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    maxih 18 Apr 2023 23:22
    try to do hitman blood money 😊
    daiko 7 May 2023 11:12
    i know this guy irl, he has a really charming smile but he legally changed his name to Retro Achievement which was pretty weird
    PS2wizard 2 Jun 2023 17:21
    Congrats to mastering Polaroid Pete. Nice to know someone else managed to beat this.
    hafz86 24 Jun 2023 12:23
    Thanks for all the work you've been doing.
    Elisson93 18 Aug 2023 09:15
    Layton the naruto guy
    goatedwiththesauce 23 Oct 2023 18:31
    Shoutout my boy Layton for adding achievements to the best game of all time, "Oh No!"
    CassetteCobra 15 Jan 2024 19:51
    Thank you for moving those coin achievements to a subset like it wss originally. Those cheevs were more infuriating than a fun challenge and a good portion of people who got it used coin dupes to get them.
    SquishiSprite 18 Jan 2024 06:07
    I like your Treasure SM64 achievements, Layton. They teach me about coin easter eggs in the game I never would have known before, and painstakingly getting them all in a level and hearing that achievement sound just gives me such a wonderful rush inside, really feeling like I well-and-truly conquered that level for the first time in my whole life. It's a great feeling to do these.
    NewWizKid 31 Mar 2024 05:53
    Congratulations on making the LSD - Dream Emulator set!
    CassetteCobra 31 Mar 2024 06:03
    ^ Nicely done on completing what's thought of as impossible! You're quickly becoming my favorite Dev on the Site.
    JomSpoons 13 Apr 2024 07:34
    I don't use this site too much but I just have to say I am baffled how you manage to single-handedly make all the achievement sets for the games I care most about lmao. I absolutely adore Chulip, Stretch Panic, OH NO! and Segare Ijiri and would not hesitate to call them some of my favorite games of all time. Imagine my surprise when their achievements were all done by one person! I was also pleasantly surprised to see Ninjatown and Red Square achievements. I am as shocked as I am grateful for all your work. You have my utmost respect and I am excited to see your future achievement sets.
    Layton 14 Apr 2024 03:42
    Awesome, I'm glad to have done so many obscure but cool games. If you have any game suggestions I'm always open to checking them out. I stick to ones I like but many of these I've only learned of recently.
    pickledyamsman 17 May 2024 19:25
    Thanks for making that great set for Borbo's quest. What a fun little homebrew!
    WokeWendy 25 Jun 2024 23:51
    Just want to say thanks for making such great sets for obscure, often over-looked games. They’re my favourite types of games and your sets make them so much fun to play through.
    WilliamVaz 10 Jul 2024 02:48
    Layton is my home page on RA
    I need to know about your narutian movements 🧐🧐🧐
    OsbornX98 15 Jul 2024 04:14
    Could you add the European version of Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2, please? It has the option to set the voices to Japanese.
    JomSpoons 20 Jul 2024 10:51
    Judging by the games you've been making achievements for recently, I take it you discovered Classics Of Games? lol
    Layton 20 Jul 2024 20:15
    No, but I'll check it out for some ideas
    CassetteCobra 23 Jul 2024 19:20
    Are you gonna make sets for Eastern Mind and Chu-Teng when DOS comes? It's right up your ally after LSD lmao
    Layton 23 Jul 2024 19:53
    I'm not sure if DOS will include them since they're for Windows 3.1, but if they're available I'll probably check them out when the time comes