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MechaNinja (4800 points) (8620)
Change or Die

Member Since: 25 Mar 2020, 15:53
Last Activity: 20 Jan 2021, 20:42
Account Type: [Registered]

Retro Ratio: 1.80
Average Completion: 19.26%
Site Rank: 6042 / 87538 ranked users (Top 8%)
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Stage: Town Square (Carson City)/V.S Game/Title, Character: Clint, Lives: 0, Score: 6760 [Normal]

Last 5 games played:

0% complete
Wild Guns (SNES)
Last played 2021-01-20 18:36:13
Earned 0 of 87 achievements, 0/560 points.
Carson City
Desolation Canyon
Ammunition Depot
Gold Mine
Armored Train
Final Fight
Limit Break
Buckshot Ordeal
Say Hello To My 50 Little Friends!
Machine Gun Silhouette
One Boomstick for a Rainy Day
Neo Rodeo
Bullet Dodger I (Carson City - Town Square)
Bullet Dodger II (Carson City - Restaurant)
Bullet Dodger III (Desolation Canyon - Steep Rock)
Bullet Dodger IV (Desolation Canyon - Gorge)
Bullet Dodger V (Ammunition Depot - Platform)
Bullet Dodger VI (Ammunition Depot - Bay)
Bullet Dodger VII (Gold Mine - Adit)
Bullet Dodger VIII (Gold Mine - Shaft)
Bullet Dodger IX (Armored Train)
Bullet Dodger X (Final Fight - Vault)
Bullet Dodger XI (Final Fight - The Gate)
Bullet Saver I (Carson City - Town Square)
Bullet Saver II (Carson City - Restaurant)
Bullet Saver III (Desolation Canyon - Steep Rock)
Bullet Saver IV (Desolation Canyon - Gorge)
Bullet Saver V (Ammunition Depot - Platform)
Bullet Saver VI (Ammunition Depot - Bay)
Bullet Saver VII (Gold Mine - Adit)
Bullet Saver VIII (Gold Mine - Shaft)
Bullet Saver IX (Armored Train)
Bullet Saverr X (Final Fight - Vault)
Bullet Saver XI (Final Fight - The Gate)
Coin Killer I (Carson City - Town Square)
Coin Killer II (Carson City - Restaurant)
Coin Killer III (Desolation Canyon - Steep Rock)
Coin Killer IV (Desolation Canyon - Gorge)
Coin Killer V (First Bonus Stage)
Coin Killer VI (Ammunition Depot - Platform)
Coin Killer VII (Ammunition Depot - Bay)
Coin Killer VIII (Gold Mine - Adit)
Coin Killer IX (Gold Mine - Shaft)
Coin Killer X (Second Bonus Stage)
Coin Killer XI (Armored Train)
Coin Killer XII (Final Fight - Vault)
Coin Killer XIII (Final Fight - The Gate)
Coin Killer S (1P V.S CPU Game)
Item Stalker I (Carson City)
Item Stalker II (Desolation Canyon)
Item Stalker III (Ammunition Depot)
Item Stalker IV (Gold Mine)
Item Stalker V (Armored Train)
Item Stalker VI (The Final Fight)
Sharpshooter I (First Bonus Stage)
Sharpshooter II (Second Bonus Stage)
Sharpshooter III (1P V.S CPU Round 1)
Sharpshooter IV (1P V.S CPU Round 2)
Sharpshooter V (1P V.S CPU Round 3)
Sharpshooter EX
Wanted! Beaten with Amazing Style! I (Steel Tom)
Wanted! Beaten with Amazing Style! II (Restuarant Bodyguard)
Wanted! Beaten with Amazing Style! III (Kingbot)
Wanted! Beaten with Amazing Style! IV (Blue Hitman)
Wanted! Beaten with Amazing Style! V (Fly Queen)
Wanted! Beaten with Amazing Style! VI (Grand Dragon)
Wanted! Beaten with Amazing Style! VII (Green Hitman)
Wanted! Beaten with Amazing Style! VIII (Bodyguard II)
Wanted! Beaten with Amazing Style! IX (Gaze Crystal)
Wanted! Beaten with Amazing Style! X (Golden Tom)
Wanted! Beaten with Amazing Style! XI (Excavator)
Wanted! Beaten with Amazing Style! XII (Giant Crab)
Wanted! Beaten with Amazing Style! XIII (Armored Locomotive)
Wanted! Beaten with Amazing Style! XIV (Flash Boy)
Wanted! Beaten with Amazing Style! XV (Two Golden Toms)
Wanted! Beaten with Amazing Style! XVI (Vault Bodyguard)
Wanted! Beaten with Amazing Style! XVII (Big Gun)
Wanted! Beaten with Amazing Style! XVIII (The Kid)
Millionaire Among Millions
Golden Gun with Diamod Bullets
No Powder for You, Monkey!
A Fistful of Dollars
The Peerless Lady Wingshot
The Wild New West
One Foot in Hell

44% complete
Ninja Gaiden Shadow (Game Boy)
Last played 2021-01-20 18:20:27
Earned 8 of 36 achievements, 17/425 points.
Beat Area 2-3
Beat Area 2-2
First Extra Chance
Beat Area 2-1
Super Shot!
Beat Stage 1
Beat Area 1-2
Beat Area 1-1
Beat Stage 2
Beat Area 3-1
Beat Area 3-2
Beat Area 3-3
Beat Stage 3
Beat Area 4-1
Beat Area 4-2
Beat Area 4-3
Beat Stage 4
Beat Area 5-1
Beat Area 5-2
Beat the Game
Beware of Thorns
Fire Avoided Successfully
Expert Ninja!
Invisible Hayabusa I
Mastered Stage 1!
Invisible Hayabusa II
Mastered Stage 2!
Invisible Hayabusa III
Mastered Stage 3!
Invisible Hayabusa IV
Mastered Stage 4!
Invisible Hayabusa V
Simple Techniques!
Piece of Cake
I'm not a Sorcerer!
Mastered the Game!

12% complete
Bionic Commando (Game Boy)
Last played 2021-01-20 18:08:10
Earned 3 of 49 achievements, 9/312 points.
I Feel Harder...
10 Cartridge Combo Meal I
Bionic Life I
Bio-Protein Get!
Flares Get!
Wide Range Rifle Get!
Shield Goggles Get!
Beta Receiver Get!
Grenade Launcher Get!
Leg Armor Get!
Permit Get!
Gamma Receiver Get!
Hyper Barrel Get!
It's a Secret to Everybody...
Armor Med Get!
Vulcan M274 Get!
10 Cartridge Combo Meal II
M83A3 Get!
Delta Receiver Get!
Project Suit Get!
This Isn't the End?
Rad Aran
Combo Meal - In 'n Out I
Bio-Protein Kept Me Strong
Rifled My Way on Through
Protected My Eyes From Seeing Death
Launched Myself to the End
My Legs Didn't Die Either
Licence to Live
Barrelled on Through
Not '94 Kirk
Combo Meal - In 'n Out II
Projected Myself to the End
A Bloodless War
It's Been Truely Rad
I Might Make It Past Twenty-Five!
Bionic Life II
Bionic Life III
Bionic Life IV
Bionic Life V
Bionic Life VI
Bionic Life VII
Bionic Life VIII
No Escape...
Cross Country Pacifist

145% complete
Devil's Crush: Naxat Pinball (PC Engine)
Last played 2021-01-20 11:58:25
Earned 37 of 51 achievements, 253/519 points.
Last Chance
V gives 2
One Shot 2 Millions
A Millionaire in Blue
A Millionaire in Orange
Orange is the New Ball
The Bird Demons
Bonus 6 Perfect
Are You a Wizard?
The Armored Reptiles
Bonus 1 Perfect
The Wizards
A Warlock's Wardrobe
Over the Top
The Skulls
Enter the Lizard
A Well Deserved Bonus
Max Multiplier
Lucky 7
Face of Evil
Half Way
...And Business is Good
Tower Keepers
Enter the Tower
A Fast Millionaire
One Shot, One Million
Don't Put All Your Eggs In the Same Basket
Killing Is My Business...
The Dragons
Enter the Dragon
Never 2 Without 3.
Full Protection
Tower Defense
The Skeletons
Bonus 2 Perfect
Bonus 3 Perfect
Bonus 4 Perfect
Bonus 5 Perfect
Bonus Explorer
Enter Undead Head
A Slow Millionaire
It's All Over
Devil Satan

0% complete
Super Robot Wars J (Game Boy Advance)
Last played 2021-01-20 01:33:46
Earned 0 of 100 achievements, 0/1000 points.
Just Get in the Robot Already
Better Late Than Never
I'm Sorry, Miss Nanako
Archangel or Nadesico
That Determination
Those Unforgettable Days
No More Whispering
Earth or Moon
Super EM Stop-Up
The Extravagant Ru Cain
Whispers of a Lambda Driver
Gundam Stay or Nadesico Go
Feud's Demise
Tekkamen 5
Discover the Truth
Boson Jump
Departure for Alaska
Negotiations Will Be Short
Master Asia's Last Breath
Darkside of the Moon
It's Your Death or Destiny
There Is Only One Truth
Operation METEOR
Final Light PLANT Defense
When Mountains Take Flight
Uncountable, Unimaginable
Colony Drop
Master of Dark Puppets
Sgt. Sousuke Sagara Reporting For Duty
Darkest Hour
Bellzelute Brigandy
Doorway into Sorrow
Resolute Beauty
Heliopolis Hazard
Dark Army
Not a Problem.
Dead Tango Down
Coustwell Brachium
Door Breakdown
All's Well that Costs Well
I Perform a Much Needed Job in this City
You're a Louse, Master Asia
BIG Behemoth
Granteed Dracodeus
We Were About to Experience a Missile
Safety Granteed
Voluntary Vacate
Shuffle Kerfuffle
Behemoth Blunder
Ultimate Showdown
Ultimate Destiny
SRW Justice End
You Never Went Back
Red Head Redemption
Blondes Have More Movement Range
The Grim Kaiser
The Bloody Kaiser
Time To Take Nanako to the Beach
Tekkaman Rapier
Bring Back Allenby's SOUL TO HER FISTS
Balzac Asimov
Layzner Mk II
Integrated Weapons Striker Pack
Fumoffu Moffu (Not a Problem)
Great Zeorymer
The Call Sign is Cross Crash!
Geeky Ganger
Ain't Nothing but a Zero G Frame
Leaping Lizards!
We Drop Back AND PUNT!
Urzu 2, Urzu 6, Urzu 7!
Super Electromagnetic Spin V Slash
Grandasher Tenkuuken
Double Rocket Punch
Double Burning Fire
Double Mazinger Blade
Yuu x Hime Brain Chakra
Freedom Combination Assault
Justice Meteor Combination Sword
Double Fermion Cannon
Double Voltekka
Layzner Formation
Erupting Love Love God Finger
Erupting Love Love Tenkyoken
Erupting Double Burning Finger
Rose Magnum Hurricane
Butterfly Hammer
Erupting Shuffle Alliance Attack
Let's Puzzle Robo I
Let's Puzzle Robo II
Let's Puzzle Robo III
Let's Puzzle Robo IV
Let's Puzzle Robo V
Let's Puzzle Robo VI
Let's Puzzle Robo VII
Let's Puzzle Robo VIII
Let's Puzzle Robo IX
Let's Puzzle Robo X

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