace
100% Spooky Swamp
Let me go!
Bested Shark Sub
100% Enchanted Towers
Tony Hawk, the second!
100% Icy Peak
Yeah, I can go! [m]
100% Molten Crater
100% Sgt. Byrd's Base
100% Midday Garden Home
You're free, Sgt. Byrd!
100% Buzz's Dungeon
Bested Buzz
100% Mushroom Speedway
100% Seashell Shore
Thieves Race [m]
100% Cloud Spires
Let's continue!
100% Sunny Villa
Like Tony Hawk, isn't?
100% Sheila's Alp
100% Sunrise Spring Home
You're free, Sheila!
100% Crawdad Farm
100% Spider Town
100% Lost Fleet
100% Fireworks Factory
100% Charmed Ridge
100% Scorch's Pit
100% Starfish Reef
100% Midnight Mountain Home
100% Crystal Islands
100% Desert Ruins
100% Haunted Tomb
100% Dino Mines
100% Harbor Speedway
100% Agent 9's Lab
100% Sorceress's Lair
100% Bugbot Factory
100% Moneybags [m]
100% Super Bonus Round
Step by step!
Open the next door! [m]
You're free, Agent 9! [m]
Go further! [m]
Bested Bad Dragons
Bested Scorch
Bested Sorceress
Bested Crawdad King
Bested Spider King
Bested The Manta Ray
Bested Metapede
Secret of Charmed Ridge
Master of Skill Points

200% complete
Tomb Raider (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-08-11 02:08:56
Earned 86 of 86 achievements, 600/600 points.
Extreme Raider - Atlantis
Swan Dive VII
Extreme Raider - The Great Pyramid
Jacqueline Secrets
Handstand II
Handstand I
Handstand IV
Swan Dive VI
Handstand III
Swan Dive V
Swan Dive IV
Swan Dive III
Swan Dive II
The Great Pyramid
The Ruler of Atlantis
Legless Mutant
Atlanteans Secrets
Natla's Mines
Extreme Raider - Natla's Mines
Pyramid Key
Natla's Guys Secrets
Sanctuary of the Scion
Extreme Raider - Sanctuary of the Scion
Larson Conway
Aureum Lara
Obelisk of Khamoon
Extreme Raider - Obelisk of Khamoon
Seal of Anubis
Mummy Secrets
Eye of Horus
City of Khamoon
Extreme Raider - City of Khamoon
Saphire Keys
Black Panthers Secrets
Tomb of Tihocan
Extreme Raider - Tomb of Tihocan
Second Piece of the Scion
Pierre Dupont
Centaurs Secrets
Extreme Raider - Cistern
Rats Secrets
Cistern Keys
Palace Midas
Extreme Raider - Palace Midas
Gold Bars
Gorillas Secrets
Lead Bars
Extreme Raider - Colosseum
Rusty Key
Lions Secrets
Extreme Raider - St. Francis' Folly
Crocodiles Secrets
St. Francis' Folly
The Gods keys
Extreme Raider - Tomb of Qualopec
Tomb of Qualopec
Raptors Secrets
First Piece of the Scion
The Lost Valley
Extreme Raider - The Lost Valley
Rex Secrets
Machine Cogs
Rex Raider
Swan Dive I
City of Vilcabamba
Extreme Raider - City of Vilacabamba
Bears Secrets
Gold Idol & Silver Key
Lara's Home
Pacifist Lara
Extreme Raider - Caves
Wolves Secrets

200% complete
Tekken 3 (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-08-09 03:06:18
Earned 81 of 81 achievements, 907/907 points.
Doctor Bosconovitch
Failed Experiment
The Scientist
The Iron Fist Tournament 3 is Complete
Gold Key
Silver Key
Copper Key
Zebra Skin Costume
Mishima Polytechnical School Seifuku
Mishima Polytechnical School Uniform
Tank Top
Game of Death Outfit
Protect Mother Earth
Secret Love
I Can Play Fighting Volleyball
Disco Dancing
Supa Fly
Tiger Jackson
The Beast Awakened
Monstrous Ogre
Pool Side
A Grandson's Fall
Baby Dino
Last Laugh
Short Temper Dinosaur
Secrets Revealed
Nuevo Campeon de Lucha Libre (Destiny)
Afternoon Nap
Winning Run
Snake Eyes
The King of Iron Fist
Rage Bear
Middle Age
When It's Over It's Over
Iron Fists
Iron Legs
Lady in Red
Weapon of Destruction
Wandering Fighter
Loyal Pet
Panda Bear
Drunken Master
Body Slam
Big Brawler
Blood Talon
Fist of Fury
High Spirited Girl
Mechanized Space Ninja
2,000-year Old Oak Tree
Knock! Knock!
Ogre's Blood
The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 3
Team Battle Iron Fist
Survivor #25
Survivor #18
Survivor #10
TA Under 5
TA Under 10
Lethal Fighting Style
War Between Sisters
Mestre dos Paranaues
Capoeirista em busca da verdade (Fixer)
Expert Combo
Skillful combo
Lightning of Fate
Dirty Blood
Perfect! #3
Combo Finish!
Newbie combo

200% complete
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-08-07 17:44:43
Earned 75 of 75 achievements, 425/425 points.
The Craziest Diamond
Perfect Enemy
Space Rock
A Dream into Outer Space
Robot Bird
Jet Pack Kicks
Darkness of the Unknown
Enter the Darkness
Your Precious Moon
Short Bursts
Rocket Man
Mechanical Dance
The Piston Cup
Master Exploder
Super Sharp Shooter
Bumble Bee (Sting Me)
Purple Heart
Rocky Top
Bee in Your Bonnet
In the Time of My Ruin
Dancin' In the Ruins
The Snow Howling
Cold As Ice
Dig! Dig! Dig!
Dig It Up
Straight out the Sewer
My City of Ruins
Hang You From the Heavens
Just Hanging Out
Hello Darkness My Old Friend
Coming Out of the Dark
Little Secret
Dark Horse
Nas Ne Dogonyat
Race Among the Ruins
Tiger in a Spotlight
Rise and Shine, Ursine!
Dangerous and Moving
Surfin' USA
Bear the Burden
Paddington Bear
Creeping Through the Sewers
The Sewers of the Strand
Bridge over Troubled Water
Golden Sneer
Green River
Electric Shock
Blood Brothers
Electric Feel
Emerald Labyrinth
Ready Set Roll
Rolling Rock
Running Bear
Going on a Bear Hunt
Country Air
Most Miserable Life
Aka to Kuro
Angel in the Snow
Insane in the Brain
Mad Dash Melody
Jungle Boogie
Hole to Feed
Down in the Hole
Catch a Wave
Surfer's Stomp
Buried in the Snow
Baby Blue
Shell Shocked
Turtle Power

200% complete
Digimon Rumble Arena (PlayStation)
Last played 2020-08-03 17:47:12
Earned 55 of 55 achievements, 550/550 points.
Imperial Divine Sword
Giant Purple Energy
Evil Rematch
Animals Dressed in Armor
Insect Hunter
A Battle Between Light and Darkness
Emperor vs Paladin
Archival Rivals
Heavenly Battle
Dark Smile
Raven of Darkness
Red Bat Gloves
Punching Bag
Diamonds and Stars
Teaching How to Play
Emperor's Apprentice
Head Followed by Turning
Reckless Emperor
Kindness Coat of Arms
Hidden Blade
Fly Man
Walking Fire Spinner
Digital Hazard
Spear and Shield
Long-Eared Cute
Monmantai !
Android Rabbit
Light Coat
Hope Coat of ARMS
Friendship Coat of ARMS
Courage Coat of ARMS
Girl Who Dreams of Salvation
Scratching Prey
Child of Hope
Air Bubble
Angel of a Thousand Wings
The True Strength of a Digi-Chosen
Freezing Blows
Metallic Roar
Double Veemon
Double Guilmon
Double Agumon
Digimon World Hero
Flame Baby
Dragon Claws
I Don't Need a Digivice
Angelic Beast
You Are a Digi-Chosen One
You Tried, but Still Have to Improve
You Beat the Record for a Digi-Chosen
Standard Record of a Digi-Chosen
Record of a Novice Digi-Chosen
Rain of Thorns
Spirit of the Fox

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